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South Africa - Archive

Dec 1 2002
 The police were seen taking photos of a certain building in Margate KZN [South Africa ]it seems the taxman is not prepared to wait forever Rumuor has it that flexiclub resales along with  a scammy R18000 gift pack are raising a few eyebrows in the Flexiclub fold

Nov 23 2002
Club Leisure Group has just been faxed by our hero, Paul Lishman.  The slug Lamont (fat and ugly, leaving a trail of slime) is going down.  Slug has been caught with his fingers in the till, and stolen money from one of Paul's companies.
Go Paul and send the slug to jail.

Nov 3 2002
 Stuart Lamont(Flexiclub) says he is cross with the way Flexiclub are run down on this website.
Timeshare companies will continue to get bad press and comments until they become more open and accountable to their members, Clubs such as Flexiclub often sign members in with attractive soundign offers, and promotions, when in reality what they are getting isnt anywhere near as good as what was promised.  I challenge Stuart Lamont to allow members more access to information and
facts about the club that is there supposedly for their benefit.  If he has nothing to hide, then this shouldnt be a problem, and I am surprised he hasnt done so already.

Oct 26 2002
I am sick and tired of all you people running down FlexiClub.
I am a businessman of many years standing and ALL the accusations leveled at   Flexi Club and myself are without merit.
he situation with outstanding levies is very complex and Club Leisure nGroup only holds back on levy payments when the timeshare owners do not pay theirs. This is done to encourage the owners to pay up when they see the resort standard dropping.
For the record, I have authorised payments to be made to The Oceanic and Quanza Marine for any outstanding levies. So lets get our facts straight.
Stuart. J.Lamont
Chairman; Club Leisure Group

Oct 18 2002
Neither the Beekman Brothers nor Holiday Club is NOT associated with Flexiclub in any way whatsoever.
The Beekmans

Sept 7 2002
The industry in SA seems to be going down the tubes. RCI seems to have relinquished its monopoly to The Club Leisure Group and are content to sit helplessly and wath SL, RC and TR destroy what used to be a thriving industry. The G.O.T as thay have been refered to seem intent on controlling the industry at the expense of all other players and ultimatly the industry itself. After recently reading the enties on this sight it is no wonder there is no new talent entering the business. No one developing, no new dynamic sales companies, no growth just bad resort management and terrible customer service. I think that someone should expose the culprits and kill the industry quickly because at the moment it it just dying a slow death. Is'nt that disappointing?

Aug 21 2002
Club Leisure Group is at it again through their FlexiClub robbery unit.
Is there no end to the underhand and thieving ways of these same old Timeshare crooks?
Who can I be referring to? Yes, You guessed right! Stuart Lamont, Rioma Commenelli and Tony Ridyl, That same old, same old Gang of Three; or G.O.T.
The latest scam is in keeping with most of the others perpetrated by G.O.T. and you can bet your life that as Lamont and Commenelli are on the TISA executive committee, the industry watchdog is guaranteed to just watch (and whimper. No barking or growling).
This is the scoop from my CLG mole.
The ex Timeshare resort Hawaii in Durban fell back into the hands of G.O.T. as a result of levies not being paid and the resort falling behind in its standards. This in itself doesn;t sound unreasonable until you realise that the majority of the unpaid levies were on unsold or repossessed stock owned by G.O.T.s company.
Poor tired old Hawaii lost its RCI affiliation and G.O.T. snatched it away from the owners of the Timeshare on the pretext that levies were not being paid.
They then sold it to the government for low cost housing, without a cent going back to any of the owners. What a lot they G.O.T.
Similar plans are afoot for the Oceanic in Durban, where it is planned that The Don Apartments will take it over and redecorate in the style of the new Durban Casino.
The penthouse in the Oceanic is kept permanently open by G.O.T. in case their crony from the SAP ever wants to use it, or indeed any of the G.O.T. for their dubious private liaisons. The upkeep of which is shared by all the other owners. CLG run the AGM.
FACT: FlexiClub owes more than FIVE MILLION RANDS in unpaid levies to the Oceanic and standards are falling, exit RCI, enter G.O.T. Enter Don Apartments.
RESULT = Owners shafted and Don Apartments has a trendy new complex on the doorstep of the casino. (Do you think the owners of the points or timeshare weeks will get anything?)
Watch out T/S owners of the Quanza Marine. Not only does FlexiClub owe 1,.5 Million RANDS in unpaid levies, but Lamont has just bought Questor, the resort management company, which should ensure that many more resorts will follow shortly. G.O.T run the Clubs, they control the shareblocks, they control the managing agents and HAVE TO COLLECT LEVIES FROM THEMSELVES. Now if you wish to rid yourself of your GOTforsaken points you have to do it through QUANTUM registration company ,another GOT enterprise . One would think that the monopolys commision would take a dim view of this.
It is expected that the Timeshare industry will do nothing to curtail these hijackers.
1.       Lamont is the loudest barker in the watchdog TISA, the others just meow their agreement.
2.       RCI can;t say much as Lamont owes them millions too!
G.O.T just keeps on getting.
Why should we, break our backs
Stupidly, paying tax
Happy to find some untaxed income
Better pick a pocket or two
icely put fagin
G.O.T. it?
Well it looks like poor Stuart Lamont is besieged on all fronts.
He is involved it litigation. His Oz venture is a failure. His "coup" with Holland Morehouse blew up and his sales are plummeting.
Rumour also has it that his finances are stretched.
No wonder the unfortunate fellow has a pasty grey look about him.
Scoundrel though he is, one cannot help but feel sorry for him as it seems his empire is due to collapse, and there is someone in the wings about to shake the empirical foundations quite considerably.
Enter Dennis Nicholson, apprentice rogue, who is now flexing his muscles.
Having recruited Mike " Bullshit Bertie " O' Sullivan as his sidekick they are about to give Stuart the "carrot"
Although Peter Nicholson ( appie rogue's son ) and Rioma get on rather well, too well for Stuart's liking, hence Peter's banishment to the Beach Hotel, Dennis and Rioma hate each other with a passion and although Stuart has helped Dennis " Appie Rogue" Nicholson quite considerably, Dennis hates Stuart, and as a result has decided to shaft him.
The master plan involves R50 million worth of second hand points that the brilliant and cunning duo intend to sell.
Mike " Bullshit Bertie " O' Sullivan runs Stuart's beachfront operation and Dennis already controls all Stuart's sales. They have already started building up their debtor's book and soon everything will be theirs.
The Whisperer

Apr 9 2002
Below (CLICK) are a couple of letters recently extracted from Brett Jolly's missing laptop they should prove entertaining to some of your more avid readers!

Apr 4 2002
I am currently doing research for a programme being made by a UK independent television company. I particularly need some more information on the connection with South Africans operating in the UK. Also - any experiences with Cybertravel.
TC Research

Mar 6 2002
Another "Anon".  You really are gutless, what does it feel like spending
your life "Anon"? always in the shadows, never having the courage of your
own convictions to even state the name you were born with, rather skulk
round the edge nibbling away at your bit of cheese, and then scurry back
into your little hole.....anonymous little mouse.

Yes, I am not in South Africa at present, I am currently in the U.K.
although I will be travelling through Spain shortly, I am here for a variety
of reasons;

    1.    Holland Moorehouse was raped of its last vestige of hope of
solvency by it's Chairman; Davout Wolhuter.
    2.    Any hope of salvaging even a semblance of income from Holland
Moorehouse went down the tubes when Holland Moorehouse went into Judicial
Management (remember Holland Moorehouse still owes over R13m to Flexi-Club
(CLG) alone.  Wolhuter has signed personal surety to Flexi-Club for this
amount, therefore he either convinces all the idiots around him to continue
selling no matter what, or he loses everything, including his new house in
Constantia (4 Francis Road, Constantia).)  Not much profit in 45%... Eh
Davout, specially when you've got to spread it around your incompetent
secretary, diamond dealing father, restaurant running brother etc...reminds
me of a song.....its a family affair.....!
    3.    Wolhuter's latest invention "Dunrose" has just borrowed more money
to pay its commissions.
    4.    With the above in mind Dunrose is left with a 45% contract to sell
Flexi-Club points.  Consider....

        Based on a turnover of R600,000.00 Net-processable. Duwayne won't
achieve much more than that in the near future,  that means it is costing

        R30,000.00 rent at Union Castle.
                5     %
        10% commission to sales people.
             10    %
        5% to T.O.
                          5     %
        17.5 to lead generation.
                    17.5    %
        salaries R10,000.00 ?
                     1.6    %
        Branch manager 2% ?
                   2      %
        Your Brother;a few thousand Rand a month.
            1    %
        Hire purchase agreements approximately R20,000.00 per month
3.3    %


        and we haven't even thought about, electricity, internet,
stationary, spif budgets, recruitment, accountancy, and Directors.  So this
means "The family affair" needs to sell about R650,000.00 to break even
(without taking a penny for themselves)  Now, there's a little matter of R15
million owed to Flexi-Club, so on my workings...Attorney, Diamond dealer,
Restauranteur, and legal secretary are going to be in the timeshare business
for about 9 years (unpaid) before they pay the debt off, or....it's bye bye
Mr. Wolhuter's assets.

Of me, well, on reflection, after careful consideration and much discussion
with my family, I decided I didn't want to work for the next 9 years unpaid
to protect Wolhuter's assets.  This came as some surprise to Mr. Wolhuter,
who stated " what's the problem, everyone else is". I would rather watch
Wolhuter's own little Robyn Island form the shore....with a BIG telescope,
than be anywhere near a ticking timebomb.  Thanks all the same.

Economy, crime and timeshare saturation are taking their toll on the South
African market place. Do I want to bring a two year old daughter up in S.A.
??? not if I can get her a British passport.  Zimbabwe, and South Africa's
denial of the situation worries me.  Interest rates are going up, and I
don't have a job anyway.  In all honesty only a complete idiot would not
take the opportunity to relocate.

The police, Flexi-Club, Judicial Managers and attorneys all have my contact
details, in the event the case against Wolhuter goes to court sooner than
anticipated, I will be there with my bottle of bubbly, I promise.  Ernst
Young have been appointed by the Judicial Managers to look into Wolhuter's
handling of funds etc..., in light of this information I have given my word
not to contact the database of members.  (I believe they will act honestly
and diligently to investigate the matter).

Stay well, and I'll be in touch shortly on this site.  Everyone including
police, judicial managers, attorneys, and forensic auditors are looking in
to the matter, lets wait and see what turns up.
Brett Jolly.

Mar 3 2002
Well done Bruce and Shiela, your prediction has come true! Jolly and family have left! Gone! Just in time hey Brett? It couldnt have been sooner for me - stay where you are! And watch out world - someone is gonna be next!

Feb 11 2002
Stop press; Holland Moorehouse Ltd. in judicial management
Holland Moorehouse Finance (Pty) Ltd. in judicial management
Holland Moorehouse Investments (Pty) Ltd. in judicial management
Freesun Travel (Pty) ltd. in judicial management
Arctic Circle (Pty) Ltd in judicial management
Losdale Finance (Pty) Ltd. in judicial management

Devout Wolhuter is being questioned by police fraud squad, WHERE DID ALL THAT MONEY GO MR WOLHUTER? He will probably end up in the chookie.  Brett Jolly has been questioned already and is due for another round Monday, if he';s still in the country that is.  In fact I suppose I shouldn';t be that hard on him, he is still here after everything people have said about him disappearing, Wolhuter has been trying to get him out of the country for ages so that he cannot testify.  Makes you wonder if Wolhuter has got more than a family of skeletons in his closet.  Are the Wolhuters coming out of their closet?.   What makes me sick is that every one of them, Wolhuter, Jolly, Lamont, Riddle, Flexi-Club, especially Lamont is just waiting for the death rattle before picking off the pieces of meat.  None of them has got what it takes to make a move just in case it';s not quite dead yet.  The very worst type of carrion.  Feeders off the dead corpses instead of doing something !
for them selves.

I have managed to get my hands on a letter sent to the police and SA law society by Jolly about Wolhuter but I only have it on paper and I am not going to sit here and type out the ten thousand words, my idea is that if I send it to you so that you can scan it and put it on your website, Wolhuter will be forced to send one to you about Jolly, that way we get every juicy bit of information about both of them.

