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South Africa

Sept 15 2007
Hi! I'm very curious about Mr. Jolly's 'biggest diamond of the world'. As most of the articles on it, I don't believe that it's a diamond at all, but Mr Jolly's background leads me to the aprehension, it could be part of a scheme to feed money to his twopointfive group. However, since last saturday, there is no news on it. Has somebody heard something new? Particularly with regard to twopointfive-activities? -  crypto-ffm

Sept 2 2007
Fresh from operating the biggest fraud in SA timeshare history, Brett Jolly now claims to have found the worlds largest diamond.  Over twice the size of the Cullinan diamond  found in 1906.
Either Jolly is of a self delusory nature or this is yet another of his “over the top” scams which will keep everyone entranced for at least 30 seconds. - Durban

Aug 28 2007
Timeshare blog voted at South Africa's No.1 Consumer Blog this month. Check it out at: http://www.timesharesa.blogspot.com/ -  Crusader

May 17 2007
To the Crimeshare reader looking for more info. on The Business Club in South Africa - you can get more info. on my blog - there's an article published by the highly respected Bruce Cameron entitled MULTI LEVEL TIMESHARE IS NO HOLIDAY and an insiders perspective of this scheme. Check it out at: http://timesharesa.blogspot.com/2007/05/blog-post_11.html Also to the person looking for TISA's details (The Timeshare Institute Of South Africa) here are the details: Website: www.tisa.co.za PHYSICAL ADDRESS: Unit 10 Roodebloem Office Park 20 Bella Rosa Drive Rosendal Bellville 7530 POSTAL ADDRESS: P O Box 2823 Durbanville 7551 TEL: +27 21 914 9693 FAX: +27 21 914 5202 E-mail: tisa@tisa.co.za By their consitution they have to help you (regardless of what timeshare you own). Forget going the legal route - use TISA and in the unlikely event of that failing then relentlessly go at the press. Your timeshare guide - CRUSADER (for further information please check out my BLOG http://timesharesa.blogspot.com) -  Crusader

May 17 2007
 Just to set the record straight concerning LMM. 'Anon' the only thing that the MD prevented was himself being caught in misconduct of managing the company's funds on behalf of the shareholders. You’re so called 'God-fearing' MD's wife whom was also quite conveniently employed at LMM resigned strangely but very conveniently when a Management Accountant was appointed to do a thorough analysis of the companies? financials. She was remunerated on a monthly basis but it seems that I have a misconception of how many days there is?in a calendar month for she received her full monthly salary ever second week. How do you get paid every 2 weeks your monthly salary and you don?t find it odd and rather gladly keep the money and your mouth shut about it. Your 'God-fearing' MD had quite a rollercoaster ride enjoying mismanaging the shareholders funds to his own p?rsonal benefit. I don?t hear him complain about his brand new top of the range BMW that he bought 3 weeks ago. When it got to hot to handle for the 'God-fearing' MD he tried to be-friend the bodyguard look-a-like hmmm...?or is that now the Management Accountant...made him a proposition that he must name his price no matter what i? return for the Companies Financial Documentation that implicates him of such misconduct. Well we all know where that got him. Always nice to shift the focus and blame on to someone or something else to draw the attention from the origin. - anon

May 16 2007
 To Dikholo member requesting information on LEISURE PROPERTY TRUST. Leisure Property Trust is really the organisation that holds and manages The Holiday Clubs property portfolio. My experience with them is that they do pay their levies on time and present no problems (other than trying to get unsold bulk timeshare weeks for knock-down prices). John Beekman of The Holiday Club (and Leisure Property Trust) sits on the board of Tisa (Timeshare Institute Of South Africa). My advice to Dikholo shareholders - CHARGE TOP DOLLAR - THEY CAN WELL AFFORD IT (as the Beekmans boast that they are worth well over R1 Billion). For further information at: http://timesharesa.blogspot.com/  -  Crusader

May 13 2007
 Lifestyle Membership Management (LMM) BEWARE THIS IS WHAT THE LAW STATES Pyramid Promotional Schemes A 'pyramid scheme' means any plan or operation by which a participant gives consideration for the opportunity to receive compensation, which is derived primarily from the person's introduction of other persons into the plan or operation rather than from the sale of products by the participant or other persons introduced into the plan or operation. In other words, you receive money from recruiting other people into the scheme rather than from buying/selling any product. Most people call any 'easy money - making scheme' or ' money - revolving scheme' a 'pyramid scheme'. Pyramid Promotional Schemes are schemes that concentrate on the commission earned by participants for recruiting new members, but ignoring the marketing or selling of an actual product. An example of pyramid promotional schemes that the Minister of Trade and Industry has declared illegal include Newport Business Club (Gazette No 18292 of 17 September 1997). The Consumer Affairs (Unfair Business Practices) Act, 71 of 1988, is an enabling piece of legislation. It confers wide investigative powers on the Committee and recommends corrective action to the Minister to ensure the discontinuance of unfair business practices. If the Minister accepts the recommendation of the Committee, an order is published in the Government Gazette. An infringement of an order by the Minister is a criminal offence, punishable by a fine of R200 000 or five years imprisonment or both a fine and imprisonment. - anon

May 13 2007
Just to set the records straight concerning LMM. the md was not fired because he stole monies, he was fired or dismissed because he prevented the shareholders from withdrawing the monies and making a run for it. The now sacked md is a God-Fearing family man, whom I have known for quite a while he would not have done something like that. Concerning the statement made about the accountants well I know the person responsible for the deduction of a certain percentage from our ?commission? is an African guy called Victor Zimbi, who is never available and refuses to take calls. he is most probably there only to assist the foreigners to get the money out of the country. he sits and make payments everyday, the whole day¦.to who? Not to us because our money is always late.the other new guy they have in there looks more like another bodyguard than an accountant,because he sits in an office close to the door with stacks of files.they are in process of moving their offices to sandton and I am sure that this will come with another name change.We will see what happens this week., I had enough of all their schemes, between e few of us we have enough evidence to take them down - anon

May 9 2007
Well, more about MLI or the now called LMM (Lifestyle Membership Management)they are based in the Nedbankgardens builing in Rosebank. The bank accounts they had under DreamWeaver in Cape Town are still frozen. Currently they have a team of qualified accountants in there to do what a guy by the name of Shaun Lindgren tells them to do. Mr Paul O' Sullivan was also seen going in and out of the offices the last two days. There are rumours that money that was paid into a trust account has been withdrawn and that the UK 'Shareholders' are ready to take the cash and run - back to the UK. Shaun Lindgren stays in the Michael Angelo in Sandton and he is surrounded by bodyguards. I know for a fact that there VAT, PAYE and income tax are not in order and that they appointed auditors, namely RA Helmann to sign off there accounts.Can anyone shed more light? - anon

May 3 2007
The Bullfrog Stuart Lamont is at it again. This time, the targeted timeshare resort is The Seapointer just outside Cape Town, which has been managed for some time by Froggy's management company, First Resorts. Lamont himself is chairman of the shareblock board, and the other members of that board are also associated with Club Leisure Group. This group has engineered a suspension from RCI, and has just sent out a mailing suggesting a large special levy to members to ''correct the problem''. How many owners will be stampeded into just signing over their weeks to Lamont? How many will fall for an offer to escape the special levy by doing a deal with one of Lamont's clubs to trade in their weeks for worthless points? How much of The Seapointer will Lamont end up owning when the smoke clears, and what will he do with it? Will owners at The Seapointer come together to try to stop him, and to take their resort back from these sharks? Any timeshare owner whose resort has anything to do with Lamont or First Resorts should be concerned. - anon

Apr 29 2007
What a surprise !
The highly respected South African magazine ‘Personal Finance’   says “The traits of fraudsters include – using reassuring, respectable-sounding names. For example, the scam timeshare points company called Holland Moorehouse”. – Cyn

Apr 16 2007
Check out a new South African blog entitled THE TIMESHARE FRIEND that help navigate you throught he minefield of timeshare marketing. It can be found at: http://timesharefriend.blogspot.com/ -  Timmy Timeshare

Apr 2 2007
I do not not dispute the fact that Club Leisure / Flexi Club is a very bad Company to work for but i will say only one thing How Stupid can the Chairman of his Company Not know that one employee who was supposed to be the Manager of their Telemarking Section get away with stealling Millions of rands, and know one realizing what he was doing or the fact that, that was the reason why many, many staff were put on Pretend short time to cover up for the loss of this money. This is a fact to all the ex-staff members that worked between the periods 2002 to 2004 you were not only abused you were cheated out of your commission. Some 27 staff members were put on short time in 2003 to cover up the fact that the Company refused to pay their commission for one simple reason it exceeded the amount of R5000.00, not to metion all these people put on short time were only earning R1700.00pm. But luckly several people got the courage and took them to the CCMA which it clearly Proves by law you may not take person off work and not pay them and call it short time, 'Short time' is half day worked with half day pay. People who work at this company should think very hard what this Company has done to thousands of People out there just so that they can have more money. Mr Chairman you need to improve on your business skills as you are by far the worst employer yet. It is said that you treat your employee right and great things will be achieved but since you pay Less than R2000.pm & the commission is a measly R25 / R50 for every confirmed appointment or sale you really deserve bad luck. I hope one day when you loose your job or someone makes you suffer the same fate you will know how it feels..... GOOD LUCK TO THE FOGGY CHAIRMAIN LAMONT. - . Anderson - Westville

Mar 2 2007
Is anyone familiar with Leisure Property Trust in South Africa? This entity has recently been purchasing weeks at Dikhololo resort. Are they connected in any way with the dreaded Club Leisure Group? -  Dik member

Feb 5 2007
I have noticed that Club Resorts International is on your list in overseas countries. I'm from South Africa and we belong to Club Resorts International in South Africa. Flexi Club has taken over them administration of this club and many members seems to be switching to Flexi Club. he remaining members seems to be burdened with ever increasing levies and a total lack of service. Can you possibly investigate this company as well please - Jakes

Jan 23 2007
What is happening at Seapointer? There is a rumor that their RCI affiliation is in trouble. Does anyone know? Is Stuart Lamont involved in this? -  concerned owner

Jan 8 2007

Dec 8 2006
Contracts & points queries for Club Leisure may be directed to: Peter Snyman (MD) - peters@clubleisure.co.za Brigitte Swanepoel - brigettes@clubleisure.co.za Raakhee Van Straaten - raakheev@clubleisure.co.za Margaret Munsamy - margaretmu@clubleisure.co.za Bilkees Kahn - bilkeesk@clubleisure.co.za Please note that these consultants are busy. You should email all of them regularly to elicit a response to your query as your query maybe overlooked during their busy day. Postal Address P.O. Box 1583 Pinetown KwaZulu Natal South Africa, 3600 Physical Address 1 Crompton Street Pinetown KwaZulu Natal South Africa, 3610 Additional Contacts Tel +27 (31) 717 7300 Fax +27 (31) 701 9982 E-mail queries@flexiclub.co.za -  Helper

Dec 7 2006
Davout Wolluter has anybody heard about him lately is he still up to his scams. He needs to be stopped but a birdie whispered in my ear that his time is almost up.
 - Anon

Nov 7 2006
I attended one of MLI'S (Millenium Leisure International) presentations this past weekend i.e 4 Nov 2006. It was held in Woodmead at Cedar Park. Really great idea- but what worries me is why they dont allow u time to absorb all that you've heard and give u time to decide. u have to decide and they give u a deadline where u have to transfer money into their bank acount by the wednesday following the saturday meeting.i have seen proof that they have paid people but for how long till they just vanish and the people at the end of the chain suffer . thank heavens i came across this webpage otherwise i would have transfered hard earned money over to them tomorrow morning (8 nov 2006). pls feel free to forward your experiences/views to 920201687@student.uj.ac.za. WE NEED TO WARN MORE PEOPLE OF THE RISK -: upset*#@$$

Nov 6 2006
Hi guys,
We are really glad we found this site with all the complaints about Flexiclub. We would also like to know if anyone has found a way out of this contract.
In February of 2005 we went away for a weekend to Durban. Walking down the street we were cornered by a scratch card yielding "recruiter" I guess you could call him. We were duped into making a trip down town to a presentation for Flexiclub Holiday Club with the story of having won a bottle of sparkling wine.
The presenter made all things seem very rosey, maybe they don't know the real story or they actually believe themselves, but they are very convincing.
These are some of the things that we were or were not told:
1) We were not told about the 5 day cooling off period, I happened to remember that a law had been passed enforcing such a period. When we returned home from our weekend we did our calculations and worked out that  it would be rather expensive and we would not be able to afford to pay off the points as expected.  We immediately contacted Flexiclub and faxed through a cancellation letter. We were contacted by the sales consultant and offered
the same deal (2000 points +2000 bonus points)for much less, R16000 instead of the original R22 800. With much sweet talking and begging because he needed this deal etc etc we accepted the new offer.
2) If you no longer want the points they will gladly buy the points back from you - no such luck, when we tried they told us we have to sell the points privately with not a hint as to how this may be done.
3) The user charge was charged initially and only topped up each year as required to the original amount. What we were not told is that while a short break away booked within 28 days used very few points it would most certainly wipe out your  available user charge, in fact for a midweek break recently, our first Flexiclub holiday, I had to pay in towards the user charge. For that fee I could quite easily have found my own accomodation. Also we were only able to check in on the Wednesday but had pay for an entire midweek break - Monday to Friday, to take a weekend added to that would have cost us another whole years user charge. We were able to get accomodation for the weekend for half that.
4)The club is sold as the ideal way to enjoy "free" FAMILY holidays for the rest of your life - when trying to book one specific holiday we were told no bookings could be made during school holidays. So whats the point?
It is quite obvious that the rely on the holiday feeling to get there product sold. I doubt very much if sales would be successful back home where people are very aware of every cent spent.
Once again, if anyone has knows of any recourse we may have or what, if anything, can be done to be released from this contract. Regards,  - Kenneth Constable & Angie Willemse