Flexi-Club are still in complete shock.  They have not yet recovered from the financial blow that Jolly so cleverly dealt them.  Talk about crawl out of the proverbial shit and end up looking like Mother Teresa.   Wanna buy a timeshare company Stew? how about it Guvner? 2 for the price of 1, going cheep at R80 million. Check, Credit Card, R.C.I.'s Cash, anything will do.  R.C.I are of course wondering where all there money went.
Stop press  Flexi-Club open in Australia.  Wonder if Jolly;s going to be doing the digareedoo too.

Tie me timeshare down sport
Tie me timeshare down,
If it all goes queer over here sport
I;ll be off over there.

All together now,
Bruce & Sheila

Feb 6 2002
Story so far.
A meeting was held recently in Cape Town between members of FlexiClub, Unibank, Wolhuter + (secretary), myself and assorted legal counsel.  The idea being, to salvage a reasonable state of affairs for the members and creditors alike.
Various scenarios were put forward and / or debated by FlexiClub, Unibank and myself.  The most workable being that the company was placed into Judicial Management.  I agreed wholeheartly, in my eyes it would protect the membership, legally remove the money from hungry little hands, and more importantly; lead to a full investigation of The Directors.  I even went so far as to insist that in the event I withdrew, there must be a full legal investigation.  Guess what ? Wolhuter (+secretary) got up, refused and walked out of the meeting.  Why? one would ask.  Members were going to be looked after, Creditors were going to be placated and liquidation averted.  So, why would anyone not agree with such a simple offer?......afraid of the ensuing investigation maybe !
Well, with or without Wolhuter's permission Holland Moorehouse is now legally under Judicial Management.  Is this a good thing?  Yes.  As of this moment, every cent is not only protected from those little grabbing hands, but furthermore the funds will be administered correctly by Chartered Accountants, Officers of the Court and people who in general are thought of highly in their profession.  Not by a secretary doing part-time legal work, on the back of an envelope. (bennilux).
The matter of appointing Judicial Managers was to be heard today at 12.00a.m.  Strangely, Wolhuter was still trying to gain support for his chosen liquidator at 4.00p.m. this afternoon, four hours after the appointment was suppose to have taken place.  I wonder how he new that the appointment was not going to take place due to the documentation going missing from the masters office.  Lucky Guess , ESP or TLF ?
His supporters turn out to be members of his own staff that he has not paid, he is now asking them for support ,to help him pay them with their own money ???
He has been claiming for ages that its all a big mistake.  These people are not Holland Moorehouse staff at all, but that they have always worked for Dunrose (Pty) Ltd. or Davtrade (Pty) Ltd. or maybe Ghostcorp C.C. or Direct Marketing Solutions C.C. or Greystone trading, or Disneyland,  anything but Holland Moorehouse staff.
Now he hasn't paid them and the writing is on the wall, we have the famous Wolhuter rhetoric...."my friends...let's come together during this time of need, and give me your support so that I can help you in future,  I'm an attorney you know, you can trust me"
These are the same staff that he paid 5% commission to and insisted to all of them that they work for Dunrose not Holland Moorehouse.  Now it's a big about turn....."Sorry chaps, did I say Dunrose?....  No, what I meant to say was Holland Moorehouse."
There can only be two answers to this strange behaviour (apart from being shit scared of prosecution, and trying to do everything possible to stop it).
 1) He is convinced that he is surrounded by complete morons who do not have one iota of intellect........."hold on....that's it.... he's right" (at least that way he can shine). OR...
 2) He believes he is possessed of such enormous intellect himself, that no one could possibly gain an insight into the delicately balanced precision workings of his vast mind.
It will be interesting to see how many people sign to support the man that hasn't paid them, that's really dense.
Now in terms of Wolhuter's meeting with staff today, he has assured everybody that Elbie, Fanie (he's always wanted a mention on these pages) and myself are definitely not coming back to the Waterfront and The President to run things properly.  Well here's a few facts for you;  Every table, chair, computer, carpet square etc.. inside The Waterfront offices is owned, leased or rented through a Holland Moorehouse group company or Clips (Pty) Ltd.  The divestment of a sales and marketing division (asset) out of an insolvent company is highly illegal.
I understand that Wolhuter has had huge success in his new career.  R266.000.00 for the month, at what?... 80% cost of sale?  well done.  Someone should question where is the extra money going to come from ?  I was going to say "why don't you stick to law? but I believe he's not having much luck with that either.
To finish, I must say that in a perverse way, I will be sad to see the demise of Charlie Wolhuter Chaplin, you just never know what he's going to do next.
I heard a really good saying recently, "the frog in the well, knows nothing of the immensity of the sky" fairly appropriate really. (sorry couldn't resist it).  I am fully aware of the seriousness of the situation, and as always I will not let this matter rest until the members are fully protected in law.   I am comforted that both The Club Leisure Group and Unibank feel the same way, and I am grateful of their support in terms of protection for the members.  I apologise to those members who might feel I am taking the matter light-heartedly or that I am just lampooning our illustrious Ex-Chairman,  but absurd behaviour is absurd behaviour, and sometimes just needs to be laughed at.
Brett Jolly.

Feb 1 2002
We are now being threatened by Mr Brett Jolly of Holland Moorehouse who is saying that there is an international investigation by the police squad to find out who the people are and there e-mail addresses who have posted slanderous things about him on this site.
I have known Mr Jolly for many years and know that he is full of bravado and constantly uses scare tactics BUT in saying so I would be interested to know if it was possible to be traced?
[Any message to our secure server cannnot be traced - even by me.  Ed]

Jan 23 2002
Oh well, here we go again.  "Bennilux" another one of these spineless anonymous individuals that does not have the courage of their own convictions even to print their own name, is as usual only part in the picture, but seems to think that they are in full possession of all the facts.  So, considering I really cannot be bothered to go into long explanations as to who is right, who is wrong, and who will win in the end.  Suffice to say if something isn't done very soon, the members will be the biggest losers.
 For those even slightly interested in the facts of the matter between Holland Moorehouse, Wolhuter and myself, may I suggest you take the proper legal steps.  Which are;
A) My liquidation application against Holland Moorehouse and making mention of Wolhuter, is a matter of public record, and is lodged with The Master of The Cape High Court.  In the event you wish to study it you may do so. (it's the law).
B) I have lodged an official complaint with The Cape Law Society against Mr. Wolhuter, and there is an investigation.  After reading my full report on the matter, they have since contacted me, and asked me to contact an Adv. Niehaus, who is I understand is the Director of Public Prosecutions, from there I have been asked to consult with an Inspector Kellerman who is with the Commercial Crime Squad. (we have met twice).  I have made all documentation and many affidavits from others against Wolhuter available to the Police.  The Commercial Crime Squad investigation into Mr. Wolhuter has case number 145/01/2002.  I further understand that there is now another international police enquiry as to the source e-mail addresses of some of the more slanderous items on this page.  So I hope all the people who are to timid to even use their own name, didn't use their own e-mail.
Brett Jolly.

Jan 18 2002
Hey the the saga continues - have you heard that Jolly has been fired by Woluter? Of course he is running around saying that he was only fired from certain companies : Id say that FIRED IS FIRED - dont you think? I just feel sorry for those poor people that still believe his lies and are running around him like bees to the honey pot - When are you guys going to see the big picture? When its to late and he has left the country ? Shouldnt be long now as his house has been attached and one of his girlfriends is without a cellphone...

Jan 11 2002
Flexiclub and its various sub clubs of Star Vacation, Trafalgar Holiday Club and Leisure Group, as they style themselves, are in deep trouble over the repossession of their weeks for defaulting on levy payments to a timeshare resort.

It has taken Flexiclub and its "bandits" nearly a year to try to persuade the resort to return its many weeks but to no avail.  Flexiclub now have served a notice to the resort of a High Court action to be instituted for the return of the weeks (already sold to private individuals who are the true market of timeshare) or pay damages in excess of R500 000.  The damages claim is of course based on the Flexiclub grossly overvalued points system and inflated to suit their argument.

Flexiclub are despised in the South African market for their under hand tactics of hard selling the public and conning them into paying large sums to Flexiclub, to part with their timeshare in exchange for valueless points.  With points the public have NO say in the running of the club and financials are not available to the so-called members.

Recently Flexiclub obtained lists of timeshare owners, especially in the resort that oppossed their tactics, from RCI and or TISA (The Timeshare Institute of South Africa).  The owners were circularised in an attempt to persuade them to sell to Flexiclub in the hope that they then could secure a voting majority.  Wonder why?

TISA is a token control of the timeshare industry and does little of any value to curb bad play in the market.  Guess who sits on the Board of Directors of TISA - non other than the infamous Lamont with a side kick!.  Who has at least 50% of the Board vote on TISA - points clubs. John Meyer, CEO of TISA, is just a stooge of the clubs and has little concern for the real timeshare industry, the people that own and fill the timeshare resorts year on year.

It is about time that the clubs are taken to task with their dictatorial attitudes and attempted black mail of timeshare owners and their resorts.  Go get them ALL resorts!  Put the clubs in their place.  They have conned the Public for far too long.

G D Cochrane's pathetic note of Nov 30, 2001, displays his ducking and diving.  The www.vacfinder.com site does not work.  Surprise!

"bennilux", "Durban Girl", "also worried" and "worried for long enough" are spot on in their comments.  Fight on all of you!
Timeshare turmoil

Nov 30 2001
Dear Sir
I see that we managed to feature on your Holland Moorehouse site.  Looking at the information provided in the comments made about us, it is quite clear that this information came from one of the developer companies who is scared of our proposed actions.  As we have nothing to hide, we are posting the comments on our site. We invite all your readers to visit our site and make up their minds on the bona fides of the comments posted.  I feel that your site does an excellent job of highlighting unethical practices.  I am only sorry that the South African public is not fully aware
of it.
Yours faithfully
G D Cochrane

Nov 22 2001
Go Durban Girl Go.... Expose them all for what they are! We need more like you and others on this site! Graham Cochrane is a slippery little man ("little" being the operative word)with little man syndrome walking around in a suit no doubt to make himself look bigger! Isnt it good to sit back and watch the parade go by? Even better is watching them convince themselves they are as straight as a dye and its all the other guys fault! Who do they think they are kidding? If the Cape Town clowns think that because the stories are now in Durban and the heat is off - they better recharge there batteries and get ready for the next ride....

Nov 21 2001
All Holland Moorehouse clients beware………
A sales and marketing company posing as the moral voice of Timeshare is hitting on Holiday Club and HMI members via their “call centre” in Durban enticing them to refinance and buy more points at 25% discount. They offer a legal service for a fee to get you out of your existing club but only if you buy into theirs, sound familiar! They are offering to take a “class action” against Holland Moorehouse but all the HM clients must pay R 500 to a firm of attorneys before they can start, R250 of which they keep for their services.
Go to their Web-site www.vacfinder.com and check out the potential scams.
The man behind this new breed of “what a terrible industry this is, I am here to help and take more money of you” scam is none other than Graham Cochrane and an attorney buddy (this must be a new trend where every Timeshare marketer has to have a pet attorney as a partner. Saves on legal costs I suppose). Cochrane has been running from Timeshare Company to Timeshare Company for many years obviously picking up pointer along the way. Is this Vacfinder a member of T.I.S.A? I think not.
Durban Girl

Nov 9 2001
Well done "Worried for long enough"
Come on TISA, where are those teeth that the watchdog is supposed to have?Everyone is sick to death of all the rumours.Why don't you list for us, all the different companies in order of value to the clients, financial strength and stability, performance in terms of exchanges, user fees, levies, costs and best flexibility. Come on TISA, do something for the public you claim to serve. Tell us all who's the best. SHOW US YOUR TEETH if the old boys club will let you.
Also Worried.

Nov 8 2001
Is there smoke without fire?
I have been involved in the Timeshare business in SA for over three years. During that time I have sold various types of points systems, including Holland-Moorehouse and Flexi-Club as well as fixed weeks.
I am currently selling Flexi-Club in Johannesburg and urgent questions need to be answered, to allay our fears about the problems that we are hearing.
I have read various accusations on this site, a lot of which, in my personal experience, have a certain ring of truth.
Is Flexi-Club in trouble (Will I get Paid)?
Have these previous Flexi-Club systems gone bust, with owners losing out unless they switch?
How safe are the people I'm selling to now?
Will Flexi-Club switch them again?
Why did Flexi-Club not put Holland-Moorehouse clients money into trust?
If the things on Crimeshare are not true, why does Stuart Lamont and the TISA people say nothing?
What is the involvement of RCI?
What is the viewpoint of TISA?
Is TISA just protecting its own?
Other salespeople that I speak to are just as worried. TISA is supposed to be our watchdog, so talk to us.
TISA may say "go through the official channels" which would be very silly given the fact that yes, my boss at Flexi-Club is on the TISA executive committee.
I like my job and don't want to lose it as a troublemaker, so I will not put my name to an "official" request to TISA
If TISA and Flexi-Club do not respond, they are sending us all, consultants and owners alike a very clear message. I recommend that all you other salespeople out there, do what I will.
Find another product, or get out of the business.

Oct 5 2001
FlexiClub is conning their members AGAIN
Here is the scoop! Club Trafalgar was a very low class timeshare operation based in Durban which owned all the worst resorts and units in the world, it was run by Rioma Comenelli.
She acquired the weeks by grabbing them back from the owners as soon as they fell behind in their levies (she was the managing agent at this stage)
Liking the idea of the points system (where you manage to get rid of all your poop stock) she started converting her owner base to "The Star Club". Telling people that they must convert (and buy more stars) to the new product, as Trafalgar was going BUST, even though it had the same directors and owners. For the last few years she has been sharing FlexiClubs offices in Pinetown.
Now the Star Club had a system where you did not have to pre-pay your levies. So no up-front cash.
Exit Comenelli's husband, exit Lamont's wife and the partners in crime set up house in Rioma's ex marital home. Lo and behold, Star Club has the same directors as FlexiClub. Needless to say Rioma who is younger (slightly) version of the "Bullfrog", mentally that is, grows tired of the fatman and is definitely looking to do moonlight to Australia. Anyone want to buy a Ferrari?
Now, (can you believe this) Star Club members are being contacted to convert to FlexiClub and they are being told that Star Club - is going BUST. If they don't convert, (But they must buy an extra 600 FlexiClub points if they do) they will lose everything!
FlexiClub does have a system where you pay up front levies, so lots of up-front cash. (And probably more Ferraris)
Holland Moorehouse is going BUST so you must convert to FlexiClub.
HELL-O! Does anyone see a pattern here?
The FlexiClub covert operations are called "The special projects department" which is housed in 1 Crompton Street, Durban. This and the Flexi directors are what their employees affectionately refer to as THE BARREL OF MONKEYS and I just can't think why!
If you poor buggers who bought into this (pyramid scheme) don't stand up and do something VERY SOON you will be shafted AGAIN.
You could take your complaints to TISA (timeshare institute of South Africa) for satisfaction, but don't hold your breath! Rioma Comenelli and Stuart Lamont ARE ON THE TISA EXECUTIVE COMMITEE

Oct 4 2001
Et Tu Brute, Well the knives are out aren't they? While waal-hooter and snorter are trying to F..k each other, "Bullfrog" Lamont and "strings" Ridl are overseas trying desperately to save FlexiClub from the clutches of RCI, due to their LuLu with Holland-Poore-House, investors beware!
Stand Back in absolute amazement!
Holland-Poorehouse has actually instructed Counsel (probably one of waal-hooters corrupt pals)to instigate legal proceedings against FlexiClub for failure to perform in terms of their "deal with the devil" contract. Heh Heh.
More doggy-doo is on the way for the head "Bullfrog" of FlexiClub, His acneyed sidekick and live-in lover, Rioma Comenelli (who rents out FlexiClub weeks at low cost to the public and gives Lamont a kickback, under the name of OPTIMA) (which is why you poor FlexiClub owners can never get a decent exchange)is leaving the rats on the sinking ship.
My spy in Pinetown tells me that Ms Comenelli has been over to Australia with her children (not the Bullfrogs)from some poor sap she sucked the life out of, not only to launch the Oz version of Optima, but also to enroll the lighties in school?
I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that FlexiClub is trying (yes they are trying) to launch FlexiClub in Australia-Surely not? Lamont paid for the trip, thinking that she just wanted to view his (I've got a big knob, just look at all the people i've conned) empire.
Shuuush, he doesn't know about the school thing!
RCI is dancing a merry jig, shaking their hands so furiously, trying to get the sticky stuff off their fingers, that it is raising questions in Indianapolis! Cristal De Haan is finger biting and unless the "Bullfrog" is cast adrift, we may well see Mr Brett (archie) Archibald, recalled from making all of those lovely English pounds, to the purgatory of our worthless Rand.
Meanwhile the fatman from FlexiClub (Bullfrog) has no idea who he is standing next to when he drinks and blithers.
Someone should tell the idiot in the words of Mario Puzzo, "You must learn to keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer"
I spy

Oct 2 2001
So  Jolly out and about trying (unsuccessfully) to secure a travel partner, do Lamont and Co. know I wonder? and Wolhuter (you will remember him, the lawyer turned Timeshare marketer an easy transition I suppose) having clandestine meetings with some unsavoury Timeshare characters unbeknown to his partner Jolly, could someone be getting greedy?
What do they say about no smoke without fire? Amazing who you spot in deep conversation behind pillars in the News Café, Green Point..
The Spy

Sept 26 2001
Holland Moorehouse is in trouble AGAIN!
Apparently, the FlexiClub take-over is not going so well. FlexiClubs Stuart Lamont is in trouble with RCI because he spent their money on the acquisition on the pretext that it was worth "Well over 80 Million"
Guess what?
With all the problems that HM has had with its owners because of non performance, fraud etc.Coupled with FlexiClub taking them over without the members knowledge, then trying to convert them to FlexiClub. The members are screaming ENOUGH! And are cancelling in droves, this has left FlexiClub out on a limb with no chance of getting back the millions they are contractually bound to spend.
RCI are not at all happy with the situation and unless Lamont puts a plan together chop chop, RCI is about to lay claim to a very large chunk of Flexiclub (at least if that happens the FlexiClub members might actually get exchanges). The rumour on the grapevine is that FlexiClub have also just lost their biggest franchise?

The result is that Stuart Lamont and Tony Ridl are hawking Holland Poorhouse around with a (typical of Lamont) worth, of over 100 million rands (but they will take 40) The deal of a lifetime.
RCI is covered of course as they will probably end up with FlexiClub. Lamont and Ridl look like being the new horses in the Holland

Sept 25 2001
Interesting monolog from Snorter Jolly on 28th August 2001 but it appears that the article referred to was none other than the one dictated by snorter for publication in the magazine he commissioned to be send out to all HM's conned members. The legal council referred to, further appears to be the same council (Advocate Tainton a member of the Cape Town Bar) who has been on the payroll of HM since last year;.not surprising that he sanction the wording.
Our sources at Flexi Club reveal that Wolhuter and Jolly have reneged on their deal with CLG and have told Ridl, Lamont and Co. to F__k off, in terms of the Debtors book, our source further confirms that CLG have so far invested 1.4m Rand into stock and will be instigating liquidation proceedings against HM in the next few days. Interval International, who, are still owed over 1m Rand in affiliation fees paid and received by HM, from its members, are instigating legal action though their Jo'burg Attorneys, which, our source reveals will result in a further judgement against HM;..over twenty according to ITC's ( SA's credit bureau) knowledge so far!! No more credit Eh boys!
Interested members may contact the Email address below to organize a members AGM set for 10th October 2001 in Cape Town, we need a quorum of five.
We will keep this site and HM members updated as further developments occur.
The HM members association (Cape Town)
Email: stephenkelland@hotmail.com

Sept 24 2001
It seems that Peter V definitely knows what's up.
WHY did the investors in Holland Morehouse NOT call for an AGM when " Bullfrog" Lamont and his puppet Tony "Strings" Ridl, got involved.
Did they perhaps see them as a saviour. Talk about going from the frying pan into the fire!!
Investors MUST call for special AGM to see what they as investors will benefit from this unholy alliance. My bet is that they will find that the only ones who will benefit are " Bullfrog" , " Strings " and Jolly as usual
Noah Bitt

Sept 23 2001
Well, the Holland Moorehouse saga continues unabated.
Have any of the Con-cerned owners even considered the fact that, as Holland moorehouse was "alledgedly" looking to "save" it's investors from certain ruin, by bringing in an organisation to bail them out that they should have called a special general meeting of owners, to outline the proposals that were on the table.

That way the owners themselves could have looked at the different proposals to see which one was best for them.
No such meeting was ever called, no investors were ever consulted. Probably in contravention of all kinds of company law.

How can it be that the company can be sold out from under the feet of the investors themselves.

Consider now who came to the rescue, this is where "Bullfrog Lamont" hops into the picture with Flexiclub. A man so unscrupulous as to never attend an AGM unless he has sufficient proxys from owners so as to bulldoze his own plans through an unsuspecing audience insisting on "special levies" merely to line his own pocket.

Lamont insisted that the owners shouldn't be told anything until the deal had gone through-then gets his salesmen to call the HM owners to tell them, that if they don't convert to Flexiclub, they will lose everything because HM is going under.
As you owners who were called will bear witness.

If you are really concerned, CALL A SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING.
As the new owner of Holland Moorehouse, old "bullfrog Lamont" should be there to answer your questions. But of course he wont attend, even though he should have called some kind of meeting just to put your fears to rest. But of course he wont.

The investors should act now, before the kak gets to thick, if you thought you were in trouble before, see what happens when you get slimed by the "Bullfrog"
Rioma Comeneli must have been so surprised when she kissed that handsome prince and he turned into Stuart Lamont. Beware the world, Lamont is peddling his kak in spain and is trying to get going in Australia and other countries. Tony won't help either, he's part of the Ridl.
Peter V

Aug 30 2001
It strikes me as strange that " Bob" has known Lamont and "Riddle" ( should be Ridl )for 3 years and can extol their virtues.
One would think that knowing them that long one would have realised that they have no virtues unless "Bob" considers lies and cheating virtuous.
When in his cups Ridl likes to brag how he cheated foreign investors when doing the St Mikes Sands deal.

Aug 28 2001
I feel it is prudent to put on this site a copy of an article that appeared
in our recent "Experience" magazine.  This article was checked and verified
with an independent auditing company of international standing, and senior
legal counsel.  It explains our plans in exact terms.  Not although their
seem s to be any members to talk to on this page, as apart from Larno Meyer,
they are all spineless, anonymous ex-members of the company, who feel hard
done by that they are now trying to earn a living with their respective
talents (not).
Of Sammy Debray you will see my respective letters to her below.  However to
further illustrate the case:
My company and Sammy parted company about 18 months ago due to what I
perceived to be an underhand and dishonest act on her part, and various
claims made by her that I had damaged her car, cut her brake cables, broke
into her office etc... etc..Thereafter I came into possession of three
police signed affidavits that I have on record at my office should anyone
care to see, that Sammy Debray had conspired to house-breaking and burglary.
They are hand written so unfortunately I cannot post them here.

Stupidly, I gave Sammy a second chance, as she told me that she was having
financial problems, and was unable to pay her bond, and her boyfriend had
told her two children to pack their bags and leave.  Feeling sorry, I
offered her a position to supply our company with clients.

Piaras Moriarty and Sammy have had a personal problem with each other since
an earlier fling, and the problem was exasperated by Piaras trying to
monopolise the market.  Sammy did not think this was fair, and name calling

Piaras then informed me that a great deal of Sammy's work that she was
doing for the company was fraudulent, I checked by telephoning supposed
recipients myself and found out that this was true.

In fairness to Sammy's workers, I asked them to appoint a representative
who would choose a random sample from 4,000 survey forms done, they
appointed someone called Pearl.  We then telephoned  over 65 random cards on
speaker phone so that we could both hear and report the results of our
findings.  With their representative in attendance over 60% was confirmed by
the clients themselves as fraudulent.  I then explained to Sammy that she
had charged me a great deal of money, for fraudulent work.  All the cheques
that Sammy has changed or cashed are available for any of her workers to
come and see.  I will obviously supply a complete reconciliation of account
if needed.

The next day I received a telephone call on my cell phone at 1.25pm, I have
a Nokia 9110, and due to the nature of the call I decided to record the

Sammy said that she was going to "get two heavies to attack Piaras with an
Electric Stun Gun, and tie him up"   I fully believe this was because she
was caught red handed committing fraud by Piaras, and she blamed him for
telling me. Two days later Piaras turned up at Sammy's office to collect his
property at a pre arranged time.