Oct 30 2006
 I have attended a presentation of MLI (Millenium Leisure Int) and  I was horrified at the number of people that joined a company that clearly operates a pyramid scheme.  I would have loved to do some research before hand but they did not give me the name of the company.  Folks if something is too good to be true it definetly is.  This morning I did my research and a horrific story.  This thing is more fishy than a rotten barrel of sardines.  Everywhere there are reports of fraud from here and abroad.  Bank accounts that is frozen, SARS investigations and futhermore I phoned one or two of the so called affiliates they don't anything of this company or of any deals between themselves and MLI.
Please stay away,  as member of Amway, which operates a legal company that is a real opportunity, this type of thing makes it very diificult to expand our bussines.  But you see these things does not have staying power and will fall away.  My only concern is that people will get hurt and that people are losing money.
Like I said stay MLI is bad news. -  Jenkins

Oct 18 2006
RE:  Frank Pennington (please get his name right if youre going to slander  the man and his wife).
I am in no way associated with Frank Pennington.  However, in the late 80's I did work for Franks company Cape Share.  While I worked at as a sales consultant for Mr Pennington, I found no evidence of him ever been underhanded or dishonest.  He was well-respected in the timeshare industry and was instrumental in bringing on board (co-developing and marketing) top class resorts such as Blue Lagoon - East London (was de-registered and still operates after all its owners were paid out for their investment), Kings Lodge - Hogsback (was also de-registed as a timeshare resort and all of its owners paid out).  So why the downfall of Frank Pennington?  Two reasons: the first was the Kings Hotel Timeshare Development in East London.  The developer was a fellow by the name of Norbert Baumker who lost his bank backing after he demolished the old Kings Hotel in order to develop the timeshare venture.  Apparently the reason why his backing was withdrawn was because the Kings Hotel  itself had been the surety for the backing and with it gone left no  collateral.  Frank Pennington had been contracted to market this  development (which he had started doing until the bank withdraw its  backing).  Frank would have earned the marketing commissions for selling  the scheme and as a bonus receive a certain shareholding should he have sold it within a prescribed timespan (his normal modus operandi).
Having  gained confidence marketing other peoples resorts Frank Pennington  decided to have a go at his own resort and took over a development near  Nelspruit now known as (and named by Frank) as Sudwala Lodge.  Pennington  planned Sudwala Lodge to be the mother of all timeshare developments  offering a planned golf course and unsurpassed timeshare luxury.  At this  stage all of Penningtons financing was undertaken by Boland Bank.   Pennington is well known for his texan extravagance and arrogance.  He  ruffled feather with the directorship of Boland Bank by selling timeshare  to black owners while Apartheid South Africa still practiced its  draconian Group Area's act.  By doing so he fell foul of the National  Party policies and in particular the Broederbond (who it is rumoured had  Pennington taking in by the dreaded Security Branch for a 'polite' discussion).  One of the top members of the Broederbonds brother was the  Chairman of Boland and Boland was persuaded to cut off Pennington backing  with immediate effect.  This caused a serious cash-flow problem for Cape  Share and their marketing and sales fell flat leading ultimately to the  demise of Cape Share and the great crash of the 6 foot something   Pennington.
While Ive always seen Frank Pennington as a big-headed and  loud mouthed American (as most are) I have never perceived or considered  him in any way crooked.  The article on Frank and Gail Pennington amounts  to slander and is completely unjust.  I want to re-iterate - I am not an  associate or a friend of Pennington - I do not live in the Cape (I live  in Durban) and the only motivation for this piece is that you really need  to know the full story before you rip a man to shreds.- anon

Oct 11 2006
I was wondering if anybody did get out of the Flexi-Club contract and on  what grounds and at what cost and what period. If somebody could put a message out there for people who are trapped in this contract that they say when they sell it to you that you can cancel at any time -  but its not true. You only have 5 days to cancell once you have signed. Anybody has advice please send a message on this site. - anon

Oct 11 2006
Andre Claassen and his crew is currently busy in Pretoria. They  deal as World Travel International. I've been invited to a presentation at the Brooklyn Lodge, but luckily I came across this website!!!! Thank you for this site!   -  anonymous

Oct 10 2006
I see a lot of bad comments regarding “Millennium Leisure  International” MLI has shown an unexpected growth in South Africa and for that reason they were under investigation as we would expect from any company that is showing a growth at a rapid rate as MLI. They couldn’t be proof fraudulent and were allowed to continue business! Ironic how they put the negative articles on the front page of the newspaper and the 6 line article clearing there name on page 6 where no one will see it. They sell lifestyle packages and reward you if you can gain more members, that’s all! The only reason for them doing the presentation the way they are is because we as South Africans are so narrow minded that we can’t see the excellence in anything! If something appears to be a failsafe opportunity we can’t accept it and badmouth it immediately without even trying it or giving others a chance to try it. It thus takes double the effort to convince us to buy into something, because we will shoot the idea down before it took of. The VIP/OMI scheme in the UK didn’t work because it was a group of inexperienced people that started something they didn’t expect to grow at such a rate. They didn’t have all the legal stuff (VAT numbers etc.). MLI in South Africa on the other hand has got everything in place, they are registered with SARS, and they’ve got a VAT, and registration number which will definitely NOT be issued if they are busy with illegal practices. MLI is going to explode in this country, with or without the narrow minded conservative individuals who is too scared to reach out of their bubble of financial security (which usually is merely the basic life needs) and try something that will change their lifestyle. If everybody was as negative as them we wouldn’t be driving cars and the technology that we experience and see around us wouldn’t be here because that would also be “to good to be true!” I joined them a couple of weeks back and will never look back, apart from the savings that I enjoyed on holidays and the new car that I bought, I also made a reasonable  profit and still am, by introducing frie -  S

July 26 2006
The company called CYBERTRAVEL, ONE WORLD TRAVEL, WORLD ONLINE,  WORLD ONLINE whatever, it’s all the same! Do a Google Scan on “One World Travel” or “World Travel International” then scan for Andre Claussen (with 1 s and with 2 s's). Go to blogspace at mweb, here at crimeshare and many more. This guy you will see is rotten with scams and you can see the complaints all over the WWW. He caught me and that was a mistake! Their marketing strategy is joining the WTI club for cheap/discounted holidays. This is rubbish and I have hard evidence to prove it! I wrote to Mr Claussen’s demanding my money back 3 times because in terms of the contract I signed they have FAILED TO DELIVER if not, I would pursue the matter further. Mr Claussens has repeatedly ignored my faxes and now I know why. Anyone wanting to buy in to any of these schemes will be a fool and must watch out. They have a one sided contract which is not easy to get out of. If you want cheap discounted holidays, search the web through Google and any of the other search engines and all this is for free. You don’t need to join a bogus club. I’m pursuing the matter further to expose this man and his schemes.   - Jonathan

July 24 2006
All you people bad mouthing MLI are a bunch of negatrons-under achievers for life. You do not allow anything to work for you or at least don't even try.  I joined MLI and will never look back. Why are people still joining if it a so called Pyramid Scheme.  Ketan, Dessy and Pretesh, you guys are the bomb...    - Tate (SA)

July 15 2006
Hello everyone, I am an ex marketing manager of Millennium Leisure International (MLI) or VIP as its known in the UK.
I am from the UK and used to work for VIP as one of their marketing managers in London.  I want to clarify who the big shot is of this company who people never get to see, only in London people and managers have seen him grabbing his money and running off.  Its not the Muppets who do the presentation, or the Marketing Directors who are just there acting like the big shots, in fact the main person is Robert Fitzpatrick and his sidekick slave Gurdeep "George" Singh both from the UK.  They are the ones cheating people from their hard earned money to provide a fake service which doesn’t even exist.  Their product is worth nothing, try getting a holiday, or a good deal........... nothing there.  They don’t even pay for their products, they are for free.... its a huge illegal money game and it will take only a few months in SA until it all crashes and people get hurt....again.  Just wanted to mention that the wanker Rob Fitzpatrick is the only person making the big money, I remember him showing off on Wed. night trainings walking in like a tough guy with his 80's hair cut and at the end of the night running away with his cash and 4 security guards.  This guy is bad news, type his name in google and see what appears, nothing but bad news.  I hope everyone know nows who the leader is, the only person making millions is that man an no one else, he is the reason for all of these problems and if you want to point fingers, go after him, Robert Fitzpatrick go to hell.  Pissed off ex ex manager. Thank god I quit after 3 months in management.... -  ex managers of Millennium Leisure International

July 10 2006
There has been a lot said in the papers over the past couple of  weeks regarding Millennium Leisure International. I signed up with them about 2 months ago and have received promised pay-outs and have made a reasonable profit too. At the last two Wednesday night training sessions a lot has been said by the management team about how everything is above board and we have nothing to worry about. Still, something just does not sit well with me. I noticed at the last meeting that they now have South African marketing managers doing their training and most of the guys "supposedly from the UK" are nowhere to be seen. The latest is that they
are now deducting 25% from your commission upfront and paying this over to SARS on your behalf so that you don't have to worry about it when you do your tax return. If you ask me they are trying to get out as much as they can before this whole thing caves in on them. I met someone who has very close dealings with the show "Carte Blanche" who confirmed that they were doing a full investigation into this and would soon air their findings. Should be interesting. However, I am still left with a hollow feeling when I think of all the people I have convinced to sign up so that I can make my money back. These poor friends have had no luck as yet in getting theirs back. They cleverly tell you to invite people who "TRUST" you as it is your name and your integrity that is blackened when they are not successful in making their money. Good luck to all you other MLI members.   -  MLI Member