I do not know of the exact happenings, as conflicting reports say Piaras
attacked Sammy's boyfriend or Vice Versa.  All I do know is two shots were
fired, and Piaras was hit with a vacuum cleaner and had to attend hospital.

I am turning the tapes and affidavits over to the police, so they can take
further action concerning, premeditation or not.

In my opinion the megaphones and banners story outside of my house are due
to Sammy not being able to pay HER staff after having spent the money
personally.  in the rare event that a client turns up, I will be more than
happy to see them at my office during working hours.

A copy of the abovementioned article follows;

As normal it's been a busy year here at Holland Moorehouse.  We have
purchased a great deal of leisure property in the region, including luxury
apartments in the President Hotel, Cape Town. Bantry Bay Suites, Cape Town.
Leisure Bay, Cape Town.  Van Reibeek at Gordon's Bay, as well as "The Breede
River Lodge" where we made the decision to purchase the whole complex, which
includes a hotel development, a small landing stage and harbour, and some
luxury apartments and private lodges.  In addition there are also a few
plots of land still available for the more individual minded member,  these
are only available to current members, on a first come first served basis,
and membership hierarchy in terms of type of plan owned will take
As far as our different products are concerned, I'm frequently asked to
explain in laymen terms exactly what our company does and what the different
products entail.  Therefore, I've given a brief outline of each of our
products below, and what our clients can expect from them.  In any case you
are always more than welcome to contact us, by 'phone, fax, E-mail or letter
with any of your questions, or of course you can just come and see us at one
of our service centres.  The first of our products to arrive in South Africa
was what we call "Travel Vouchers" or what is commonly known in the industry
as "Certs" here's how they work:
Most hotel owners know that it is almost impossible to 100% fill a hotel all
year around, mainly due to seasonal variations in the resort location, or in
the available vacation time allotted to the incoming international tourists,
(school holidays etc.)
With this in mind, the Hotel owner is presented with a dilemma.  Do I close
my hotel during my off-peak times and lay-off my staff to try to reduce some
of my overheads during my off-peak times ?  The major problem here is trying
to re-employ staff, and to gear-up and maintain your hotel once it has been
empty for a significant period of time. Alternatively, Do I try to optimise
my year round occupancy rates by sacrificing a small percentage of my Peak
time to fill some of my Off-peak time?
Subsequently, there is a great advantage to keeping a hotel open all year
around and limiting the damage a very quiet off-peak season can do.
This is where Holland Moorehouse comes into the picture.
"Dear Mr. Hotellier, the Directors of Holland Moorehouse have been operating
in the leisure accommodation industry for the last twenty years and we
understand what it's like to have hotel space with low occupancy figures.
Essentially, you are still paying your staff, overheads and running
expenses, but you're not selling your bed space during some times of the
year.  We can help you.  We have an extremely large database of clients who
like to do one thing; "Holiday".  So, if you can help us with your rates, we
can help you with filling your resort all year around.  In turn, we can
offer our clients greatly reduced rates with our service providers.
The second of our products seemed to be a natural progression from the
first.  Once we felt comfortable with our experiences in the "voucher"
business, here in South Africa, we looked further afield.  Suddenly the
"TravelTrust Plan" was born.  Due to rising prices abroad, and the almost
daily demise of the Rand against other international currencies, it was
becoming harder and harder for the average South African family to travel
overseas.  Let me explain the intricacies of the "TravelTrust Plan".
As discussed above no one wants an empty hotel.
As all our clients will understand different locations around the globe,
have different peak seasons, and obviously the converse is true.
Switzerland is a great skiing destination in the winter.  That does not
necessarily mean that no-one wants to visit in the summer.  Spanish hotels
are almost 100% booked during August, as that is when the domestic Spanish
market tends to holiday.  Nevertheless, April, May, June, July and September
and even a few weeks in October can be great weather and very often results
in a memorable holiday.  Not every one wants to holiday during the busy
times, in fact many people shy away from them.
Now picture yourself on holiday in May on the Costa del Sol, in Spain.  You
have saved for your holiday spending money, and chances are, you will spend
some of that money in the hotel.  Car rental, food, drinks, a beer by the
pool maybe, an excursion to the local Roman ruins, maybe you even decide to
extend your holiday.  All these things are revenue for the hotel.  It's
certainly a lot better than closing the hotel.  So, suddenly your Rand is
going a lot further in other international destinations.
Here at Holland Moorehouse we constantly track the movement of tourist flows
around the world.  However, one thing very rarely changes, the peak times at
a resort.  With this in mind, we can confidently predict resort and hotel
occupancy far into the future.  This leads us to longer-term negotiation
with hotels, and allows us to sell long term travel packages to our clients
that in turn take advantage of these reduced rates.
Holland Moorehouse was the first in the market to sell such a plan.  We
named it the "TravelTrust Plan".  In view of the advantages that our plan
could give to South Africans travelling abroad we priced the Gold and
Platinum Plans realistically, but made the Diamond Plan accessible to only
the few that could afford to Travel during peak times.
The Plans are all contracted for a thirty-year term.  However, even holiday
trends can change, or the Rand could plummet even further.  Both of these
eventualities could effect our Company's ability to constantly supply
economic luxury accommodation at international resort destinations to our
clientele, and so Holland Moorehouse included the "Ten" and "Fifteen" year
buy back clauses in our contracts.  As I am sure you are all aware, Holland
Moorehouse cannot just take money, and not supply a service as defined in
the contract, or take money on deposit as it is not a deposit taking
institution.  Therefore, the best way to look at these clauses is as an
escape clause.  If holidays get to expensive, and we do not wish to carry
the additional expense, we will purchase your plan from you at the
additional purchase price, and, in the case of the "15 year plan" we reserve
the right to pay a bonus.
To facilitate the funding of these travel expenses Holland Moorehouse
decided to invest a portion of their funds in various investment strategies.
We believe that our constant vigilance on the markets has gone a long way in
promoting the growth of Holland Moorehouse, and in turn the safety of our
client's future holidays.  Since inception our Company has historically
invested through Metropolitan Life Unit Trusts, Appleton fund managers,
Ferguson Brothers Stockbrokers and in turn Investec and Unibank has from
time to time kindly funded our operation.  During the later part of last
year, we decided that the Johannesburg Stock Exchange was far to volatile to
entrust our funds.  Subsequently, the board of Directors decided to "go on
the acquisition trail" as far as leisure property in South Africa was
concerned.  We believed it to be a safer and more appropriate investment.
So, yes you can holiday internationally for 15 years, not pay one hotel
bill, and, you could either receive all of your purchase price again, plus a
bonus, or, you will receive another fifteen years of holidays without hotel
In closing it is important to realise that no-one in South Africa is economy
proof.  A 50 minute documentary on peak hour British Television was flighted
Last Sunday, no doubt the program will be syndicated to The States and
Australia.  The title ?  "South Africa spiralling out of control".  Comments
such as our currency spiralling into the abyss, are unfortunately the
impression overseas.






C.E.O. and Trustee.

Aug 25 2001
We are starting a vidual of 24 hour protest out side Jolly's house from 8.00am on Wednesday 29th August any affected or conned Travel Trust members are welcome to join us.
Bring banners and megaphones we will be supplying food and drink for as long as it takes.
Our demands are simple GIVE US WHAT WE BOUGHT our contract is with Holland Moorehouse not with Flexiclub or RCI.
WE want our holidays as promised and our money back with 28.5% per year interest after 15 years.
If enough of us attend this vidual we will get the media to come. It's your money!!!!!
J. Van De Merwe.
PS.  Remember the address: 7 Almora Circle Tokia Cape Town

Aug 23 2001
Anyone wanting Brett(snorter) Jolly's cell phone No.?
Try  0829027388
Home Address:
7, Almora Circle,
Cape Town,

Aug 18 2001
To the CEO of Holland Moorehouse - Mr. Brett Jolly:
I am or was a member of Holland Moorehouse.
Why do I now have to work with Club Leisure without signing any contract
with them?
Why wasn't I informed and ask to sign in writting that I agree to this?
I only received a one page letter on this matter.
I just became happy with Holland Moorehouse...
My contract is with Holland Moorehouse for the Travel Trust Gold Plan of
15 years - Member no GE 00 350
active from July 1999 to July 2014. NOT Club Leisure / RCI or who ever.
Mr. Brett Jolly what is your contact details?
Go to the web site below and send it by "Private"  entry in the
Guestbook if you want.
And all other ex-members can also go to:
I want to compile a list of unhappy ex-HMH members.

Aug 10 2001
To those concerned members, read tomorrow's financial times. [FT in SA - Ed] An interesting article on Holland Moorehouse, written by our well liked journalist Mr. Bruce Cameron and his assistant.Hopefully the article will have desired results and bring more T.T.P. investors forward to expose all the skeletons hidden in the cupboard of Holland Moorehouse. As they are trying to convert investors over to Flexi (meaning that clients won't have a leg to stand on as their contracts with Holland Moorehouse will fall away)by the 15 of August. Word must be spread quickly otherwise Holland Moorehouse will escape justice.
you know who

Aug 6 2001
Snorter you are very very quiet, why do you not say that you do not go to your office very often now always with a bodyguard and the laugh is you have even asked for POLICE PROTECTION. Come on Snorter you can't have it both ways.
Peter V

Aug 4 2001
Ex Sales Consultant H.M.

Aug 2
Can you point me to any url's with details on the takeover and what is really happening. I am currently busy seeking legal advice as to what to do (I've invested in HM), but am looking for as much details as possible.

Aug 1

Aug 1
According to my sources, Tuesday a new trend started. Guns were blazing in none other than, "snorter - Jolly's offices. The shoot-out was between an unhappy client and one of Jolly's runners.  Are we to believe that Tenerife tactics are now what is to be Expected. Should we all arm ourselves?
Has anyone more info?

June 16
Your readers seem to think, due to the content regarding Holland Moorhouse, that all the trouble is over because the "South African Timeshare Saviours" Flexi-Club have taken over. Can Flexi-Club answer this question
1. Will the HMI investors be compensated and how.
Most likley as in the past Flexi-Club will strip the company of its assets and leave the liabilities with the HMI investors. Jolly and Co. will start selling Flexi-Club and HMI will fade into oblivion. As HMI was not a member of T.I.S.A no-one will pay any attention to the investors that loose money and at the end of the day Lamont and Co. will make more millions, distance themselves from the part of HMI that is worthless and come out with shinning colours.
Serfice it to say there is deffinatly a great deal of truth in the saying "BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER"
Watch out RCI !

June 9
Snorter Jolly and the sad story about the investors is over, thank you for the support you have given at Crimeshare in sorting this crook out. Nothing is left for you to do, the courts will have their day. You should finish the story now because if you don't it is a outlet for Snorter, thanks.
Peter V
[Yes.  But readers want to know the final outcome - Ed]

June 7
This morning Jolly's Super Duper Boat was seen being taken away by what appreared to be the company he bought it from. Hiding it at a secret location didnt work!

June 7
Three points I would ask you to publish.
 1. Would the editor please check and then confirm by re-posting onto this site the following fact....the e-mail addresses from which the purported latest "message" from "Bob" and all other messages from "Bob" are totally different.  I know who "Bob" is, and have the pleasure to say he is a friend and deservedly well respected in the industry.
2. As to the accusation of overseas accounts, and that you know where they are....Why not publish here, in public, account numbers, banks, and signatories for all to see.  Or considering your spineless anonymous attitude, at least if you don't have the fortitude to publish,  at least walk the information straight into a police station......tomorrow.
3. I'm sure the SARS would be very interested in some accounts, and I already have an appointment at their offices next week, thank you.
Brett Jolly

June 6
Jolly "snorter" at last is on his way to the courts. Summons on behalf of the SARS is on its way YESSSSSSSS!

June 6
I refer to my posting of the      when I extolled the virtues of Mr. Jolly. Due to circumstance mainly related to the aforesaid persons inability to keep his mouth shut and information conveyed to me during the last few days by a lawyer I find myself having to totally retract my sentiments and have to agree with most of the sentiments as posted by "POPE" and others on this site. I have been lied to and mislead by Jolly as I am sure will become evident in postings to follow. In essence I feel rather foolish and conned by Jolly. As requested by "Flexiclub" insider I am unable to reveal myself as I wish to retain my reputation within this industry, I do however confirm that my statements relating to my associations and years of knowing Messer Lamont, Ridley and Jolly are correct.

May 26
I see that you are well aware of the old saying when you are backed into a corner you must attack.
So attack the spelling, such a small crime compared to the vasts somes of money that has been snorted up your nose or spent in those brothels on other peoples expence accounts.
If it comes to agreeing with Bob that Jolly would be a wise aquisition into the Flexi Club fold,I must say that gone are those days of sideing with
a criminal to enrich myself.What goes around......etc,etc.I would like to see the SA consumer becoming aware of this sight and being able to read about the people who are behind there investment.I think that would more likely be my next investment in enhanceing the Time sharers knowledge and makeing them realize there is a good and a bad side to this industry. And publicly list them in the Holiday magazine.
Watch this space.

May 25
Well, well it was nice to see how "Not So Big" Dennis has no contact with old "Snorter" Jolly when "not So Big" Dennis sends his agent from The Canaries every month for his payment. Well you can stop all that now because the No 1 ("Goldfinger" Palmer) is inside for 8 long years. It will be strange to see "Not So Big" Dennis crawl back under a stone now that his protector "Goldfinger" Palmer is gone. Plus,  Wolhuter is deserting the sinking ship, going over to Flexi Club, so I hear. How about writing another letter denying everything you FRAUDSTER, "Snorter." JUST HOPE THE AUTHORITIES KEEP AN EYE ON THE LOOT because it is about to be hidden away forever together with the OFFSHORE bank accounts - BUT I KNOW WHERE THEY ARE!!!
Peter  V

May 24
So Mr. Jolly, haven't seen Denis for years, really, then maybe you can explain why Pires Moriarty suddenly flew over to the Canary Islands two weeks ago for a secret meet.  Did he take Rand or Pesatas ? Hes' been the tap to pull the money out of Holland Moorehouse for years.  Please Don't think you are the only one on my list however, your old partner in crime "Dodgy Dalton" (recently seen in RockHard Boyz Club, seapoint) seems to have finally got his deserves.  No one, but no one will do business with him, are you bloody surprised.  He's left a trail of debt and anguish evry where he's been.  Of "Austin" very little has been said, aparantly he's stolen fortunes from unsuspecting clients and poor old Jolly (shame).  Theres one VERY shady character in the Shadows, Hien Ellis from a company called Devmark, no doubt we will see more.
Wolhuter the car salesman seems very pleased with his little move towards Flexiclub, maybe there was a nice tidy sum made.  Why o why don't they just all pack up and go back to Tenerife. The one thing I cannot understand is why do the South African authorities put up with it.  Unless its all absolute rubbish and GOD FORBID they are telling the truth or they've already been investigated. Mr. jolly I would very much like to see all this evidence you say you have, why not publish it here for public debate?
Mr. Intheknow

May 18
"Plainclothes?".... what unexciting you mean, or just the same colour.  I must say I am totally in awe of Peter and Pope's talents as a fictional writers, unfortunately they are obviously far in excess of their grammar and spelling.  In reply to your anonymous (once again) mistaken (as always) recent items, no one called at my house Saturday evening.  In fact no police, plainclothed, uniformed or wearing fancy dress have ever called at my home.  Not that they are not welcome, in fact should any government agency have any questions whatsoever as to the validity of my facts, please take this as a written invitation to contact me and verify same. ( In normal every day clothes of course.)  By the way if you go to "tools" on your "toolbar" in Outlook, and "left click" you will find a small menu "pop up" the top item is "Spelling".....but with all your considerable assets and future investments, it's probably your secretary's fault.
Brett Jolly

May 18
So who is "Bob":  one would have thought, considering his/her excellent command of the English language and flowing prose, that he/she would have proudly identified them selves, don't you think? Or perhaps old Jolly got a dictionary and his ego out and sprouted forth. Could it perhaps be that Jolly does have a friend or did a wade of notes change hands to employ the services of a Ghostwriter?
Come on "Bob" tell us who you really are, unless you are concerned that Mssrs Lamont and Riddle may not know you. Now, that would be embarrassing - Eh Jolly!
Flexiclub insider

May 15
I have had past dealings with Mssrs Lamont & Riddle, (3 years) and can vouch for their integrity. As for Mr. Lishman, I know of him by reputation alone.
I also have had intimate dealings with Mr. Jolly.  I, like many people, benefited from my association with him, and am happy to report that, despite numerous opourtunities to reneage on no more than a handshake, Mr Jolly has kept EVERY deal I have had with him over the last 5 years. Those deals that were not to either's benefit to maintain were re-negotiated to mutual benefit, often to Mr. Jolly's detriment in the short term. I am sure that all of Mr. Jolly's associates and competitors would find this to be the truth, were they to remove their own greed and shortcommings from their hazy view.
So, Mr Pope, allow me to suggest that the conclusion you draw that Mr.Jolly is a "common thief" based on the slanderous allegations against his business ethic by our fellow contributors to this site may be premature.
Did a lot of people "lose out" to Mr. Jolly in Business...Absolutely
Are they grown men?..Yes.  Did they keep their end of the bargain?.... Mostly not (Especially ethically). Is Mr. Jolly good for Flexi Club...Undoubtedly.  Is he good for your business dealings with them...Definitely! (Unless, of course, his entry to the fray is in competition to your Business Plan.)  Were this not the case, stand firm in your commitments to him, as he will by you, do no wrong by him and I am covinced that you will be the better for having met him.
Enough said, don't let these syncophants paint the picture for you, (myself included), make up your own mind!  You are not successfull by dint of your heed of others opions, I am sure!
Yours   Bob

May 13
Ask why the State Police plainclothes called at the home of old "Snorter" Jolly on Saturday evening (12/05/01) late, could it be wrongful allocation of money  at Holland and Moorhouse or something completely different? What is the answer "Snorter?"
Peter V

May 12
It is with great sadness that the likes of the flexi club marketing team is taking someone like Brett Jolly into the fold.
It sends out a message to the people looking into investing in the group or the industry.
We dont care about peoples track records only if they can rip someone off or not.
No longer are you being employed for the self belief in your product but by the deviousness of your ways.
I have great respect for S.Lamont P.Lishman T.Ridle and I am sure that they would not bring a common thief into thier organisation.
If this is the case I must say that as an investor I will have to withdraw all my assets within the various companies attached with these people, and cancell curent negotiations with future investments.
I have come to the stage in my life where I have to sleep easy at night and have to live with my consciounce.Is this the right move ,do you want to be associoated with someone who should be doing time and not selling time.
Please think long and hard about your associations gentlemen.

May 10
So.  Lamont and Co. seen out with Brett Jolly and his ex Holland Moorehouse (or are they?) con men managers in Durbs this week.
Could Flexi Club and the infamous HM boys be joining forces?
Lets hope Lamont and Co. don't indulge in the same habits as Jolly and his con men!
Our man in Durbs reports that rolled R10 (cheap) notes and a white powder substance were seen during frequent visits to the restrooms by the HM boys, perhaps Lamont didn't notice? Lamont and Co. where noticeably absent later in the evening when the HM boys hit the Durbs brothels.
Doesn't RCI have some stake in Flexi club now? Watch out Guys!
The Accountant

May 10
WOW, what a response, I only said that if anyone wanted to view certain documentation, then they could contact me.  Then, this tirade of abuse, "you did this then" "You're a Drug Addict" "High Class Whorehouses" (but not Holland Moorehouse Directors of course).  Strange how the writer is busy throwing stones in his own glasshouse, but carefully opens the window when it comes to the old directorship. Could it be that the "anon" is none other than.....................Well readers, I'm sorry but in the good old tradition of soapy's, you're going to have to wait until the next episode, to find out who is the perp.  If nothing else this is proof positive that
Wilbur Smith is alive and well and living in Cape Town.  'till next time readers.
Brett Jolly

May 7
I wonder if Jolly would allow us to view the Company credit card (issued to him) statements of 1999 and 2000 when he was CEO of Holland Moorehouse, which he has indeed been since January 1996.
Perhaps they would prove interesting reading, in particular items relating to a high class whorehouse, one night alone reflected a billing of over R20,000 when he and this co directors from another company (not Holland Moorehouse) were well entertain. Or perhaps he would enjoy showing us the invoices from office furniture companies who have admitted enormous kickbacks to good old Jolly, personally. Or what about the payments from Unibank that never reached the company’s accounts, I could go on but somehow I suspect that these and any other fraud or misappropriation of funds related to the CEO (Jolly) will not be available to view.
One wonders why Jolly does not make the "erpetrators"; misdemeanours, in detail, public, surely it would be in the interest of the investors.
Why were criminal charges not made against the "perpetrators"; surely this would have been the appropriate action of a CEO and a lawyer of a public company.
It appears from Jolly';s earlier "pandering to flotsam"; that he was accusing the directors of Holland Moorehouse, of over a year ago, of certain irregularities and because of which he and Wolhuter obtained the resignations, strange considering that Jolly was fired by the then incumbent board in February 2000 due to similar actions as describe above and was therefore not CEO for a period of three and a half months inclusive of the day he alleges he obtained the resignations.
I was in the fortunate position to personally view KPMG's report and can state categorically that there was no mention of any fraud or misappropriation of funds by any of the directors with the glaring exception of Jolly's strange expenditure of clients'  money.
In truth, due to some creative legal foot work and the incompetents of a previous FD, in respect of corporate governance, the entire board of directors (4) all resigned over a three and a half month period, from mid June 2000 onwards, rather than having to deal with the ardent crassness of Jolly and Wolhuter.
To further substantiate the facts, why did Jolly and Wolhuter give the whole travel side of the company, a sales mandate and a large sum of money for shares to the outgoing directors, perhaps Jolly was a little worried!
Ex Jo'burg (not spineless but simply wants to keep his kneecaps as are)

May 7
Anyone wanting Pics of "snorter Jolly" doing the coke thing, post this site with your request and Hotmail address (annon).
Remember he has been under observation for a while by certain agencies.
Other interesting situation Pics available but will require more info before release.
A close friend of Brett?
[Will publish if good - Ed]

May 7
Well "snorter" Jolly and Wolhuter its all gone away, no more nights of sex at the brothal on company expense and what about the "offshore accounts" has Big Dennis got a job for you in France? I wonder! or are you waiting for John Palmer to get off. I advise you not to wait too long...
Peter V

May 7
Jolly and Wolhuter have lost their moneymaking machine, shame!???
What's the next scam?
Lets hope they go into politics, the NAT's could do with some help!
Brett, just keep out of Timeshare, we don't want you or your kind.