July 8 2006
Travel clubs rocked by claims of deceit
Clients accuse timeshare giants of swindlingmillions from them, writes Sheena Adams
Sheena Adams
Lies and misinformation are among the scandalous claims levelled against timeshare giants Flexi-Club and the Club Leisure Group, accused of swindling tens of millions of rands from clients.
The matter has been investigated by the Department of Trade and Industry, and CLG is currently the subject of a second investigation by the South African Revenue Service.
Unhappy clients from Flexi-Club and Club Resorts International (CRI), both of which are managed by a CLG subsidiary, have also amassed scores of written complaints and signed affidavits placing serious allegations at the feet of Flexi-Club managing director and CLG chairperson Stuart Lamont. Lamont has distanced himself and his companies from the allegations.
At the heart of the matter is the claim that Lamont helped to engineer a deal in 2000 whereby a management company, Club Leisure Management (CLM), was formed together with the Southern African arm of global timeshare leader RCI (Resorts Condominium International).
In the same year, RCI also purchased CRI Operations, the company with the management contract to administer CRI Club, a popular, points-based timeshare concept.
S'bu Mngadi, managing director of RCI's Global Vacation Network for Africa, told the Saturday Star this week that RCI soon afterwards sold CRI Operations to CLM. RCI and Flexi-Club continued to own CLM, with RCI as a minority shareholder, according to Mngadi. CLM then took over the management of the CRI club.
According to information received from several clients, former CRI consultants and a former director of the CRI Management Association (CRIMA), Lamont embarked on an aggressive marketing drive in 2002 aimed at converting CRI clients to Flexi-Club.
Clients allege, many of them in signed affidavits, that "arrogant and aggressive" Flexi-Club consultants began contacting them, spinning a yarn that CRI was in financial difficulty, that it had been bought over by Flexi Club and that clients had no option but to buy into Flexi-Club. In order to do this, clients had to purchase Flexi Club points, at an average cost of about R5 000.
Johannesburg businessman Bruce Phillips said he forfeited R30 000 in levies and many thousands more in legal fees after he was forced to hire an attorney to extricate himself from his timeshare contract.
A CRI client for many years, Phillips said he became disillusioned with constant problems trying to secure availability at his preferred resorts. The last straw came a few years ago when he was phoned "non-stop" by a Flexi-Club consultant, trying to convince him to convert his points.
"They never stopped phoning - at night, during the day and over weekends. They wanted me to convert my points to another scam and made all sorts of overtures about CRI going under and being taken over by Flexi-Club," an angry Phillips said.
According to figures announced at a CRIMA meeting last year, CRI had fewer than 10 000 members, a loss of more than 25 000 members. Members were told that 13 300 CRI members were converted to Flexi-Club during the past three years.
A former CRIMA director, who asked not to be named, said the CRIMA board of directors, along with the directors of CRI Operations, should be held accountable for "this in-house type of incestuous breeding".
"They are supposed to protect and promote the CRI points system and yet they have allowed consultants to actively convert people over to Flexi-Club. They knowingly permitted the conversions …
"You can't have different brand names under the same roof if you've got the one screwing the other," he said.
"It makes commercial sense if you can get R5 000 out of a whole list of people. If you convert 10 000 people, you've got R50-million," he added.
Responding to the allegations, Lamont denied that Flexi-Club consultants were behind the strong-arm tactics and instead blamed independent marketing firms. He said he would be very interested in investigating the claims. He said Flexi-Club was "very, very fussy" about conversions and that they were not entered into unless the person was made "fully aware of all the details".
He also claimed that several CRI members had complained about deteriorating rooms and resorts and had requested changing over to Flexi-Club.
"CRI is still strong and it's still operating. It is not insolvent and there is nothing wrong with it," Lamont said - but CRI clients canvassed by the Saturday Star slammed Lamont's comments.
Dorothy Higgins, of Johannesburg, was offered to convert at the "special price" of R3 300 and was contacted by consultants claiming to represent CRI.
"They tell you they are phoning from CRI, and then when you meet them, they say they are actually from Club Leisure Management and they are representing Flexi-Club.
"They'd say that CRI was definitely going under," Higgins said.
The comments coincide with a warning issued this week by credit information ombudsman Manie van Schalkwyk about "aggressive timeshare salespeople".
Van Schalkwyk said his office had seen an upswing in the number of consumers being blacklisted for timeshare purchases and warned people to "read the fine print" and not be bullied by aggressive sales tactics and "partial truths".
He added that although there was currently no legislative power over the timeshare industry, the Timeshare Institute of SA (TISA) was mandated to deal with complaints.
The acting executive director of TISA, Alex Bosch, who is also a director at CLM, said TISA was aware of the allegations and had referred the complaints to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in 2002. As far as TISA was concerned, there was "no merit in certain of the allegations".
Ebrahim Mohamed, chief director of the office of consumer protection at the department, said the department's investigation had revealed that the manner in which certain Flexi-Club agents were approaching CRI members was "indeed problematic".
"It was then agreed between the DTI and Flexi-Club that changes had to be effected with immediate effect.
"Flexi-Club agents had to explain to converting members that CRI was not in liquidation," Ebrahim said.
Sources have confirmed that an investigation into the Club Leisure Group has also been launched by the SA Revenue Service. The Competition Commission is also keen to look into the matter, according to its enforcement and exemptions manager, Thulani Kunene.
The operations manager at CLM, Peter Snyman, also responding on behalf of Lamont, said permission to market Flexi-Club to CRI members was obtained from the former CRI board because members were struggling to "receive holidays as a result of the exceedingly poor mixture and availability of timeshare properties in their property portfolio".
He said the conversion fees were necessary in order to enable CRI members to become Flexi-Club members.
"We do not condone any bullying behaviour with potential clients. Staff are trained to show potential members the benefits of joining Flexi-Club, and members are … required to make up their own minds."

July 5 2006
 I attended a presentation in October 04 and all the time during the presentation asked for all the monies FlexiClub would expect me to pay. My presenter, Muzi, did not make mention of the R1000+ every beginning of the year. My monthly payments started in June 05. In Feb 05 I received my first account - the only information I had received from them since signing their contract. I have gone through the formal process of requesting to cancel my contract with them, as I had been misrepresented at the presentation, before actually starting with the payments or using their services.  This was done three times and on all three occassions declined for the reasons that my signature was on the contract and all their presenters were well trained and would have told me everything. My fees started to climb and I owed them over R3000. They were charging me a full years fees for 2004 - bearing in mind I signed on 24 October! Why pay a full year's fees for 2 months. When I called them they were very quick to suggest they would drop the amount of R1400 and only start my contract from Jan 05!  By June 05 I had their credit department calling me to make payment of the outstanding monies (the fee they neglected to tell me about).  I told them that I would pay it off.  I sent them correspondence to this effect and said that I would pay them off per month in addition to my monthly fee (please note these monies I have been paying in addition to the monthly fee has not reduced my total outstanding amount).   Their credit department called me to say this was totally unacceptable as it would take me too long to pay it off. I asked for them to put this in writing - they refused!  According to their latest letter I have been blacklisted.
Reading the other comments on this site, makes me realise I am not the only person to be suckered into signing a contract with FlexiClub. No wonder they are called "FlexiClub" they make things FLEXIble to suit themselves!!
If you have had similar experiences and have come right with cancelling the contract, please let me know (heleneprr@yahoo.com). I have tried to sell the contract, but nobody is interested - I wonder why!  I am at the point where I would NOT like to sell this and have sleepless nights worrying about somebody else having to go through this.
I refer to staceykas's comments posted on 11 March 05 and agree with her.  More of us need to stand together and to email Carte Blanche and take
further legal action. -  FlexED OFF

July 5 2006
I was one of the people that were conned by MLI.  I had to pay them R9 995-00 with promises that I will get the money back in no time.  Please be warned, this is a pyramid scheme and please make sure nobody you know is even thinking about joining this scheme.  I am trying to get more information on MLI, because I really want to try and put a stop to this. Anybody who has been conned by MLI or know somebody that was conned, please contact me on  - esteyn@massmart.co.za

July 4 2006
I have a friend who got involved in the MLI scam and paid R9 995.00.  About two weeks ago, I saw in the Saturday star news paper south africa that this was a scam. As I suspected in the first place.
I told my friend nothing about the scam, waiting for her to say something first.
She is still unaware of the fact that this is a scam.
Last week Wednesday (31 June 2006) she said that she had to attend a MLI meeting in JHB as this is a normal training session for people who joins this business.
To me it seems that it is still going strong and that they are still conning people. Regards, - X

June 29 2006
Pretoria & Johannesburg, South Africa
I have a friend who has joined Millenium Leisure International recently.
Makes work slightly annoying. At least he has stopped trying to convert us on good basic Christian understanding. But I do not want him to be conned, and he is dragging various people I know and also his family into it. Can anyone provide  more info on them? (Millenium Leisure International) What I know so far is that you have to pay R50 each evening you attend each meeting. Their meetings happen at the Sandton Convention Center or someplace in Johannesburg. Also that the typical motivational speak happens there (The whole : "Do not listen to your friends: they will keep you down" thing) I have a serious issue with things like that: they play on people's emotions.
Another thing: one of my other friends got asked to go. He did go(he got sponsored to go by the guy who invited him) Aparently when he was asked if he is going to join and he refused, the person that asked him was very rude towards him. That just ties the knot for me. At their Saturday meetings there are about 1000 plus people. Think of this, 1000 x R50 = R50000. The venue can't cost more than a couple of thousand to rent. So there is money in that, if not much. Must just find out where the profitable crunch is...There is money somewhere there...I want to know who loses it.
My last point is the Dress Up thing: come dressed nicely. They commonly use this in schemes to give you the idea that this is legimate. It is all about getting people involved. Best way, get them to dress all nicely, then subcontiously they think, "this can't be fake. look at how they are dressed. It has to be real. I once almost got conned into working for a pyramid marketing scheme, disguised as a Manager Training Programme. Same thing there. They made us dress up nicely and fed us positive talk every day. They hyped us up. A few days into it, I found out that all the guys that "didn't qualify" was sitting in a room down the hall. They were told we didn't make it, and did their training. We were told they didn't make it, and did our training.
Back in the day, con artists used to travel around, sell fake miracle medicines. These days they sell pipe dreams, sand to Arabs, snow to Eskimo's. The con artist have had to adapt to a world flooded with media. They have become all showy in their presentation. They look good, look smart, know the right words, the right phrases, and play on your feelings. God forbid I ever become a fraud like that.
Anyone with anymore info, please contact me at -  francois@websurfer.co.za.

June 25 2006
By Christina Gallagher
At least 1 500 South Africans are believed to have invested R18-million in less than a month in a pyramid scheme - many of them pensioners.
The investors are being promised quick returns of more than 40 times their initial investment by a holiday club owned by a British pyramid scheme that is being investigated for fraud.
Millennium Leisure International (MLI) claims to have recruited 1 500 investors, who each paid almost R12 000, but there are fears that this number may be as big as 30 000 investors, giving MLI R360-million.
MLI was registered here in May as a club offering holiday packages, housing bond deals, and motor vehicles amid a host of other enticements.
The company also claims that by recruiting sufficient other members, an individual can stand to make R500 000 in just 10 months. Members invite prospective investors to functions at high-profile locations where they are encouraged to buy on the spot into the scheme. This costs R9 995, plus Vat, according to Mike Matzopoulos, an MLI "International Affiliations executive".
Matzopolous claims to have invested his own initial money, and to have received more than R200 000 in return.
A source close to MLI, who said that he did not want to be named because "these people will kill me if they knew I was talking", said he was recruited to train as an agent for the organisation three months ago.
He said he became concerned when told: "Please don't bring anyone to the presentations who doesn't have the money. Make sure they can at least borrow R10 000."
Some people who attended the meeting claim they were charged R50 for the privilege. Once there people were told of the "exciting opportunities" by becoming members.
They were also told that by recruiting as few as four people they would make their initial investment back. But the major pay-off comes 10 months later, when members stand to gain R500 000 from their initial investment.
A woman has written to a commercial crime watch website describing her experiences at a recent presentation at Emperor's Palace in Johannesburg. She said that when her husband began asking the presenters hostile questions, the couple was asked to leave
More than 100 people signed up to the scheme that afternoon, she claims.
Matzopoulos confirmed that MLI was owned by Leisure Marketing International.
Some of the affiliates MLI claims to be involved with are the Don Suites Hotels, Akani Hotels Africa Anthropology, and MasterCard. But each of these companies, when contacted, was "horrified" to know MLI was advertising affiliation on its website.
Don Suites spokesperson Vindoh Haripersad denied there was any agreement with MLI.
"[Matzopoulos] asked if his company could use our accommodation at negotiated rates. There was no mutual commitment with them. We never signed anything. We told him to bring us an ITC certificate and proof of Vat registration."
Akani Hotels, a hotel chain, was also shocked to hear that its group was being advertised on the MLI website.
African Anthropology, a tour operator representing several lodges in South Africa, was also surprised to hear it was being touted on the MLI website.
"Mike from MLI had a meeting with us a month ago. He was told we needed a proposal. We haven't heard from him since," said a spokesperson.

June 12 2006
Hi there
Kindly advise what the latest developments are regarding Andre Claassen and his One World Travel or World Travel International discount holiday scam.  Looks like I have just been scammed by him (his company).    I have reported the whole thing to my bank already, and trust that I will be able to get my money back (transaction is being disputed by my bank).  However, I am one of those people who does not like to be "conned" and when I gate taken I get very upset.  When I get upset, I like to get stuck in and do what I can to expose these criminals for what they are.   - Peter Held,  Cash Control Solutions

June 2 2006
For those of you looking for ANDRé CLAASSEN of CYBERTRAVEL/ONE WORLD TRAVEL/WORLD ONLINE/ WORLD ONLINE and all the other schemes he's responsible for - his home address is 44 10th Avenue, Kleinmond, South Africa. His mobile number is (++27)(0)82 539 9336. His office number is (++27)(0)21 852 0033. His work address is Pastorie Park, Somerset West. FIND HIM. HUNT HIM DOWN! HE DESERVES TO BE BURNED! And, his poor wife should know he's been sleeping with one of his sales consultants, Lutfia Norshib since 2004. We've tried to tell her but he makes up lies that Christo also received the same threats. He's cheating on you HELEN!!!! BELIEVE!!!   -  Anon

May 31 2006
Andre Claasen and Christo have left Pretoria with their World Wide Travel scam. They are now selling on the west rand of South Africa, close to Roodepoort. They move as soon as they have cheated enough people.-  Theyarejunkies