May 3
I have purposely refrained from pandering to this flotsam, but I must agree with "Jo'burg Ex" the real issue must not be allowed to dwell at the bottom of the page.  Misappropriation of funds, theft, and fraud should never be left to "the bottom of the page".  If the anonymous (spineless?) individuals who obviously are better typists than salesmen, wish to know and SEE the truth first hand, I suggest they contact me at my offices to make an appointment to view the incriminating documentation first hand.  Or of course they could carry on ignoring the truth by blind prejudice.....unless the source of this rubbish is actually the perpetrators themselves....SURELY NOT.
Denis is a hard and fair businessman who I had the pleasure of working with in the late eighties / early ninties.  If your word is your bond, then I cannot imagine any individual having a problem...if it is not... then who do you have to blame?  To my knowledge he has not visited South Africa, and certainly does not have any interests in Holland Moorehouse.
Brett Jolly

Apr 27
Holland Moorhouse, the deal is done, look out for some "bullshit" announcement early part of next week. Old "snorter" Jolley is taking a side step, what a shame!
Peter V

Apr 19
This is all getting rather silly don't you think? An obvious ploy by Holland Moorehouse to put the more serious messages and facts to the bottom of the site.
Lets get back to the main concerns, Jolly, Wolhuter, the demise of Holland Moorehouse and more importantly its clients.
Rumour or rather fact has it that Jolly and Co. have been up to Durban on three occasions in the last 2 weeks to ask, nay beg, the great saviours of the South African Time Scare industry, Flexi Club, to save their arses. Fortunately it appears there is an advantage to Flexi Club, so as long as the incumbent Chairman, Wolhuter is not money grabbing and the incumbent MD, Jolly can contain his ego on this side of the ridiculous, a deal may be thrash out.
This site and the efforts of Mr. Cameron may yet have saved the SA Time Scare industry yet another debacle.
Jo'burg Ex

Apr 19
Big Dennis (New) is involved with Holland Moorhouse, he visited them this year to discuss his "cut", anyway he is not very "Big" only in the head and he lives off his reputation. He wants according to what he says, to find a base where the police will leave him alone. The Republic South Africa is not the place, anyway our own heavy guys waved him "Adios Mother F***er," don't come back.
Peter V

Apr 13
What a team Dodgey Dalton "Club Premier" and Snorter Jolly "Island Village" all offsprings of the bold John Palmer, next thing you know "Big" Bad Dennis New will be involved with his Holiday Package schemes "timelinx.com"  or is he?
Interested Bystander

Apr 13
I had to laugh at old Dodgey Dalton skirting the issues of his being the previous chairman of Holland Moorehouse, Club Premiere etc.
so he married her did he! I wonder if his South African Ex wife went along to the Jollie-up (no pun intended Brett) and probably no coincidence that the 19th century Playwright to which Dodgey refers, is none other than fellow Gay Blade Oscar Wilde.
Mincing around the issues like a politician didn't elicit a confession, or a denial.
If he is going to fence with that gay blade of his, he must learn not only to Parry, but also to
Riposte and Thrust, lets hope poor Jon won't end up light on his arches too!
This is my last message on the subject of OUTING the ex chairman of Holland Moorehouse Robert Frank (Dodgey) Dalton.
Johnny Spence, I had a call telling me that "Blue week Barlow" was last seen in your employ? Where is he? I must know the editor too, your level of grapevine is scary
As opposed to those who think they are, I am,
One of the Boys

Apr 12
I refer to the recently posted message (11th April 2001) from "one of the boys"
My wife (who happens to be a Lawyer) and I would like to thank the writer for his obviously veiled congratulations, relating to the forthcoming birth of our baby later this year. For those old friends or indeed enemies in our wonderfully united industry, who are interested, the baby is a boy and will be named Jonathan.
With regard to the rest of "one of the boys" ramblings, involving innuendo, fantasies and terminalogicalinexactitudes, I believe a quote from one of the more infamous 19th century playwrights would be appropriate, namely
"There is only one thing worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about"
Robert Dalton

Apr 11
I have been watching your site with great interest as I know a lot of the lads featured, it has been a great way to catch up on who is where and what they are up to.
South Africa though has intrigued me no end. A lot of the old school (min 12 yrs ago) may remember the old Club Premier gifts, Monarch Airways etc, some of you may also remember the inhouse failure from Los Cristianos Robert Dalton.
WHO? I hear you ask, Aha, you will probably remember him under his better known handle of "Dodgey Dalton". Well, "Dodgey" has been in South Africa for about 10 years when he first started another "Club Premier" selling dodgey certs into the old industry. When the dodgey-ness of the whole thing came out, he changed the name to Island Promotions (which has also recently stopped trading as a result of continued auditors warnings of reckless trading)
However, good old "Dodgey" set up another company, none other than Holland Moorehouse and brought in European talent to run sales. Now apparently, "Dodgey" had his fingers in the till, was caught and forced to resign or face a legal battle, which had him bang to rights for more than TEN MILLION RANDS. Poor old "Dodgey" lost his wife, house, cars, boats and line of credit to a mysterious white powder normally reserved for people with too much money or sense.
Never say die, "Dodgey Dalton" opens up another cert company called "Blue Bay" or Blue Beach holidays or promotions or something, and is involved in a Timeshare operation with (how many remeber) Geoff Austin, and is living with a LABOUR LAWYER. This doesn't surprise anyone, as "Dodgey" has been a fan of the Village People for years, and was not adverse to cruising Cape Town's all male clubs and bars. What has surprised everyone is that "He" is a "SHE" and has been impregnated, "Dodgey" claiming by himself. From what I know, "Dodgey Dalton" got out of Holland Moorehouse by the skin of his teeth in about August last year, leaving Brett (Island Village)not so Jolly, in fact from your articles, very firmly in the Pooh.
But I have been facinated by the fact, that until now, no-one, not even disgruntled employees, or owners has mentioned "Dodgey Daltons" involvement. Strange, very strange!
I am told that he is starting a new business with the labour lawyer called "Bodgem and Dodgem" I will keep you posted.
By the way what ever happened to "Blue week Barlow" is he still in Goa?
This has been a factual message (check with TISA).
One Of The Boys

Apr 2
Article by Bruce Cameron in Cape Argus Business Report, 1 April

Be wary if you pay upfront for future service
The Health and Racquet Club (H&RC) fiasco raises a lot of questions about paying now for products that must be delivered later, particularly when the price paid now appears cheap for the service to be provided - as in R1 000 for 40-years' membership to a gym. The collapse of H&RC was only a matter of time.
This does, however, raise questions about other industries that charge upfront for products that will be delivered in future. The industry that comes to mind is the timeshare one. I am not saying that the collapse of timeshare is imminent, but I suggest you take great care when you buy timeshare.
The reason timeshare comes to mind is that I recently received a press release about a New York-based company called Horwath Tourism & Leisure Consulting that had a bearing on a company I have been looking at for a number of years. That company is Holland Moorehouse which hard sells holiday schemes, often approaching potential clients outside supermarkets, with promises of prizes, usually a motor vehicle, for those willing to attend a presentation.
I went to a Holland Moorehouse presentation some years ago after I was offered a prize and out of a self-flagellating interest.
At the presentation I felt as though I was being wrapped in a thick cocoon of cotton wool and was eventually shepherded out the door for asking too many "otherwise" questions and didn't win the prize.
According to my information, only one motor vehicle has ever been given away, so don't rush off to one of these presentations on this promise.
Also, the sales person would not let me take away the documentation to think about the offer. I had to sign first.
Over the years I have received numerous queries and complaints from readers about non-delivery by Holland Moorehouse. A number of ex-Holland Moorehouse staff members also spoke to me last year about the company. After asking a number of questions and hearing some rather strange replies, the only thing I am sure about concerning Holland Moorehouse is that there were some rather odd intimate relationships within the company. No, I have not lost my mind. The sexual peccadillos of various members of staff were part of the replies I got to my questions.
The company's current MD is Brett Jolly, who was one of the founders, although he has attempted to make out he is not in anyway responsible for what has happened in the past. After being challenged on this point, he said he was "not in control" between February and July 2000.
When I asked Jolly about the financial viability of the company, he admitted, in effect, that if every customer who was offered a holiday under the company's old scheme, Travel Trust, took up the offer, the company would not be able to meet the claims. The reason why the company is not bankrupt, is that customers are offered holidays overseas but they have to buy the air tickets. This means that many people join the scheme but do not take the holidays. This was one of the principles of the H&RC - many people signed up but after a few push-ups, many found that getting fit was too much of a sweat.
Jolly says his company had launched a new scheme, Premier Trust. Members of the old scheme have complained to me that they are being pressurised into converting to the new scheme, at additional cost. But the new scheme gets Holland Moorehouse off the hook. It all seems a bit odd to me.
Jolly has offered to visit me with his company's accountants to discuss the position. After numerous reminders and unreturned telephone calls, I am still waiting.
After getting no joy out of Jolly, I have been speaking to another director, a Cape Town lawyer, Davout Wolhuter. When I spoke to him he said he would like to see me, but with his advocate. I asked him to bring along the auditor as well. I gave him until 5pm on Wednesday. He didn't arrive.
However, he did deny a few allegations that I had read on an internet site. He confirmed that the initial scheme, Travel Trust, was closed down about a year ago (he didn't say why) and Premier Trust has now also been closed because "it is sold out".
He says he is in consultation with the Time Share Institute of South Africa (Tisa) about membership.
John Meyer, of Tisa, told me Tisa is trying to sort out the problems, including the initial scheme, which was never a timeshare scheme but "a pre-paid rental product".
He says Tisa's main objective is to protect people who have bought into either of the schemes and to protect the good name of the timeshare industry. He says by Wednesday next week there could be some resolution to the problems.
As a general rule before you buy into any holiday scheme, check with Tisa whether the company is a member. If not run a mile. Holland Moorehouse is not a member, although it has applied for membership.
Now back to the press release about Horwath Tourism & Leisure Consulting which acts as a consultant to timeshare organisations.
Joseph Aminzadeh, a director of the company, has some sound advice about buying holidays. He says if you do not establish the basic facts about the project or consider your needs carefully, timeshare ownership can become a headache.
You are buying an interest in a going concern. If the business is mismanaged, your choices are often limited. Exchanging or selling the timeshare becomes difficult or impossible.
He says before you buy you must ask to see the trading figures of an existing development, or in the case of a new development, a market and financial feasibility assessment conducted by professionals in the tourism industry.
"It is necessary to assess whether the development you are buying into is a stable or a growing business and whether projected maintenance or any other projected variable future costs are reasonable."
It is estimated that the cost of selling timeshare makes up 50 percent of the sale price. With an estimated 10 percent closing rate, this is not an easy sell. The resale value of timeshare is therefore often low. Furthermore, some disreputable agents have over the years been involved in the timeshare resale business. They have been known to charge high listing fees without achieving any real results.
To give you more flexibility you are given options to swap your timeshare for other resorts both local and foreign.
However, what Aminzadeh does not say is that some companies only sell points. Here you need to be even more careful that the company selling you points has financial structures that will ensure you will get your holiday a number of years from now.
If you have timeshare with a company that is a member of Tisa and you can get affiliation to the timeshare trading company RCI, you are probably on safe ground.
My final word of warning: Watch out for inducements to buy such as a "free holiday" to Mauritius. You have to pay for the air ticket as well as some kind of daily management fee. The company offering the free holiday is paying nothing: It takes the group flight and accommodation discounts. It will probably cost you much the same to take a package deal from somewhere else.
Incidentally, I own timeshare so I am not against the principle.

Mar 28
Trial by Media is wrong says Bob, but as usual authority will not do anything until a fuss is caused by the media and then we will have some action. Interval International and TISA have investigated matters and have come to the only decision that they could make, suspend dealings until they are completely they are satisfied everything is above board. I suggest that Holland Moorhouse and Holland Moorhouse International submit to a public enquiry with regard to the matters that are causing very deep public concern. It would be very excellent if the enquiry was at the violation of HM and HMI if they dare! Brett Jolly we all wait to hear your comments about a public enquiry....
Peter V

Mar 28
As someone who was intimately involved with Holland Moorehouse I can confirm that there is more fraud and mismanagement of funds than will ever reach the public. By intimidation and blackmail Wolhuter and Jolly stay in business. By comparison, Jolly is the "honest" one.
Hot Potato

Mar 27
Hey People, wake up.  With smear campaigns generated by lots of sour grapes as regards Mr.Jolly's Entrepenerial Brilliance, more vicious and speculative than the Survivor T.V.Show, even the very sincerest and most ethical business plan would suffer from the vile stench created by "I'm So Hard Done By" competitors and former associates.
Hate mail of this sort does not serve the interests of Holland Moorehouse's investors.
It is no doubt in response to this garbage that TISA and Interval Interational were forced to move against H.M.I on "technicalities", thereby really helping Mr. Jolly service his clients, holding forth to the world what an industry of hypocrates and backstabbers we really are!
I am not proposing that we ignore charlatans and crooks, I am suggesting, however, that Trial by Media harms the Business concerned, the Matured Industry as a whole and, most importantly,the client, whose very security of investment may now ride on the victor of a public Mud Slinging Extravaganza.
I have confidence in a man who wishes to spend R1 million on his "Super-Deck", who showed the country how to market and is extremely creative.
Let the man get on with business, (hard enough as it is), and I am sure that he and his clients will prevail.
By the way, leave Mr. Wolhouter alone, he is a "Johnny Come Lately", beig a creditor, but also, by his presence,  confirmation of Mr. Jolly's version of events posted below regarding the actions of the previous board and it's Chairman!
Can do, Mr. Jolly, can do......