May 29 2006
I want to URGENTLY warn everyone I can about Millenium Leisure International.  I was unfortunate enough to be taken along to a presentation yesterday at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg, that wasted my afternoon, and very nearly caught us out.  Before we went, my husband and I were very clear that we were not interested in any time share scam etc.  However, our poor friend who has clearly been INDOCTRINATED by the hype, assured us that he was sharing a true business opportunity with us.  As we sat through the presentation, it became clear that this was a pyramid scheme, and although the organisers denied that it was, the evidence was in the clear.  When my husband began to question various aspects of the "scheme", he was asked to leave - clearly they do not want any negativity displayed as this might dampen the emotional high that they create in order to scam good decent and sometimes desperate people.  Over 100 people committed to pay R1139.43 over to MLI with the hopes of receiveing R500 000.00 back in a ten mont period - how?  Through the reselling of membership in a pyramid manner.  Today, the first thing I did was investigate the scheme - I cannot find their so-called web site, and what a surprise to find that people who had presented this so called lifestyle opportunity, were actually the same people who had presented the OMI and VIP Leisure "lifestyle opportunities" in the UK and other countries.  The scheme that they are presenting is IDENTICAL to OMI and VIP, and an article in the Mirror about a VIP presentation even describes the MLI presentation we attended to the T - including the benefits as well as the speakers!  Where have you ever attended a business presentation where there are bouncers? The speakers and management of MLI as the same as VIP and OMI (which was closed down in the UK due to it's illegal practices), and they have in fact now just changed the name of their company and moved it to greener pastures in another country.  They claim that their model is different, but it doesn't    - Saved by the Bouncer

May  21 2006
I too worked for Andre Claasen, he is a scam artist, or as he calls himself, a closer! now scamming people in Pretoria, South Africa. He invites unsuspecting people(up's) in for a presentation, and after telling them everything they want to hear, takes their money, to do with as he pleases, except for delivering the service he promises to! Everything Mr Claasen offers on his site can be found elsewhere on the net, and for FREE!! Andre I hope you sleep well at night! As for his right hand man, Christo, well he must have learnt his con skills from the best conman ever, with his honest face, lying to people so he can get some more commission, and a little further up Andre's ass!! Shame on you Christo! How would you like it if your family bought into this rubbish? I am sure you would not really care, as you would have extra cash in your pocket! Who needs friends or family anyway? For those who would like to find Andre Claasen, and their money, he hides away in Kleinmond! Your poor wife, I bet she never knew what a monster she was marrying!! Shame on you Andre!! I pity any person who "invests" their hard earned money with you, only so you can have a good life and keep your SCAM alive!!   - idontlikeu

May 12 2006
Further to my query of the 11th May, I have just received the following from someone who has signed up with Millenium Leisure.  Please help.  "I have checked up on the MLI company.  The OMI and VIP has nothing to do with MLI except that the OMI and VIP was closed down and the owner of OMI and VIP joined MLI as a Director. The MLI company is legit and 100% in business and is not a pyramid scheme at all.  MLI is making sure it keeps to the rules and does not do what OMI or VIP did.   MLI is fully functional in the UK and they started here only 4 months ago. MLI bought a shelf company called Dream Weaver Trading 75 and registered with SARS.  They also opened a bank account with Standard Bank and have attorneys which drew up a document to state the company is legit and functional and defintely not a pyramid scheme or stand any risk of being involved with OMI or VIP in the UK.  MLI is a separate company all together. .  I can only get a copy next week when I go for training again.  They also have a call centre set up in Joburg and are busy with the website aswell.  Because they new here in South Africa they are still getting on their feet, which is a good time to get in I think."  Is this company really legit?  I have checked and Dream Weaver Trading 75 is in fact registered as a CC, listed as"retail trade".  But I am still suspicious.  Feeling seems to be to "get in now whilst the going is good".
HELP!! -  Worried, South Africa

May 11 2006
Is Millenium Leisure International and Millenium Travel International the same company?  We are about the attend a presentation from Millenium Leisure International.  Please let me have your thoughts urgently.  Worried, South Africa

Apr 28 2006
 Does any one have information on "The Business Club" in south  africa. They recruit members at a primum and members are promissed high returns in the hundreds of thousands as they recruit more members. Is this a genuine business or a pyramid scam? The promissed figures are quite tempting and people are flocking in to sign up in their droves. -  skeptic

Apr 18 2006
For those who want to know about Andre Claassen, So Called One World Travel has change it name to World Travel International, so be aware of buying into this consept , your are buying same %hit from same con man only under a new name! Pretoria Beware!!!!! RSA -  Piet Retief

Apr 10 2006
Mr Dreyer, your Millenium Leisure International  is none other than Ketan Hirani who ran Omi Club/VIP Club/Ignite/Scotia in the UK and other scams in Canada  and  was driven out of the UK for a pyramid selling fraud.
The sooner the SA police get onto him the better.- Rex

Apr 9 2006
There is a closed user group company operating under the name "Millenium Leisure International" in South Africa.
They operate out of Belize in Central America.
They started about 3 weeks ago in South Africa.
It is basically a network marketing company, where you invite someone to a presentation and if they sign up, you earn R 1500.
It continues like this and you earn money if more people sign up.
You basically sign up for the rewards/discounts offered by being part of the group/club.
Do you know about this company? Is it legitamate? They did not present a Company registration name for me to research it?
Please help?   Looking forward to your soonest reply.   - A DREYER

Mar 19 2006
Good afternoon i would like more info with regards to the statement made by the gentleman or lady who wrote in about the resorts international as i am about to get involved with Andre Claasen and Asociates This is a urgent matter and would like to meet with this person ASAP I can be contacted on email @ doogoodcreations@hotmail.com

Mar 10 2006
To all of you Flexi Club members...Good Luck and may you win your never ending battle..I have been tryiing to resolve my issues with them for since 2003, and, to no avail. I paid them the R 2500,00 deposit, i never even used or booked any timeshare, and now i have been black listed on ITC for non-payment.
Repeated queries resulted in loud telephonic fights with their accounts department..." Oh no sir, you have signed the debit order, so you still owe us R 4 300.00, and until paid in full, your'e name will stay on the blacklist...". So, know i decided to see if i can hassle them to death via email and telephone...Hopefully i'll come right after the next 6 months or so...  Please people...don't do ANY business with them From yours truly.. - .Unhappy Harry

Mar 4 2006
Dear Mr.Kelland
 I was hoping that you can assist me by giving me a contact no. for Tisa in Cape Town South Africa.
You see I know that Flexi Club are taking me for a ride as I joined them in last year November 2005 in which I had to pay the some of R2400.
With this they also gave me 1500 points as soon as I joined them and told me that I will be paying an annual fee of R1400 starting the begining of March 2006 and that this amount can be paid off in 3 months time.
My problem is that since then I have received continuos bills stating that iam in arrears since last year and that I now owe them R2500 for last year.
Bear in mind I have not made use of this timeshares ever, I have however written them a letter asking what this is all about, their response was very unclear to me but what I could understand was that they will scrap last year fees and that I can start paying them as from this year but all my acquired points will be erased.
So I think its safe to say that iam a victim of timeshare fraud.
I have been on the net searching for info on Tisa or Flexi club, and found that Flexi club is on Tisa's black list, is this true? if so I really need help.
I have being trying to contact their branch in the V & A Waterfront (in Cape Town) now for last 2 months but nobody is ever available to assist me.
So I pray that you can point me in the right direction.
Your response to this mail will truly be appreciated   Regards  - SB

Dec 18 2005
This is a message for the person who sent the message on Dec 7 2005
I tried to contact you. Please contact me, I have information for you about african vacation club. Gandre54@hotmail.com

Dec 7 2005
Re. Brendan Hannigan and Douglas Jackson of Leading Resorts Of The World are still operating and making a bad name for Timeshare in Africa.
They are selling African Vacation Club, another con after Jackson screwed their asian partners at Royal Reserve.
They are responsible  for the largest scams in Pakistan, Oman, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia.
I have their telephone numbers, also office and home addresses in case someone needs them to settle matters on a face to face basis.
If you want to contact me:  Gsultanah@excite.com

Nov 29 2005
I came apon this site trying to do due diligence regarding a presentation of "the business club" this morning. It seems this "movement" is sweeping Cape Town at the moment and wanted to hear if anyone had any further info. The are selling points in the holiday club system and claiming affiliation to Tisa and RSI as well as the Beekman Brothers, touting the latter as billionaire property magnates, but I can hardly find a trace of them on the internet apart from a few holdings. Also the presentation look remarkably similar to the one publisized in the mirror recently http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/mirrorinvestigates/tm_column_date=27102005-name_index.html also I find it odd that there is no info on the web about "the business club", can anyone enlighten me as to what s going on. I have a freind who has invested quite a bit of money and I want to be certain before I burst his bubble.
Kind regards - Capetonian

Nov 27 2005
I am a law student living in New York. I am writing a paper that involves the Cape Town Harbour Fishermen Co-operative and the defrauding of fishermen shareholders.  I know that Davout Wolhunter had become the CEO of this co-op and based on the information on this website, I am sure he was expoiting these fishermen.  I am wondering if anyone knows any information about this?  What is the current status of Devout's investigation?  Looking at minutes from a Parliamentary Committee hearing, it is evident that the MPs are well aware that Davout is corrupt.  What has been done?  Also, does anyone know if the Cape Town Harbour Fishermen lost their fishing rights?  Thanks! - Stephanie

Oct 20 2005
Loraine, you sound much too nice to be a daughter of the infamous Stuart Lamont. Our Lamont lives in Natal, South Africa and was born on 4th September 1948.  I am  surprised that he still exists considering the number of people he has deceived over the years – anon(SA)

Oct 20 2005
Hello from Maine:
As a fellow timeshare owner, and I know this is off-the-cuff, I'd like to inquire as to the age of your Stuart J.? I am a freelance editor and owner of too many adopted (and shedding) pets. But seriously, there are not too many Stuart J. Lamont's out there - one of them was/is? my dad of... well, I just turned 41, so there you have it. I realize this is not your avergae inquiry, but I would very much appreciate a reply. I am attaching a photo in hopes that you will respond to my query.
Thank you and best regards, -  Lorraine Lamont

Oct 4 2005
I am currently employed by Andre Claassen and Dave McColm in South Africa at a company trading as Resorts International and One World Travel.
Would anybody like some information?  - 'fed-up'

Aug 25 2005
It is interesting that Mr. Davout Wolhuter of Davout Wolhuter and  Associates a somewhat dubious and shady psuedo-legal practice in Cape Town, has been joined   at the hip once again with Charles Wolhuter, Cathleen Martufi and a newcomer Mark   Agulhas.  This time an action has been brought be no less than SIX applicants against him   in terms of the Valsbaai Vissers Beperk; does anyone know the outcome?  Apparantly it   is the same modus operandi as Holland Moorehouse, get in, get control of the bank   accounts, commit tax fraud, take the money and liquidate the company.  It is becoming   quite a lucrative business for Mr, Wolhuter et al.  Does anyone know what the latest is from his disciplinary hearing at   the Cape Law Society? He is still under investigation, the reference number for his   investigation is 29004 and the new telephone number for the Cape Law Society is 021 443 6700.  Why   not give them a call and find out how bad he's really been.  It has also come to light that although at first The Liquidators of
Holland Moorehouse stated "At this stage no grounds have been found to submit an adverse   reporting terms of any offences by any Director or Former Director"  This decision now   seems to have reversed as Mr. Wolhuter is now the subject of a 417 enquiry in terms   of the companies act. The section provides for the examination of persons who are   known or are suspected to have in their possession any property of the company which is
being liquidated, or who are believed to be indebted to the company.  So it looks like things   are now turning around and the truth is finally coming out.  Wolhuter of course; who   is now terrified that he is going to have to pay some of those ill-gotten gains back is   trying to off-lay debt
wherever he can.
 We also have found out that Mr. Wolhuter is talking to Metcalfe   Attorneys in Windhoek, Namibia.  He is due to be a character witness on behalf of the   defence.  Jolly is taking the Chairman of the Government Instutions Pension Fund to court for   defamation.  Wolhuter even mentioning the word 'character' is a laugh.  I'm not going to   tell you who's writing this but if you think really, really carefully who would ALL this   information??? - Ga Ga Shmee.