Mar 24
Can Peter V or Blower supply the car numbers and addresses of Brett Jolly and Devout Wolhuter plus their home telephone numbers. I am one of those clients who have given my money for nothing, every time I call at the offices of Holland Moorehouse or telephone Jolly, I get the bums rush. I think if I called at their homes will have to speak to me, threats of violence by these two will not work outside their homes with the residents looking on. Your page is excellent for exposing this type of person and I wish you every success with the www.mostwanted.uk.com web site.
Client of Holland Moorhouse

Mar 22
Hot off the press, Jolly last night stopped selling his Premier Portfolio Timeshare Scam and Interval International has stopped all cooperation with Holland Moorhouse. Something smells, could it be it is time for departure, I understand Holland Moorhouse owe some substantial cash to contractors as well as all the poor punters that have invested in them - Jolly and his partner Devout Wolhuter should be put in custody and not allowed to escape S.Africa until there is a full enquiry!
Peter V

Mar 21
Holland Moorehouse abruptly stops selling The Travel Trust Plan and Premier Portfolio Holiday Plans Why?
Interval International instruct them that they are no longer affiliated because their stock of units are all bonded and have still not been put into Trust for the benefit of the members.... illegal.
TISA on Interval Internation's behalf and due to TISA's meeting last week, had a meeting on Tuesday 20th March with Holland Moorehouse and found their explanations concerning the Time share stock issue unsatisfactory Holland Moorehouse are still unable to sell their plans.
Holland Moorehouse owe Interval International over R.1,000,000 in fees which have been paid by members too Holland Moorehouse but held secret as far as Interval International is concerned.
Holland Moorehouse are currently being sued for over R.2.7 million by banks and private property developers, for over due bond payments.
In the meanwhile Brett Jolly is driving a top of the range Merc (3 months old) and lives in the Top Peoples suburb of Cape Town, while Devout Wolhuter drives a Top of range BMW and lives in exclusive Camps bay and commands fees of over R.100.000.00 per month. Who is paying for these lifestyles? Yep, you guessed it the suckers who pay their debit orders every month and who cannot get the accommodation they were promised (watch the media in the next few weeks).
I was a "completions manager" for Holland Moorehouse for over 4 years and I saw what Brett Jolly and his personally trained sale team did, the lies and the deceit were scandalous I will, when asked, stand up in court and tell the truth.
Who is going to pay the R.1,000,000 for the new super deck in Cape Towns Waterfront? Do the builder know they will not get paid?
Holland Moorehouse are operating insolvently and the receiver of revenue knows it as well as most of its creditors. Watch this site for more over the coming weeks.......................
God be with you all

Mar 16
Think carefully before responding...I was at a presentation for Holland Moorehouse and am considering investing in their holiday package.
Without playing the man ...can I depend on a genuine response to my following question..
How secure is this company and all that I'm reading about court/legal action what truth is in this story?
management accross the industry have a stake in making each other look bad for their own personal reasons...and this internal politics should not affect the potential holiday investor.
Shoot me down if you like, but answer me truthfully if you can.
This particular company has been going for a few years now and I find it somewhat odd that no official notification has been given to the public about the "scam" also where is the law and what is their take on this issue???

Mar 14
Jolly keeps selling his Premier thing because when he has got enough money in his coffers offshore, then it is time he departs S.Africa for Tenerife. He uses his offshore account because of money restrictions (cannot take it out of the bank in S.Africa), it is very easy because there are no restrictions offshore. The offshore bank he uses is in the same islands in the Atlantic where he is about to do his RUNNER (slang for lets get away before the people realise what has happened to their money). If we are in time we can stop him, come on Police, DO SOMETHING!
Peter V

Mar 12
Why are this company Holland Moorehouse allowed to keep selling a scam timeshare Premier Portfolio thing, when TISA say they are not a member of them. What protection do the public have?
What is anyone doing about this company in SA?
Is this another MASTERBOND?
What do the courts have to say about this company?
Is the directors still in the country?
Is this Mr. Wolhuter really a Lawyer.
Timeshare stand up and be counted we are a great industry proud of it except when these scam mercants like Jolly and Wolhuter distroy our great profession.
Thank you

Mar 11
We made a mistake in the year of our investment it was in fact 1999. we have been contacted by some nasty person from Holland Moorehouse who has threaten us not to say any more. Are we safe? or not.
Stephen Durban

Mar 10
Let me declare an interest; I have known the Peires family; [South African - Ed] for many, many years, and for two years I worked as business developments director for CLC.
I always have huge fights with Roy, and at the moment we are not even on speaking terms. I must, however, defend him after reading your accusations about him and the Peires family.
Nobody could claim that Roy is a saint. I have known him for fifteen years, and yes he is a cantankerous old sod, foul tempered, rude, ruthless, inconsistent and tough as  old nails. He is also an absolute royal pain in the arse to work for. But he is not a crook. Allow me to point out a few errors:
1. Roy's dad, Sam, is NOT 'the brains behind the business'. Sam, in his late seventies, is one of life's great gentlemen. He is the most honest man I know, devout in his faith, loyal to his friends, and treats everyone with respect and dignity. This I know from personal experience over many years To imply that he harasses women is just plain ludicrous.
2. Sam partially funded the purchase of fifteen apartments in Marina del Sol back in 1984. Roy built up the business from there.
3. Keyworld has raised its money from the AIM and not from Roy's companies. It is regulated by the DTI. Roy's nephew, Grant Peires, works there. C'est tout!
4. The charity work CLC, Roy, Sam and other family members support is done anonymously. They do not bribe anyone. They don't need to; they are one of the largest employers in Malaga and bring in millions of pounds in tax revenue to the local authorities.
Well, at least you spelt his name correctly. Not!
I wish you all love, light and peace.
Nils Wetterlind

Mar 8
We are a group of Travel point investors and we live in Durban. We all bought plans from Holland Moorehouse in Westville in November and December 2000. We were all promised that we could go to any apartments any where in the world, so far none of us has been able to get a holiday either here or over seas. We have called this Mr.Jolly many times only to be messed around about him either being overseas or in a business meeting.
Are we going to get our money back with interest at 28.5% a year as promised or have Mr. Jolly and the Lawyer Director Mr. Wolhuter taken it?
We see that TISA have said that Holland Moorehouse are not a member of them, surely they should protect us from this scam.
We have been told that RCI and Interval National are apart of Holland Moorehouse so why can't they give us our holidays?
We have called RCI and they say that Holland Moorehouse is acting illegally and has nothing to do with them and we should talk to the consumers affairs department in Petoria they say they are investigating this company.
Very one should be warned not to invest their hard earned money in this investment scam, you get nothing for it.
Two of our group have accepted shares in Holland Moorehouse on the promise that the shares will be worth more money than the money back but the consumer affairs department say they have not registered on the stock market so they have lost their money.
We own Time Share in Star Club and have had wonderful holidays over the last 6 years, never a problem, but now we all feel that we have been scammed with this Holland Moorehouse company.
Our lawyers are now dealing with it.
We got this web address from Star Club and they are telling everyone who has been scammed to contact it with their problems.

J.L. Naidoo and M.T. Naidoo L.C. Naidoo H.K. S. Kelland W. Kelland P.Dodder O. Dodder S. Klein G. Klein R. Grant C. Grant D.Geffen P. Geffen
Stephen Durban

Mar 7
922 743035 - IVS?

Mar 6
A man called Jolly has been pestering our ISP on the telephone – if he is not content with me putting his message on Crimeshare then he should talk to his lawyers – or shut up.

Mar 5
Although I must admit to being amused at reading the content of your site, I feel it is your duty to at least contact your victims and "give right of response"
Your article on our company is highly slanderous, and factually incorrect.
During the later part of last year, I instructed K.P.M.G. forensic and investigative auditors  to investigate certain irregular actions of various members of the Board of Directors of Holland Moorehouse Ltd.  Fraudulent documentation was discovered, and upon confronting said Directors, we obtained the immediate spontaneous resignation of various Directors.
Thereafter, the company has been run in an efficient and correct manner, taking professional legal counsel at every stage.
The article has no doubt been written by ex-employees who are disgruntled at being caught committing fraud, and stealing.  No funds have been sent offshore, and the Company only has two offshore accounts, both of which are audited by the company auditors.
Your publication of the article will effect the holidays of thousands of members, as people will panic unnecessarily.
I urge you to reconsider your stance in publication, as all the information contained are blatant lies.  Have you spoke to the fraud squad, DTI or TISA? All of the numbers are available from me.  In the event you wish to speak to our auditors or legal representatives, please let me know.  You surely must feel responsible for effecting the livelihoods of many employees, and the investments of many families nation-wide.  In the event we wish to subpoena you to appear in court to reveal the source of the information, would you appear in court? We will of course pay you travelling expenses.
Brett Jolly

Mar 3
We wish to point out that Holland Moorehouse Ltd is not a Member of the Timeshare Institute of South Africa.

Mar 3
I would just like to comment on the items written by the anony"mouse" person from Cape Sown South Africa regarding Holland Moorehouse.
I was a Manager with Holland Moorehouse Investments for quite a while and was and am party to nearly all the goings on within the said organisation, and I would just like to rest assure all parties reading the previous item, that only FIVE of the mentioned facts about Hooland Moorehouse is true.
The rest are all LIES, LIES, LIES!!!!!
Ex Manager

Mar 1
Timeshare scams are not just restricted to Europe, however it seems that the individuals operating the scams in other parts of the world are mainly spawned from the Tenerife or Costa's nests. One such scam is currently being perpetrated here in South Africa by an offspring of the John Palmer clan namely Mr. Brett (snorter) Jolly and a bent lawyer, Mr. Davout Wolhuter, son of a used car sales man. Their company Holland Moorehouse Ltd and associated subsidiaries are currently under investigation by The Financial Services Board, The DTI, TISA (the timeshare institute of South Africa, The Fraud Squad and almost every consumer affairs journalist in the country.
They sell, using the usual tactics, a holiday plan with a money back guarantee. They have no stock of property and tell the unsuspecting UP that you can go to any resort or hotel in the world, they have even sold shares in their companies to their client base on a promise that the company is listing on the Stock Exchange. A document used during a recent court action reveals by Wolhuter and Jolly's own admission that Holland Moorehouse is insolvent. Bank statements now in the hands of The Fraud Squad and receiver of revenue show millions of Rand being hived off to Jolly and Wolhuter's offshore bank accounts.
All parties concerned should be aware that due to the net being tightened around this company and its Scam Jolly is planning a holiday!!!!! back in his old training ground, guess where? right Tenerife where the cocaine is cheaper and better quality!!!!!
Cape Town Apr 9 2002

Mr. Brett Jolly
7 Almora Circle,
Cape Town.
7thJanuary 2002.

By E-Mail and Fax.
Dear Mr. Wolhuter,

I have been requested by The Cape Law Society to put my complaint in the
form of a document, and as you can see I have contacted all relevant parties
to obtain the necessary affidavits.  So far I have collected seven, but I am
obviously meeting a host of other people shortly, including other parties
who allege that you have also defrauded them such as Rhett Molyneux and
David Fairbrother at Panache.   I am visiting The Cape Law Society to
discuss your actions next week.  Hopefully by then I will have a dossier of
other clients you have defrauded.

I have already sent this document to Ida Carr of The Cape Law Society.  I
have however highlighted various points in bold font since, purely for ease
of reference.  As I have only repeated most of the allegations made in my
first affidavit last month, I would imagine that your stance of silence
would remain the same.  It seems no matter how loud I (and a plethora of
others), shout about your dishonesty you refuse to take me (or the others)
to court for slander / libel.  Why is that?

You have recently sent me an invoice for legal work that you took on as a
favour, furthermore, I will add that following in your usual trend of "just
write the fees" no outcome of either my divorce, my final will and
testament, or the transfer of my apartment was even remotely finalised
(Although you managed to get a second bond on my house fast enough).  In
fact during the hundreds of thousands of Rand in legal fees paid by Holland
Moorehouse, very little has been accomplished except the enrichment of you
legal practice.

Furthermore if you do not return my laptop that you stole from my office I
will go to the police station and lay a charge of theft against you.  The
Laptop was a replacement for a previous Laptop that I purchased at
Incredible Connection in Boksburg with my own personal Credit Card (not
company funds).  My original Laptop was stolen and Holland Moorehouse
processed an insurance claim as I insisted on company insurance cover for my
assets.  The IBM notebook was the replacement that was given to me by
Holland Moorehouse.  I suggest you check my facts and return it immediately
as you are now aware of your theft.  It is not a company asset, and even if
it was your removal is unlawful.