June 26 2005
Are there any other members of Club Leisure/Leisure Corporation or the previous name of Resorts Ownership around.
We are having severe problems with this organisation and wonder if anyone has any information that could be shared.
Impatientuk@AOL.com  - Hopeful

June 23 2005
We unfortunately have an interest in CRI/Club Leisure and wonder if there are any other owners in England who are having severe problems with this organisation.  They have changed hands or names several times since we purchased from them under the name of Resorts Ownership.  We have been unable to get any sort of exchanges and just would be interested to hear if anyone else is having similar problems.  The levy/maintenance fees are now unbelievable. - Brenfrah@AOL.Com

May 25 2005
Flexi Club having been thrown out of the UK where they went bankrupt, and having a tough time down under where they are trying to con the Australian public, have now undertaken to move into Swaziland.  Their masters, Club Leisure Group are ostensibly investing some R1.6 billion in Swaziland.  That has to be a joke.  What assets they have are all fictitious being in points.
Club Leisure Group consists of a motley collection of unlawful clubs that purport to be ?not for profit? organisations but are in fact highly motivated and do make profits directly and indirectly for themselves and the clubs.  Perhaps they have paid our Swazi Nation in worthless points.  Points are lost if you do not use them or pay the exorbitant annual fees to fuel the luxuries of the ?club managers?.
The Swazi Nation does not need these fraudsters to ?invest? here.  They conduct unlawful business in South Africa so why should we have them here knowing that they are crooked and have no ethical business practices. It is like saying let the drug lords and mafia operate in our Kingdom especially if they pay some illusionary token to our King and Nation and also play emotive games by promising jobs, which are just as easily lost.
We do not need the infamous Club Leisure Group/Flexi Club in Swaziland with their immorality and fleecing the public behaviour.
Wake up Swazis and see the reality of their fraud.  Just read this site to see what repeated gangsters they are. - Khumalo

May 20 2005
Hi, I'm doing some research into the past and present dealings of Mr Geoff Austin.  Any relevant information would be greatly appreciated.  Many thanks
- (email: k.j.austin@ex.ac.uk)

Apr 29 2005
It would appear difficult to find justice against certain points clubs in South Africa. How about a petition signed by hundreds, maybe thousands of disgruntled members and submitted to a consumer protection body?  Does anyone have access to a relevant database? - A WHISPERER sympathiser

Mar 14 2005
Bollocks to RCI for taking a Gold Crown Club - Magic Breakaways with 15000 paying members and 7 fantastic properties and shoving it down the toilet. Now that these members find themselves in a very unpleasant place, as toilets are, there are fewer than 4000 members left who own worthless paper which you cannot finish the job with. This was a club in the upper end of the timeshare resorts , no wonder its members refuse to put up with 40% levy increases from flexi club each year and have instead decided to vote with their feet - wonder who is going to pay the resort levies now? sweep sweep! - under the carpet

Mar 11 2005
Magic Breakaways has just merged with a group called Club Leisure. One of the directors of this group is SJ Lamont. I see that he features quite a lot on your page and is not a popular man. They converted my week to points which means that they will de-value every year. So, now I must still pay levies and top point up to carry on going on holiday at my usual resorts. Frankly it is cheaper to just book into a resort as a private individual. I have told them that I want to cancel my contract(not even sell it) as I refuse to pay the "Special Levy" that has just been billed to me on top of my normal levy! They refused. I have submitted this story to Carte Blanche and really hope that they investigate it. I have also referred your site to them. I would like to know if there are any other people out there in the same boat and if they would like to join me in taking legal action against this group. The more people there are the stronger the case will be. This includes Flexi-club, Premier Vacation club, Magic Breakaways, Star Vacation club, Flexi Vac, Corporate club, Off Beat holiday club and CRI operations. This timeshare scam must be put to a STOP. Anybody interested in joining me may contact me at  staceykas@yahoo.com - Stacey

Feb 3 2005
Well he's at it again.  Here are some extracts from the article regarding Davout Wolhuter and Associates in the February 3rd Issue of  the Legal Magazine; Noseweek in South Africa.

Two unscrupulous lawyers, employed by the SACF // have siphoned off  most of the profits // In June 2003 SACF appointed Lawyer Davout  Wolhuter, but within weeks of his appointment Wolhuter had taken over  complete control of the company // He and his Secretary and Father had  been made Directors of the Holding Company voting themselves salaries  of R80,000.00 in addition to huge legal fees // The Co-op discovered  too late that Wolhuter had used the same modus operandi to gain control  of Holland Moorehouse, contributing to its insolvency. //  There have  been several court cases which Wolhuter defended using profits that  should have been distributed to Co-op members, annual general meetings  have not been held // financial statements have not been prepared //  the company books have not been audited // dividends have not been  declared. //  Last August Wolhuter gave them R180.00 each as their  share from a 17 ton rock lobster quota. //  MEANWHILE LARGE SUMS OF MONEY HAVE MYSTERIOUSLY FOUND THEIR WAY INTI WOLHUTER"S TRUST ACCOUNT.

Now if you scroll down the page this is exactly what he did 3 years ago  to Holland Moorehouse.  WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO STOP THIS MAN?
I'm sending this to: Every member of the South African Law Society (The Cape Law Society  have had my complaint for 3 years now and only seem to protect  Wolhuter; their member, although they do tell me the disciplinary  hearing number with the Cape Law Society is 29004.  Can it really take  them 3 years to investigate what is so clearly recorded in writing?) The Serious commercial crime squad and various ANC prominent  politicians in The Western Cape.  It's now got beyond a joke these a  poor (very poor) fishing folk who who have been robbed of their only  means of putting bread on the table. - Brett Jolly

Oct 25 2004
Do any of the readers have connections who may know how to escape from the Flexi-Club, South Africa, mousetrap? This thing is a real nightmare - with the "club" proclaiming that the sale of points may take 18 months - during which time the fees must be maintained by the so-called member. I am no longer interested in funding this bunch of ill-mannered, arrogant autocrats.
I am really interested in surrendering my "points" to some undeserving cause (maybe some terrorist organisation deserves to inherit this crap from me).
Maybe it is time to call in some legal assistance on these issues - anybody interested in taking on THE bullfrog and his cronies? If the points are worth anything to a legal person - you are welcome to them! Just get me out of this crappy contract - I am tired of the abuse that I receive from Flexi Club, South Africa.
Flexi club "CLIENT"  e-mail me at:  moonacross@yahoo.com

Sept 17 2004
So Cokayne, what is new?  What you describe is practised by Flexi Club and others in different guises.  The points system is a fraud on the consumer and Government should investigate it.  The clubs run TISA and anyone, the likes you mention, who establish new entities will be closed down by 'nickers' Meyer to protect his pay check and butt.  He and TISA are a joke. They do not represent the timeshare industry in South Africa but the blood sucking marketing arm of the likes of The Holiday Club (Beekmans and 'Green grocer') Tony Fernandes and the infamous Flexi Club and Froggy Lamont.
'Fight the Crooks' misses the scams and malpractises of the Holiday Club.  Recently the Beekmans through their 'Green Grocer' acquired control of the Aloes on Natal South Coast using a front to purchase the major stake from the family Trust only to pass it on to The Holiday Club, an illegal club, at a profit 'for his services',  Fernandes refuses to disclose the acquisition and bid to other shareholders, as he is compelled to do, and will not make a similar offer for the acquisition, to the family and friends minority.
Instead, because Flexi Club have done it and got away with so far (TISA will do nothing, naturally) The Holiday Club have written to the minority telling them to pay a special levy of R4000 per week (a familiar figure!) because the place is run down.
In reality, the land is prime land on the beach front.  The Holiday Club want the land but only want to pay in their self printing points instead of hard cash for the land.  They can then re-develope the land once they control the Company owning The Aloes Share Block.  Yet another fraud of theirs.  They have already defrauded shareholders in Mpumalanga (Eastern Transvaal for those out of the know) where they again stole the land.
When is Government going to wake up and close the fraudsters and protect the consumer, particularly the emerging black middle class? - Close the Points (Blackman speaking)

Sept 14 2004
Business report South Africa
Strelensky's business practices unlawful
By Roy Cokayne
Pretoria - The business practices of leisure timeshare investment business Holiday Concepts Marketing and Anthony Vernon Strelensky have been declared unlawful.
Holiday Concepts Marketing and Strelensky traded as Coral Cove Club, Coral Cove Trust and Holiday Concepts.
Their business practices were declared unlawful by trade and industry minister Mandisi Mpahlwa following an investigation by the department's consumer affairs committee.
It concluded that the contracts entered into by consumers with Strelensky and his firms were highly prejudicial to consumers.
It said Strelensky had no systems in place to fulfil his obligations to manage leisure investments from members of the public. No grounds justifying the practices in the public interest had been found.
"It has been shown that the parties were not able to manage a pooling system, a club or any timeshare activities. If the parties were to be allowed to operate a similar scheme, it is likely that an unsuspecting public would be exposed to further losses," it said.
Strelensky's activities were brought to the attention of the consumer affairs committee by the Timeshare Institute of Southern Africa.
The report added that, from the little information provided to the committee, it was established that the structures set in place according to the constitution of the club operated by Strelensky were non-operational.
For example, it said the non-registration of a property-owning trust resulted in point rights being sold to clients in circumstances in which the allocated weeks were till registered in the name of the owners of the weeks or Strelensky.
"This concerned the committee because, as sold shareholder, Strelensky owned these weeks and not the property-owning trust as required by the Property Time Share Control Act," it said.
Strelensky did not ensure that a management association was put in place, and administered Coral Cove Holiday Club as a management association despite the sales agreements stating that the club could not be involved with the managing association.
The report said the structures that did exist were "cumbersome and ineffectual".

Sept 13 2004
I am still receiving letters of demand from CRI for payment of what they call the Capital Account, as well as Subscription Fees for Holland Moorehouse Travel Trust. In these letters, signed Geetha Singh (Credit Control Department) it is said that Holland Moorehouse Finance was not liquidated and that the contractual obligations and rights of that company was acquired by Club Leisure Group in terms of a court order.
So now I’m a bit confused: Was Holland Moorehouse was liquidated? Can CRI legally lay claim to any outstanding fees???
Many Thanks in Advance, - Ced

Sept 10 2004
Just in case anyone feels like checking the facts of the matter, I have  just phoned the Cape Law Society Disciplinary department, who confirm  that Davout Wolhuter is still under investigation by them and has been  for the last 2 years.  Their investigation is running along side a 424.    A 424 is a contravention of the Companies act, basically reckless and  negligent trading by a Director of a company.  In fact taking look at  the facts; Wolhuter was;  Chairman of Holland Moorehouse Ltd. and it's subsidiaries. The agent of the the lender in terms of the loan to Holland Moorehouse. The agent of Holland Moorehouse to the lender. The attorney to Holland Moorehouse. The attorney to Brett Jolly.  More than one conflict of interest there I would have thought.
 As such he took a VERY large commission payment for organizing the loan AND a VERY large salary as Chairman of the Group AND a VERY large rent for premises he use to own (although the company  had perfectly acceptable premises). AND a VERY large salary for his VERY large Secretary. AND a VERY large salary for his father.  This is why he opposed the liquidation application, it would have meant  an end to all those very nice salaries and rents etc...  WOLHUTER......ANSWER ONE QUESTION......  HOW  COULD YOU DEFEND HOLLAND
MOOREHOUSE AS COMPLETELY SOLVENT AND ABLE TO PAY THEIR DEBTS ONE DAY,  AND ADMIT TO PLACING THE COMPANY IN JUDICIAL MANAGEMENT THE NEXT?  THE  RESULT BEING THAT CREDITORS RECEIVED LESS THAN 8 CENTS IN THE RAND. YOU  ARE A FRAUD.  On a completely separate matter, I was in the Cape recently and  happened to talk to some interested parties from The Western Cape  Fishing Associations.  They introduced themselves as "any enemy of my  enemy is my friend" a conversation ensued whereupon  I was told that  Davout Wolhuter was up to exactly the same tricks, taking over a  company; secretary, daddy etc...signed on as Directors, gaining control  of the bank account and generally doing what he does best.  In fact he  has become so predictable that when a representative of said fishing  association telephoned an Advocate friend of mine, he asked them to  stop explaining their predicament and he finished the story for them.   I am sure the Cape fishermen will be delighted that Davout Wolhuter  threw a sumptuous Birthday party for himself recently (No one else  would). I find it very difficult to believe that someone in his position would  rattle the cage.  Talk about "people in glasshouses shouldn't throw  stones".  Maybe it's an ego / height thing.  The only thing that  stopped Napoleon galavanting around Europe and destroying it, was  putting him on a small island......come to think of it.......

Sept 5 2004  A week back I submitted an enquiry to FlexiClub SA asking how they coult raise the annual rate by around 40percent this year. As expected there has been no reply and I will not be holding my breath waiting for one to come from them.
This morning it seems as if there is a problem with their site. It simply won't load. Have they been shut down? Please say YES - oh PLEASE! I dont mind losing my money if it means seeing the bulldog behind bars - a worthwhile investment.- Ever Hopeful

Sept 3 2004
Anon is so correct. RCI are in bed with Froggy Lamont and the malpractices employed by Flexi Club.  RCI are apparently buying out Froggy for in excess of R200 million.  What are they getting?  Hopefully they will do full and proper due diligence.  Flexi Club with their mafiosi legal adviser Don Bosch, have defrauded the La Montagne shareholders out of R3 million by writing off the interest they owed La Montagne for late payment of levies while ensuring the other shareholders paid the interest or had their shares repossessed.  Dirty tactics Bosch is in the forefront as the front man for Froggy Lamont.
At the recent Flexi Club Annual General Meeting (What a joke, a Froggy get together with his trustees - entrenched for life) no mention was made in the reports or at the meeting of all the court cases Flexi Club are in and the settlements in some case they have had to make to stay out of the eye of Government.
Flexi Club have their Apartheid era Policeman General Brandt ('Hit man') to keep control and they liaise with another Apartheid policeman Mike O'Sullivan who runs Quantum Marketing for them.
Flexi Club is the ugliest side of any business let alone the South African timeshare industry.  Close them down folks! - Fight the Crooks

Aug 19 2004
Well guess what?
Its been about two to three years now since  Davout Wolhuter opposed the liquidation application against Holland Moorehouse, and two months  less than that, when he found he had to sign the Judicial Management papers anyway.   Holland Moorehouse etc.. are all now safely in Liquidation and away from those  thieving little Wolhuter hands.
Therefore I was very content to let sleeping dogs LIE.  However, Wolhuter has just taken on a little apprentice at his firm, and therefore has lots of legal man  hours to waste.  So he's churning out toilet paper litigation like crazy, in the vain attempt to  get some money in to the coffers.  He's now claiming that "He" paid Mr. Clem Simon back in terms of the  loan that Holland Moorehouse took, and is asking all of the previous Directors of Holland  Moorehouse for a contribution.  In fact we have all received nice newly typed citations.  Wolhuter... grow up and stop acting like a small child who's lost his  shiny new toy.
1. The Holland Moorehouse Bank accounts were on a joint signatory basis  between you and I, a perfectly safe arrangement that stopped any type of fraud.   Why then did you run a very high percentage of Holand Moorehouse's banking through your  attorney's trust account?  As far as I understand from my advocate this is highly  illegal.  Furthermore, it very conveniently clouds the issue as to where Mr. Simon's repayment  came from.
2. I have stated under oath and on this website that you are a thief,  you have stolen goods, money, intellectual property and assets from an insolvent company.  You  preferred yourself as a creditor (again highly illegal).  I have been stating  this for over three years, and you have not taken any action against me, one would have though a  libel, slander or defamation case would have been brought against me immidiately.  Three  years and nothing, "AFRAID THE TRUTH MIGHT COME OUT?"
3. You lied to the Supreme Court in terms of stating that Holland  Moorehouse was not insolvent and financially sound (it was in liquidation and found to be  highly insolvent some months later).  You also used documentation you knew to be false and  represented it to The Supreme Court as genuine.
4. You arranged for the bugging of Adv. Tainton's office, and paid for  the reconoitre of the office by Holland Moorehouse cheque.  If you would have stayed in your box and kept quiet I would have put  our aquantance down to a bad experience with a dodgy attorney.  I am now instructing  my attorneys and Senior advocate to sue you for malpractice, and therefore force the law  society to act against you.  Remember, most of your actions were taken whilst you were  purporting to act as my attorney.  So i think a very relevent question would be....As  you paid YOUR  debts, and those of the people to whom YOU had surety...where is the  commission that is owed to ME that I instructed you to sue Holland Moorehouse for.
You  were supposed to be acting as my attorney. See you in court.
As my counsel says "It will an absolute pleasure" - Brett Jolly - Global Vision Trust.

May 22 2004
See Cybertravel [Ed]

May 17 2004
Bulldog Lamont deservedly gets most of the criticism for the frauds and excesses perpetrated on the innocent  of South Africa.  But behind Lamont is a shadowy  evil character who invented the scams for Lamont to perpetrate,   Andrew  Davies.
Davies started life at the very bottom of the money grubbing business, as a tallyman, lending a Rand to a poor family and collecting 20c a week from them  for the rest of their lives. The Club Leisure Group is  just a bigger version of  this grotesque practice.
And, just before we Europeans get too cocky it is worth remembering that RCI Points  started in South African with strong links to Davies and Lamont.   Links that have not entirely been broken! -  anon

May 15 2004
As an employee of above I wish to remain anonymous, but want to let the members know some vital information, so please put my mail on your web site.

Magna, CRI, Star, Flexi , Questor and Quantim Marketing all belong to Club Leisure Group and Fattie "no mannered" Steward Lamount runs the show.  He sits with millions while he pay his employers peanuts.  Some staff members earn a measly R2000-00  per month.  I don't think there is another company in South Africa that has a staff turn over as the Club Leisure Group has, and it's not just because he pay's us so shit, it's because some staff members can't sleep at night, as they realize that they are part of a hideous scam, nothing short of stealing from people.   We have to hear people ranting and raving all day long in accounts department about the fees they have to pay that keeps escalates every year, and then  they can't ever get a booking.  Members get listed with ITC  if they fail to pay their annual fees (payable in advance) even though  in some instances  they have  thousands of rand user charge available ( Paid fees not yet used).  The members don't earn interest on this money that Bulldog is holding, but they get charges interest if their fees are not paid within three month of being raised.  Some members(especially the elderly and Africans get coned into purchasing  250 to 500 points.  As we know, you can't go anywhere with such little point, even if you accumulate your point for three years it will give you  about 600 to 1500 points, which still is not enough.  Members with these low point's was mislead from the beginning.  I feel that Management should  reprimand the sales people for doing such a deal, but instead they get encouraged to do so, for this way the club score all the way, as the member has to pay his fees every year but can't use it.  This tactic enables the club to collects hundreds of thousands of rands for absolutely no service to the member and no cost's endured  by the club, not to speak about the hundreds of thousands of rands paid by these members  to purchase their points/stars initially.  What is a point or a star? Nothing. The club makes it up as they go along.  They should rather call it "another sucker fee", for that is basically what it is. As a member you don't get cheaper rates at the resorts, you pay the same as Joe Soap would pay not being a member, and Joe Soap's chances of getting a booking directly through the resort is 80% better than a member who is forced to book through Club Leisure group. So members loose all the way against Joe Soap.  A member paid  an annual subscription, plus  annual user charge plus a Special levy , where-as Joe Soap only pay user charge, and most members  paid  in the region of R11,000-00  for there so called points.  So make some sums  and see for yourself who scores- A member paid about R15,000-00 for his holiday, and Joe Soap only paid  R4000-00.   Another interesting fact the members out there would like to know.  The threatening letters you have received from GORDON DE BEER for not paying your account -  Guess what ?  The lady who sent you the letter is an employer of Club Leisure Group, she just has her own direct phone line.
 I have heard client sob over the phone, some even threatening to commit suicide,  Member offer that we just take all the money they have paid this far and cancel their contract, but once you have singed this complicated contact, there is no way out.  Well that is what BULLDOG say's in the contact,  it even states that in the event of a members death, the spouse or children of the deceased has to continue paying the annual fees.  I pray each night that somewhere, there is somebody that is not going to let them get away with this and expose them all over the media for what they really are and make them close their doors, and instructed by a court of law to pay the members back their money paid for the points they bought.
Steward Lamont- you have caused a lot of people heart ace and caused their financial ruin, but remeber one thing - you are not above the law, your are going down (hopefully twice).
Hopefully in this life somebody will take you down, ruining you financially as you have ruined others but  on the Lord's judgement day, I have no doubt that you will go down - DOWN TO HELL. - Pissed Off Staff Member.

May 13 2004
All you Holland Moorehouse, Star Club, CRI and Flexi Club members wake up - You were had or going to be had.  All the above clubs "ARE" Club Leisure group and owned and run by the same Lamont" clang.  You are in a vicious circle, for they started one club until they can't sell anymore useless point, then they quickly start another club and force you to convert to this ne clubby buying more Stars or points or loose all your money you have invested so far.  The same patern will continue, and then you will get a call agian saying that your existing club is closing down, and you must convert to Flexi Club and that you have to buy Flexi points.  Not long from now you will have to convert again, for they will tell you Flexi Club is closing and they will start a new club. And so on and so on.  You loose all the way. I know, I work there.  Have you ever tried to sell your points/stars? Did they refer you to Quantim?
Guest what?  They are Quantim. You paid about R11.40 per point and Quantim offers you R1 to R2-00 a point, then they resell it again at R11.40. Why does Tisa do nothing? Lamont is on the board of Trustees. - Pay Back

May 13 2004
Club Leisure Group members, have you ever inquired the prices as an individual at the resort that you are booking through Club Leisure?  Well I have, and discovered that as a non member of any holiday club I pay the same and at some resorts less, than the user charge Club Leisure charges.  What are we paying our yearly fees for if we don't save a cent.  It actually costs us more considering the subscription fees and special levies not to mention the initial point bought.  This is just a big rip off.  We can must rather keep our money in "OUR" banks rather that pay Club leisure group who earns interest on our money.  For all you folks out there that was considering joing Club Leisure Group "DON'T" for you will just become as bitter and angry as thousand of member are.  I counted my losses and forfeited 16743 points just to get rid of this lying, cheating scam and to ensure that I don't give these deceiving people one more cent.
One bitten, twice shy. - Learned the hard way

Apr 28 2004
Colin Collins in SA - link [Ed]

Feb 14 2004
Colin Collins (father of  Emily of Timeshare Solutions)  is one of this industries slugs.
Failing to reach the top of RCI because his private scams and ineffectiveness were even too much for Ron Haylock to stomach, the slug obtained employment with one of RCIs favourites,   Bob Trotta.  But his greed, and continued ineffectiveness,  meant that Trotta gave him the push last year.  Now, it appears he has arrived in the one place where the slugs skills will be properly recognised.
Best of luck SA -  a Collins fan

Feb 13 2004
Colin Collins has now become involved in a new business venture in South Africa since his defeat in the 2003 elections for Palm Beach Club.  - anon

Feb 10 2004
At last that marriage made in hell is coming apart.Not only is Stew "levy eater"Lamont not going to be the Belle of the Ball at RCI's annual bash he and his barrel of monkeys are not even invited. At last RCI has realised that the awful odour is not the smell of money but the stench of decay. With all the police activity and threatened lawsuits by the Beekmans even ever hungry RCI has to look elsewhere for sustenance. That thirty million rand levy deficit is not going to be swept under the carpet this time. So while Lardass Lamont wallows in his new jacuzzie freshly installed in his stolen penthouse in La Montagne the storm clouds brew. CV's are beimg hastily compiled and moving plans made. Talk about Nero fiddling while Rome burns? - First light

Jan 14 2004
 This is a reply to Bob posted under South Africa.
Bob, this is not DB, we are also in the same situation as DB. We bought a membership in Durbanville from a company called High Zone Traders of Port Elizabeth. We were sold a Cybertravelsa membership on the night of the presentation. We bought for much the same reasons as DB did, discounted travel opportunities around the world. Then we got a letter from this company in PE that stated that they changed their name and website name so it can be all the same name. We did not see anything wrong with that as companies are allowed to change name and it also stated that they have upgraded their website to be more user friendly and offer more for us the members.
We had a look at the website and were very disappointed to say the least. This site does not offer a tenth of what we were shown that night. It only offers a few places in South Africa and its all B&B accommodation and it looks like the most discounts are 10%. We have phoned about 10 times to the PE office and the same as DB had a young girl answered the phone a few times with the same answer, we will pass it on to management, we are still waiting for management to contact us and it has been several weeks now.
We also received a letter from the company that owns the cybertravelsa website that told us that they have not changed names and did not change their website and that it is still active. So these people in PE were lying to us to try can get out of supplying us the product that we rightfully bought. Is that legal for a company to trade like that?
We are very disappointed that we have paid out more than R6000 on a credit card to this company and now we have only a website called Tektravel to show for it. We did not buy this product and we don?t want it. We want what we bought in the first place. We feel that we have been lied to by this High Zone Traders and that they sold us something under false pretences.
Have you got any advice for us. How can we cancel this agreement and how can we get our money back. We were thinking of going to the police to start a fraud case against this High Zone Company as they don?t seem to care about anything they do to us. Maybe R6000 is not a lot of money to them but to us it makes a big difference.
We would appreciate any advice that you can give us and thank you for trying to help.

Jan 10 2004
This is a message in reposnse to DB, posted under South Africa, Jan 08 2004.  DB, as a consumer, you have protection from this rackateer. Please bring your complaint to TISA's (Timeshare Institute of South Africa)attention by e-mailing them at admin@tisa.co.za or check out their web site, www.tisa.co.za.
Looks like somebody got tired of a mutually unbeneficial relationship, and you got caught in the middle! You can also go and visit TISA at their Durbanville/Bellville offices in Cape Town.
They have the weight of the DTI, Consumer Council and Estate Agents Board to throw around to fix your situation!  - Yours  Bob

Jan 8 2004
We attended one of your sales presentations in Cape Town recently where we were shown a fantastic internet holiday membership from Cybertravelsa and we joined there and then for the incredible international travel opportunities that we were shown.
We needed to travel to England in Dec 2003 and we contacted the Cape Town office to do the bookings for us. We were offered a variety of options that suited us down to the ground at very very good prices indeed. The gentleman we spoke to in the office offered to book it for us and we were to phone him back the next week, but when we phoned there was no answer  and we had to book our holiday ourselves elsewhere.
On our return from England, great disappointment, our Cybertravel membership is gone! Now we were given a Tektravel membership instead. We thought ok, like they say they just changed names and so we went onto the tektravel website. Well let me just say one thing, have Cybertravel gone mad? Why did they change there professional website to such a laughable joke? What company would do that? This tektravel website is the most ridiculous thing we have ever seen. There are only a few resorts in SA and none overseas.
Then we read the letter that was sent to us and we understand what is going on. How can you Mrs Niewoudt sell us something that you can?t and won?t supply?  Do you think that we paid R7800 for a tektravel membership? That?s not what we were sold at the presentation. We don?t want your tektravel, just what we bought in the first place.
Mrs Niewoudt is all your lines in your Port Elizabeth office out of order? We have been phoning for the last few weeks since our return and twice did a young lady answered the phone and told us that she cant help us in a very rude fashion and that she will pass the messages on to the management.
We are still waiting for a reply from management, are you all hiding from your members?
We signed a cheque over to Cybertravelsa (PTY) Ltd and when we started to search this company under the registration number on your contract, this company did not exist! The registration number belongs to a different company. So we paid a company that was never in existence. How can you trade like that?  Is that not fraudulent?
We are seeking legal advice on this situation where you received a cheque from us for a company that does not exist and for a product that we never received and a substitute product that we don?t want.
Mrs Niewoudt do you sleep well at night? How can you do this to us and then think if you don?t answer your phones that you can get away with this.
We will publish the outcome of our lawyers finding on this website for all to see. We do not except to be treated like this.  - DB

Nov 26 2003
Cyber Travel or Andre Claassen has conned some South Africans with his honest face and speaking the right language.  Also sooo wlling to answer questions, untill the mention of the word Qualycon props up....  Now Cyber Travel has changed name and also [seemingly] ownership to Tektravel, but not with anything worth mentioning to book.  In the whole of the Western Cape - our BIGGEST tourist city - just ONE guest house, no restaurants or any other shopping/discounted or other items promised during the intro.  This name change / change of ownership occurred without any notification to people that bought into Cyber Travel SA, which to me seems to be a breach of contract?
Please, please beware of this scam, but please prove me wrong. - chris

Nov 24 2003
Does anyone know what happened to the 1,000’s of fishermen that  Davout Wolhuter was trying to get out of their homes?  Did he succeed in taking over the fishing company that he had got to trust him?  Did they ever get their money back?  Who’s next? - BJ

Nov 14 2003
Can you please give information on Brett Jolly who is now involved with the Swakopmund Waterfront development.- Peter Odendaal

Oct 29 2003
At the Bushman's Nek annual general fleecing.Flexiclub who controls the board voted unanimously to write off over two million rands worth of unpaid levies .OWED BY FLEXICLUB TO THE SHAREBLOCK.As usual there was all kinds of quasi legal explanations and blame heaped on The Holiday Club and the Beekmans for not paying there levies with the same end result ,the owners get shafted.Bullfrog managed to waddle in but soon got going when he realised that he was not going to get a standing ovation but more likely a public stoning.Now that he owns Questor he can get other people to do his dirty work.Shame on you all - Noah Bitt

Oct 8 2003
On Wednesday the commercial branch of the police paid that piece of dog shit Lamont a visit. They were asking questions about his unpaid taxes and overseas cash.

You might have stolen money from thousands of innocent holiday makers lamont, but you have now stolen from someone who won't let you get away with it. I hope that you rot in jail.

Who am I? I am the one you called a dishonest bastard three years ago, and told everyone how I had stolen from you just to protect your own fat arse.

Now you thief, be very scared. I work for you and can promise you that the police will get everything they need. Details of overseas trips, visits to the Channel Islands to check on your bank accounts, money moved. Whatever they ask for I will give to them.

Sweat you bastard sweat. -At Last

Oct 7 2003
Flexi Club Ltd to be closed down by Companies House - interested

Oct 2 2003
It has taken a lot longer than anyone expected for Flexiclub to get out of the UK.
Bullfrog Lamont persisted two or three years before eventually recognising that the Brits don’t like crooked South Africans on their doorstep. Even Zoe Harman was quicker on the uptake than the Bullfrog. - Cyn

Sept 17 2003
I have been reading some of your comments especially those relating to Flexiclub South Africa. I am in the unenviable position of having traded my fixed timeshare for points. I have used those once only and the resort was anal at best. The staff at MOUNT AMANZI were rude and incompetent, and most of them would fit better at the front desk of a brothel. Friends of mine booked into the resort at the same time and paid for their accommodation in cash. The user charge was about the same as the standard rental being offered to the public so there is no advantage to membership of Flexiclub - and THAT IS THE PROOF.

I have written to Flexiclub, requesting an explanation, but it would appear that awkward questions go straight into file 13.

There is no doubt in my mind about the integrity of Flexiclub South Africa. I have joined the opposition and will spread the word based on my experiences with this bunch.

The sooner these people are behind bars the better!-- Porcupine

Aug 21 2003
we withholds levies in order for members to make payments. Levies only went up 18% and some resorts had special levies to make up this losses. we transfer weeks out of one building into another so we can sell the building otherwise the owners will have to keep paying special levies for ever and ever which cant be fair. You will notice also that Flexi Club when it does pay levies is through a loan to the management agent so if owners dont pay why should we and we at least can get the money back plus interest. We have removed the penthouse in the Palace resort and penthouses of La montagnue from the register because of this reasons above and management use this accomodation for meetings etc. - accounts manager

Aug 3 2003
Howdee mates, Sympathetic is correct about Stuart Lamont. He and his cohorts Mrs Cominelli (consort), Tony Ridl and his son Shaun Lamont all of Club Leisure Group in general and Flexi Club in particular are utter thugs and scoundrels.

They will fleece you before the sheep mates,especially now they think they have respectability with RCI in their pockets. RCI South Africa has taken over the administration and running of RCI in Oz.

Beware folks, these chaps are illegal and have the worst of business reputations. They are devious and dishonest. CANBERRA, for heaven sakes close them down and deport them back to their bush in Africa before they wreck us.

July 31 2003
Flexi club have swindled again. At the La Montagne annual general meeting or is it "annual general fleecing" Shawn Lamont was rude and uncouth. He is such a "baby" and thinks he can emulate his father and past master of swindle. Stuart Lamont's trouble maker mouth piece "rug man" Tony Fernandes (because of his ridiculous hair piece if you are so wealthy R90m! why buy rubbish from the garbage truck?)is so arrogant and rude that it is amazing he does not get sued. "Rugman" does not read anything (perhaps he cannot) comes ill prepared and is so concerned with his self importance it is surprising he has time for anyone else. Up go the levies to cover the Flexi club shocking management record and a special levy according to baby Lamont " pay up or else we will sue you".

What happens is that the shareholders part with their title for worthless and meaningless points and Flexi club becomes richer. Stuat Lamont's lap dog ("nickers")John Meyer of TISA of course does nothing. "Nickers" Meyer is too busy chasing RCI skirts to have any other interest in timeshare. He is point orientated and good reason, they pay him. The whole bunch are untrustworhty and inherently dishonest.

"Nickers" Meyer gave legal advice at a recent seminar in Johannesburg and I believe around the Country. Since when did a ladies underwear salesman become a lawyer? Perhaps the Law Society should sue him to add to his personal tally of legal action!

The timeshare industry in South Africa is a disgrace and RCI joins in. RCI Clucas is such a wet he sides with Stuart Lamont and others because of the pathetic marketing failure of RCI. They allowed the clubs to beat them at their own game and now the man in the street has to pay.

Get rid of this vermin. They have made their millions from us all and their red ferraris! - Anti crime points - Keep em out

July 17 2003
Davout Wolhuter has been allowed to rape and pillage in the Kaap for too long. He is a thief who tries to make up for his lack in stature with a glib attitude and practised accent. There lies a trail of wounded in his wake, all of whom have been defrauded, stolen from or had their lives ruined. He uses aliases or worse still unsuspecting individuals who end up looking at fines or worse still jail sentences, whilst he himself fills his coffers. I am a victim of almost ten years standing, and have watched whilst others have had their families destroyed and their livlyhoods crushed. The remarks and stories I have read below are merely par for the course. It is truly a waste of time and effort trying to get the authorities to act. They do not. It is safer merely to avoid any contact with him although he were the plague.

July 17 2003
My name is Johan du Plessis,  Davout Wolhuter will remember what was my family and my home.  I do not have either any more.  He stole my company, broke my home. and my family left me after he left me without a Rand.  I have heard everybody tell me that he is not going to continue because of police and court but he always gets out of it.  I hope to God that when his day comes, he is judged and burns in the fires of Hell.  He is pure evil.  You will be judged my friend and when your day comes it will be bad.

July 14 2003
Dear Mr. Viljoen,
Consider your 3000 lives already devastated.  Mr. Wolhuter has the principals of a cockroach and his practise is a moral and ethical wasteland.
Brett Jolly.

July 10 2003
Dear Sir

I need to have contact with someone respectable and trustworthy re CD Wolhuter of Davout Wolhuter & Associates. I might be wrong, but we need serious help as we believe he must be up to some tricks that might devaste the lives of close to 3000 households opn our coast

Please contact me at wyanssso@mweb.co.za

Wynand Viljoen

July 9 2003
So, once again an anonymous writer to frightened to put his or her own name to their blatant slander.  For god’s sake grow up.  If my name is not Brett Jolly, please publish here on this site what my name really is.  In fact, please both seriously and honestly answer every one of these questions on this site with supporting evidence or stop your infantile drivel; I had to hire and fire many unsuccessful sales “wannabees” in my time, and it’s not my fault you didn’t make it. Get over it.

Question No.1. Who was it that reported the entire incident to The Cape Fraud Squad way before the problem hit? (Me, directly to Inspector Kellerman).

Question No.2. Who was it that bought legal action and a liquidation application against Holland Moorehouse Ltd. at his own personal expense, and then had the company placed into judicial management due to the mismanagement of the company.  (Me, the matter is public record at the Cape Supreme Court).

Question No.3. Which Company was judged to be trading whilst insolvent, and placed into liquidation recently? (Holland Moorehouse).  If this would have been done two years ago as I asked, a lot of members would have saved a great deal of money.

Question No.4. If my name is not Brett Jolly, born 15.12.1960 in Bethnal Green Maternity Hospital, in London.  British Passport Number 701942404, South African Police Clearance (Good Behaviour) certificate Number 25/7/8/1 (36058/1203) then who the hell am I.

Every fact I have stated on this website is a matter of public record from either;

The Cape Supreme Court (the entire documentation is public record and available for you to read).
The Serious Commercial Crime Squad
The Cape Law Society
The Liquidators of the companies involved.

The very fact that I am due to be paid out a percentage of the debt owed to me (10%) proves that the Liquidators, and court officials have investigated the entire affair and found my allegations correct; Holland Moorehouse was trading whilst insolvent.  A perusal of my liquidation application against Holland Moorehouse states that “there is great urgency in the matter, as the memberships and investments of over 8,000 people are in danger”  Unfortunately, the Presiding Judge at the Supreme Court did not see the urgency in the matter, they made a very serious mistake, and subsequently 8,000 people lost money.  And before you try and implicate me in that scenario, I sold all my shares in June 1999 due to not wanting to be a part of the then fiasco.  I opened a sales and marketing company on my own that had zero equity held by Holland Moorehouse, the fact is they owed me R8.5m. in unpaid commission, that is why I proceeded with my liquidation application, and that is why I have been awarded a percentage of the proceeds from the liquidation, BECAUSE I WAS RIGHT…. BECAUSE IF I WAS WRONG EVERYONE WOULD BE HAPPILY SITTING WITH THEIR TIMESHARE AND HOLLAND MOOREHOUSE WOULD NOT BE IN LIQUIDATION, BUT THEY ARE NOT AND IT IS.

I must admit to be ecstatic about leaving the timeshare industry, a perusal of these pages and the slander, libel and backbiting within the South African industry is second to none.  You are all destroying your own destiny.  Timeshare is a brilliant product, if sold honestly to clients that can actually use it.  Do you honestly think that when a prospective client reads any part of this website, be it about me, FlexiClub, Holiday Club, R.C.I. Star Club, or whoever, that they are going to differentiate between one company and another.  No, you are destroying an entire industry and your own livelihoods, unless of course you’ve already failed and want to take the rest of the industry down with you.  For me, I’m not bothered, if you want to carry on selling less and less, and getting higher and higher cancellations due to this bickering, go ahead. I’m selling houses.

Brett Jolly
Group CEO
Swakopmund Waterfront Holding Company (Pty) Ltd.
1st Floor, Eluwa Building, Indepencence Ave,
Windhoek, Namibia.
P.O. Box. 20982
Tel:  +264 (0) 61 239 261
Fax:  +264 (0) 61 222 668
Cell:  +264 (0) 811 244 778
E-mail: bj@swakopmundwaterfront.com
URL: www.swakopmundwaterfront.com

July 8 2003
Flexi Club now are ripping off La Montagne shareholders. The latest is that they have increased levies by over 17% and imposed a further R800 special levy because of defaulting levy payers. Of course, they are the biggest defaulters as they hold back their payments apparently to encourage others to pay promptly. What a novel excuse for poor cash flow management. Flexi Club could not manage themselves out a paper packet! Are they going bankrupt? Is that why Lamont and Ridl are busy travelling UK and Australia for the next 4 months. Are thet planning their escape route and avoiding creditors. Never mind RCI will bail them out of their sordid business.

It is about time these scammers were locked up for their down right crooked dealings. Wake up Oz and deport the bast.... and for heavens sake UK get a wake up call!

The rest of the World does not need business swindlers like these. Rise up all you flunky holiday-makers and cut off their water. TISA, of course will do nothing about as they are paid by the likes of Flexi Club and other points clubs who control the Board of TISA or is it PISSA?

July 7 2003
Re:waterfront development,Swakopmund/Namibia

If you are presently dealing with Brett Jolly,I must strongly advise you to cut any ties and consider all proposals as shady and fraudulent.Any joint ventures with Brett Jolly or his associates cannot be considered as prosperous or beneficial for your region or staff members.Mr Jolly,which is by the way not his correct name, ruined the lives of hundreds of families in South Africa.His products, well known as travel trust plans,were sold by Holland Moorehouse and Cybertravel.For a beautiful and upcoming region such as Swakopmund,you might want to look into a serious partner.For further details kindly contact me over this side.- Good luck

June 18 2003
RCI South Africa and Flexiclub have joined forces to create yet another Club Leisure Group con basket. YThe new club is called Premier Vacation Club based at Flexiclub in Pinetown with the same "Trustees" as all the rest namely Ridl and Lamont. RCI have made a huge blunder in siding with the points clubs who operate illegally with their blessing and the blessing of the infamous TISA (Timeshare Institute of South Africa). TISA "executive director", John Meyer, who tries to pretend he is lawyer is the pay of the points clubs and is their servant.

Meyer is in fact a failed points salesman who was and is still involved in a shady club. Prior to that he was a salesman (or even so-called sales director) of "Its a pleasure", tea party distributors of womens lingerie. He tries the playboy approach to those females surrounding his pathetic activities.

As for Tony Forbes trying to distance himself from Flexiclub and Stuart Lamont, what a joke, they are in the smae scams together and operate illegally using information passed on to them by insider managers and directors whom they pay.

Mr Lamomnts attempt to whitewash his "mafia" organisation is laughable as his various clubs have a constant history of not paying levies in an attempt to pick the main property cheaply. This is theft Mr Lamont.

Tax rat is correct. Lamont, Forbes and others use these so-called clubs as means of TAX EVASION (not avoidance) on the pretense that they are non profit clubs. I have yet to meet other types of genuine "club managers" who are millionaires. Give us a break. You are all scam artists. RCI through Ivan Clucas the Southern African Managing Director is in cohoots with these scam clubs.

RCI SA has now acquired the rights to manage Australia and New Zealand RCI, why? Because Flexiclub are desperately trying to break into those markets and to bale out of the debt to RCI they have conned young and inexperienced Clucas ibnot their way of operating.

If RCI international are serious about their "good reputation", as was the goal of the founder, they would disenfrachise RCI SA and find new business operators who are "non mafia".

How does anyone have a "lifetime managment" contract such as Lamont has negotiaited for the scurroulous Magna Resort Management? Flexiclub stole the property by adopting the tactic mentiopned elsewhere, of letting the resort run down and then imposing hefty levies. Owners cannot afford the massive increase so Club Leisure Group and its various "fly by night clubs" offer to buy tyhem out with worthless points which they freely create. Humbugs all of you!

You also cheat your staff leaving them unpaid with fabricated stories of non performance or targets etc.

If RCI had the guts they would ditch the SA points clubs completely. It is only because of the poor management of RCI SA that they cannot counter the dubious marketing tactics of Flexiclub. So "The Whisperer" your hop[e that RCI had finally done this is not real. RCI and the points clubs aided and abetted by PISA (TISA's real name), Points Institute of South Africa, get closer because of RCI'sw very poor marketing and bad image in SA. They would regain some respect if they turfed the points clubs and those scams.

Dennis Nicholson comments on February 20, 2003, probably written by Stuart Lamont, clearly sets out how the clubs have to survive. It is in essence a pyramid scheme and has to create new "clubs", not run by members but by the millionaires from members funds, to keep self alive. Hopefullt RCI will never award Oscas of any type to these undemocratic and dishonest clubs.

The Beekmans have said that they are definitely associated with Flexiclub, indirectly anyway. Read their stupid denial of October 18, 2003, "neither the Beekman Brothers nor Holiday Club is NOT associated with Flexiclub in any way whatsoever". This says they are associated. Too many negatives in their sentence construction! In any event they are connected through TISA so that is not "in any way whatsoever".

The whole points system in South Africa is dishonest and could not bear scrutiny from honest Governement authorities including the Tax man, if he paid attention. Points clubs in SA are a rip off.

Disgruntled points

June 18 2003
kindly inform us, whether the certain ,,brett jolly" is the same person who know is trying to develop a Waterfront at Swakopmund/ Namibia
We have a card from him saying that he is the CEO of Swakopmund Waterfront Holding Company.
Looking forward to hearing from you soonest.
Kirsten Kraft
Allgemeine Zeitung

June 4 2003
In reply to Stewart Lamont’s post on 12th May 2003:
The Holiday Club received a letter/ circular from the managing agents of La Montagne (Magna Resort Management) on the 19th May 2003 advising of the need for a special levy to be charged, due to defaulting debtors. To date, we have not received an invoice for special levies, nor in fact have we received an invoice for the normal annual levy. As soon as we receive either of the aforementioned we will contact Magna Resort Management to discuss further.
Tony Forbes
The Holiday Club

May 13 2003
I would just like to state that The Club leisure Group, in Pinetown is a bunch of crocks. Reason being is that if you are a telemarketer and you are working there longer than 9 months they get funny with you and tend to bring in the nonsence that you are costing the company money. Example about 2 months ago, 27 people of the telemarketing staff were put on SHORT TIME. with no pay,
meaning they dismissed us with no pay but told us not to come to work and that we were still employees of the company.

Now the law States there is no such thing about Short time as it only says if you work a total of 8 hours, and they can only put you on short time if you work 3hours instead of 8 hours. So basically They put us on Short Time no pay no coming to work, and yet they got the cheek to hire new people in our place. So is this fare or can they get away with doing this all the time.

Or do they do that so they the managers and directors can get out of paying the people for what they worked for.
Righfully i hope this company burns in hell. Because it's not right that they can just ROB people just like that.

Written By: an ex-employee who is now jobless due to them.
D.C. Durban.

May 12 2003 In South Africa there has been a lot of concern over maintenance levies at various resorts particularly at resorts managed by Magna Resort management and Questor Resort Management. These companies are part of the Club Leisure Group and I am in fact a director of Magna. There has been an ongoing problem with levy collection at La Montagne in Ballitto and this was addressed in the resort magazine "Liaison" and at the most recent TISA meeting.
In order to alleviate some of the misconceptions I would like to point out that Magna Resort Management has only managed to collect 55% of the outstanding levies, leaving a deficit of R3.456 million . The reasons for this are a high level of owner dissatisfaction with the resort and the unpaid levies from Flexiclub, Star Club and The Holiday Club. Disciplinary steps have been instituted against several staff members of Magna Resort Management and there have been a number of hearings and dismissals effected.
As the owner of the commercial areas at the resort as well as the Trustee of both Flexiclub and Star Club there is absolutely no way I am going to allow this situation to persist. I have undertaken to pay these levies as well as the portion due for the commercial areas as soon as The Holiday Club pay their portion of the Special Levy and in any event before the next AGM in 2004

In this context it is only reasonable that Magna Resort Management be allowed to complete its lifetime mangement contract with La Montagne.

I would appreciate comments and suggestions and invite anybody who wishes to , to contact me directly on 0837757694 or at margaretf@flexiclub.co.za instead of using this website.

Stuart J. Lamont
Club Leisure Group

May 11 2003


Lamont wants to pay you big bucks for information.
I have reported him to the Receiver, who pays out 10% of taxes collected for clear and concise information about his illegal affairs. earlier this column reported that the Receiver was gathering evidence by taking photographs of his offices following my submissions. Now they want more information.However I need more information to make my claims meaningful and will share my commission on a 50:50 basis. To show how it works, I have information about :

** His group's overseas travel(first class, I must add) equal to R1,2 million. This was illegally claimed for tax and will get me R36,000.00

** His group spent over R15 million on building up overseas businesses over the past few years and has claimed all of it for tax. When this fraud is investigated the reward will be R450,000.00!!. I wonder what the reserve bank will say about this??

** he manipulates his trading stock figures and overstates them in his tax returns. This is worth MILLIONS!!!!!. I need more informayion about this.
Let me have your claims now. All information will be treated in the strictest of confidence and my attorneys will receive the reward into their trust account. No names need ever be mentioned.
Contact me at taxrat@hotmail.com

It's easy to make money this way, and is a lot more fun than selling timeshare.Your friend


PS: If anyone knows of other potential customers, let me know. Winning is so easy

Mar 15 2003
The FlexiClub representative in the UK is too scared to tell Lamont that his operation is going pear shaped.
The Scottish sales team turned out to be fraudsters; the southern England team decamped because they couldn’t earn a living and the Graig Park team are close to packing it in – probably leaving Graig Park in the lurch, yet again.
So, where is the European arm of  FlexiClub heading?
The database is modest with less than 2,000 owners, so would only be of interest to CLC or RMI to pitch their club memberships.  The inventory is a very mixed bag, including some real rubbish, which would be of interest to no-one.
A merger might be on the cards but the only other small points club is UVC  (new version) who could be wooed.
Otherwise it’s a repeat of the mid 90’s crisis for the FlexiClub operation in Europe with the prospect of death being ever present.

Mar 11 2003
Holland Moorehouse under judical management.
Can Stuart Lamont, Brett Jolly, or Dennis Nicholson
PLEASE tell us EXACTLY what is going on at this stage with Holland  Moorehouse:
ie How long will this company stay under judical management?
What are the chances of investors actually getting their investment(Travel Trust etc) or part thereof back?
When will I be able to cancel my membership and get part of my money back?
I want to make it VERY clear that I am NOT interested at all to invest even more money into timeshare by going for any of the upgrades that CLub Leisure Management offers....
Dirk Lourens

Mar 4 2003
At a recent TISA (Timeshare Institute of South Africa), meeting, held in Jo'Burg, there was a stunned silence when it was announced that Flexiclub would raise ANOTHER SPECIAL LEVY. That is on top of the R9 million levied 3 years ago. Obviously Lamont's money laundering night club, has to be funded and who better to fund it than the Timeshre Owners. All was smooth sailing until John Beekman from Holiday Club realised that he also had to cough up to support Lamont's lavish lifestyle. At last the sleeping giant has awoken and realised that all is NOT well at the Club Never Group. He was insisting on a forensic audit until Lamont got hold of him and smoothed things over. He probably told him that he could do the same trick as Flexiclub, which is; don't pay the levies, wait for your own management company to repossess the weeks, and then buy them back for a token amount once the levies have been written off
The Whisperer

Feb 26 2003
 Flexi Club South Africa
Flexi Clubs no brainer of an answer to The whisperer, comments on "innovation" the only conclusion one can reach from the Flexi Club practise of taking timesharers weeks which they own and converting them to points they dont own and which they cannot use without coughing up huge user levies can only be discribed as that of a parasite. The only clean sweep they are used to and boastfully proud of is the one under the carpet which are now full of unpaid levy statements owed by Flexi Club to various resorts they are currently ruining. As for their spokesperson, Dennis, read liar, and his comments on the Flexi Club business, read theft, well he needs to be wrapped up tighter than an airport pretsel and locked away from the intelligent world. As a consolation at least he as the companys spokesperson has the guts to publicly tell the truth about his companies business of timeshare theft from innocent members of the public. Perhaps now that they have admitted to it the authorities ca n act?
The govenor

Feb 20 2003
 In Response to the Whisperer's cowardly attack on the Club Leisure Group, I must say that he or she must be truly spineless to hide behind a pseudonym while defaming Flexiclub.  The fact of the matter is that RCI DID invite Flexiclub to the awards. Flexiclub did not attend because RCI did not agree that the formula for sales awards should include the value of weeks or points traded in. As you should be aware, Flexiclub does very few new sales, but focuses rather on upgrades and conversions.Therefore if these values were excluded, then Flexiclub would receive very little recognition. This was EXACTLY what occurred at the Oscas. RCI has subsequently agreed to create a special category for Flexiclub.This award will be for the highest number of consecutive conversions between products in the CLG stable.As the chairman of CLG, S.J Lamont, received the first award in the new category for Product Innovation and he is intent on retaining the competitive edge for the group. We have several innovative products, such as Corporate Club and Premier Vacation Club. The process of converting our members into these dynamic new clubs will commence as soon as we have completed all conversions from Star Vacation Club into Flexiclub. I am positive that, at the next Oscas, the Flexiclub group will make a clean sweep in this category
Dennis Nicholson, National sales Manager

Feb 12 2003
 Stuart Larmont and his Flexiclub gang were absent from the RCI  Oscas. Rumour has it the RCI made it plain that they, Stuart and co., were not welcome. Is RCI taking a stand , at long last, against hisskullduggery? If so, WELL DONE!!!! RCI
The Whisperer