If at all possible, I fully intend to put end to your antics, and stop you
taking advantage of people less educated in the realms of the law.  You have
threatened me, offered to buy me one-way tickets out of the country via Mr.
Lamont so that I cannot testify, and insulted my family and friends.  Many
staff and members and their respective families have lost a great deal of
money.  Some are in a desperate plight; Pregnant, no money, no job, in some
cases no food.  You are a charlatan, of the very worst type; an educated
one, without honour.

Do not attempt to contact me again, all further correspondence must be
directed to my attorneys, of whom you are well aware.

Yours faithfully.
Brett Jolly
Attention; Ida Carr
The Cape Law Society,
Cape Town.
By E-Mail.

5th January 2002.
Dear Sirs,

I have received your e-mail concerning my intended complaint and hope to
short circuit the process by e-mailing all of the information to date here.
I have also included my affidavit concerning my liquidation application for
Holland Moorehouse Ltd., which is to be heard on the 5th February 2002, in
the Cape Town High Court.

I have purposely not used the services of an attorney in writing to you for
two main reasons; as the allegations I make here are true then I should have
no need of counsel, and secondly, due to the attorney in question, and his
actions, I simply cannot afford one.

Not all of my allegations can be substantiated with outright proof, although
most of the time there will be corroborating testimony or documentary proof
to support them.  However please remember that Mr. Wolhuter very often hides
behind his secretary's skirt, when it comes to signing court documentation.

I live in hope that your society will endeavour to search for the truth and
cleanse yourselves of this individual.  I apologise for the length of my
document, but I think as paragraphs pass you will understand the importance
of the situation; there are 8,800 member's financial affairs at hand, and
millions of Rand.

My story.

After working for First National Bank U.K. as Sales and Marketing Director
(Spain), I arrived in South Africa in 1996 and took up a position with a Mr.
Robert Dalton, in charge of all Sales and Marketing.  Thereafter, we formed
a company called Holland Moorehouse Ltd. and we divided the shares 50 / 50.
The company went from strength to strength and by late 1999 was taking R5m
per month.  Unfortunately, the company administration was abominable, and
lack of proper accounting procedure soon led to the company's financial
demise in 2000, members of the then board of Directors started taking some
impulsive and reckless decisions in their attempt to save the company. In
February 2000, I resigned and sold my shares due to some of these decisions.

I then opened my own company to sell the products and services of Holland
Moorehouse Ltd.  I sold R12m worth of product, and invoiced Holland
Moorehouse accordingly.  Not only were they unable to pay me over 80% of my
commission, but also they took my entire invoice to SARS and claimed the VAT
on all of my commission due (and never declared it).  I was also not
released from various sureties in terms of my sale of shares.  (Mr. Wolhuter
forbade me on many occasions to consult with SARS concerning the tax fraud,
as he said they must not find out.  This was due to the fact that if SARS
came with a claim, he would not get his money out.  SARS are aware of the
situation, as I took it upon myself to inform them anyway.) (TAX FRAUD)

I needed legal advice.  I went to a Mr. Davout Wolhuter of Davout Wolhuter
and Associates, Guarantee House, Burg Street, Cape Town.  He had dealt
previously with Holland Moorehouse Ltd, and new the individuals involved.

I informed him that:

1. I had not been paid over R5m in commission by Holland Moorehouse.
2. I had not been released from over R10m worth of sureties as agreed.
3. I informed him of the VAT fraud that Holland Moorehouse had perpetrated.
4. We had a very frank discussion about the state of affairs in Holland
Moorehouse, and that in my opinion it was near bankruptcy.
5. I also put all the agreements and contracts in his possession to peruse.

He then informed me that he had lent Holland Moorehouse millions, both in
his own capacity and from his clients.  At no time did he mention a conflict
of interests.  During the meeting I also asked him to look after my
matrimonial and estate planning, which he agreed to do.

A few days later he informed me that my sales and marketing mandate and
disposal of shares was in direct contravention of section 38 of the
companies act, and that the only way to solution our problem was to take
over the company.  Upon his advice that "I had lost everything", I agreed to
help him take over the company.  He immediately started sequestration
proceedings against Robert Dalton, as in his words "he can't bring legal
proceedings against us if we sequestrate him first."  We enlisted the help
of another two of the Directors of Holland Moorehouse, Colin Byrne and
Piaras Moriarty to affect the take over.  Mr. Wolhuter met with them and
said he would act for them also, and asked them to sign papers to give him
power to do so.  Little did they know that sandwiched in between the papers
were the disposal of both of their shareholdings in the company to Mr.
Wolhuter.  On 15th June 2000, we held a board meeting and took control,
although Robert Dalton still at that time had control of a significant
portion of shares.  Both of the abovementioned directors will testify to

KPMG were appointed as "forensic auditors".  Mr. Wolhuter told our usual
auditors that KPMG were examining the books, and that they would audit the
company thoroughly.  This actually was not the case.  I believe if you
enquire of a Mr. Roy Allegora from KPMG you will find that they were told
only to concentrate on Mr. Robert Dalton and his previous actions as a
director, in order for Mr. Wolhuter to obtain his shares.  Although of
course Mr. Wolhuter told all and sundry, including myself that KPMG had
given the company "a clean bill of health". (MISLEADING SHAREHOLDERS AND

During this time, myself and a past Director of Holland Moorehouse a Mr.
Geoff Austin were asked by Mr. Wolhuter to negotiate with Mr. Dalton to
relieve him of his shares.  Mr Austin, Mr. Dalton and myself met on a few
occasions.  Mr. Austin being the go-between.   On two such occasions draft
agreements were swapped between parties.  Mr. Wolhuter asked me to obtain
the initials of Mr. Dalton on the relevant pages of a document concerning a
trust, Mr. Dalton was not to sign however, as we had not finished
negotiating.  The initials "were only so Robert can see they are the
original papers" said Mr. Wolhuter.  Mr. Austin held the "initialled" pages
for a day or two until fresh negotiations took place, whereupon a full
signature was obtained on another document.  The two documents were then
"merged" together, to form one document that was then rushed to the master
of the rolls; I believe it was to effect Mr. Dalton's resignation from the
trust.  "Its' done all the time" was Mr. Wolhuter's reply.  To be honest it
was only when recounting this to my current attorney that the full impact of
what had been done become apparent.  Mr. Austin will testify as to the
occurrences at the time. (FRAUD)

Mr. Dalton's demise came soon after, and Mr. Wolhuter and myself became
directors of the company alongside Mr. Moriarty and Mr. Byrne.  During these
few weeks, Mr. Moriarty needed to go to Spain urgently, and asked leave from
the rest of the board.  Mr. Wolhuter, advised him that due to the current
state of affairs in the company we would appoint a director to take his
place until such time as he got back and that it was a purely temporary
measure.  Mr. Wolhuter guaranteed this verbally to Mr. Moriarty in
everybody's presence.  Obviously, upon Mr. Moriarty's return, not only did
Mr. Wolhuter refuse re-appoint Mr. Moriarty.  But it became evident that Mr.
Wolhuter had stolen Mr. Moriarty's shares.  Defeated, Mr. Moriarty
eventually left the country penniless.  The other director Mr. Byrne
basically suffered the same fate.  His shares were stolen by the same
process of sandwich documentation, and he was summarily dismissed.  Both Mr.
Moriarty and Mr. Byrne will testify to Mr. Wolhuter's dishonesty. (FRAUD)

This left the field open, Mr. Wolhuter had previously appointed his father
and secretary as Board Directors and the systematic rape of the company
began.  It must be remembered that during all this time the company was
trading in insolvent circumstances.

1. Mr. Wolhuter appoints himself as Chairman.
2. His secretary becomes the Financial Director.
3. His father a Director.
4. Plans are made to move our head office, our company then rents a portion
of a building owned by Mr. Wolhuter.  The rents are extortionate, and in
addition to rents that we were already paying in any case.  We have to date
not been able to terminate our previous lease, so we are paying in effect
paying double.  Mr. Wolhuter obviously doesn't mind this, as the company is
insolvent, and it is the only way he can get his or his clients loan back.
5. Mr. Wolhuter then pays himself R50,000.00 monthly salary, R41,000 monthly
legal retainer; R41,000 per month to senior legal counsel; his father is
paid upto R50,000.00 per month, and his secretary R30,000.00 per month.  In
addition he hires his sister-in-law at R15,000.00 per month and charges
R150,000.00 to store some furniture in a dark basement, that was in any case
housed in the office that we are still paying rent for today.  Some of this
furniture has been disposed of by Mr. Wolhuter whilst he had the full
knowledge that it was still subject to a rental agreement and not our
property.  Some has obviously ended up at his legal practice building.  This
is the removal of assets from an insolvent company. (EMBEZELMENT)

During this time Holland Moorehouse became embroiled with another legal
battle with an Ex-Director and a firm of attorneys concerning one of the
group's products called Premier Portfolio.  One of the clauses in the
contract stated that the property sold was sold unencumbered, and this was
not the case.  Upon discovering this we immediately stopped selling the
product.  However we received a list of demands from another firm of
attorneys due to the serious fraud that had been perpetrated.  Mr. Wolhuter
was convinced that our senior counsel, Adv. R. Tainton was behind the take
over attempt and he asked me to arrange to have Adv. Tainton's chambers
bugged.  Mr. Wolhuter new of my association with various security companies
in the corporate espionage sector, and that is why he asked me.  I duly
spoke to an associate of mine, who agreed to do the bugging, as long as I
was sure that Adv. Tainton was acting illegally.  I informed my associate
that Mr. Wolhuter had informed me that he was, and once again telephoned Mr.
Wolhuter in my associate's presence to confirm this was the case.  Mr.
Wolhuter confirmed, and then told me to go ahead with the bugging.  My
associate then did a full reconnoitre of Adv. Tainton's offices, including
the switchboard and where to put spy webcams in his offices.  A few days
later we received a quote for the work, and Mr. Wolhuter thought it to
expensive.  Holland Moorehouse did however have to pay for the reconnoitre
of Adv. Tainton's chambers, and this payment was made by a cheque signed by
either Mr. Wolhuter or his secretary, on a company account.  Therefore
substantiation of my story is available.  I have since made my peace with
Adv. Tainton and informed him of the above.  Due to the delicate nature of
counter-espionage etc.I cannot arrange for an Affidavit, but my associates
would be willing to attend an "off-the-record" meeting with the law society
or Adv. Tainton to confirm my allegations. Complete immunity would need to
be agreed to in terms of the technicians involved.

As the company was now in such serious financial trouble, the company was
receiving summonses on a regular basis.  We needed to take action quickly.
I introduced Mr. Wolhuter to The Club Leisure Group who said they would
place an amount of consignment stock at the group's disposal and lend the
company R2.7m.  Mr. Wolhuter once again started to misappropriate funds, and
The Chairman of the Club Leisure Group, a Mr. Stuart Lamont, needed to visit
Cape Town to investigate the matter.  I attended a meeting of Mr. Wolhuter,
Mr. Lamont and myself whereupon Mr. Lamont started shouting at Mr. Wolhuter
telling him he had "stolen the money".  This was mainly due to two large
transfers of money from the Club Leisure Group to Holland Moorehouse.  They
totalled over R300,000.00, and they disappeared from the company accounts.
Upon asking both Mr. Wolhuter (senior) and his Mr. Wolhuter's secretary they
both denied all knowledge of the money.  I then contacted Mr. Wolhuter
himself who blatantly lied as to the whereabouts of the money.  It was later
found out that it was not in any of our company accounts, but under the
control of another attorney's trust fund.  Mr. Wolhuter personally told me
that he had given it to his father, as his father "did not have a pension".

As Mr. Wolhuter was now convinced of the impending doom of Holland
Moorehouse Ltd. he decided to take the very last assets out of the group,
leaving the group with nothing but debt.  The only asset left was the
intellectual property involved in the Sales and Marketing department and the
High-Tech presentation offices situated at The V&A Waterfront.  Bank
accounts were quickly set up, and staff were informed that they no longer
worked for Holland Moorehouse, as they had done for the last 5 years, but
they now worked for "Dunrose Trading (Pty) Ltd. a company none of them had
ever heard of.  There went the last asset and hope for Holland Moorehouse

As the company was literally taking its last breath, I decided a liquidation
and subsequent investigation by the high court would be in order.  The
company had millions of Rands of debt, arrear rental for over R500,000.00, a
summons for unpaid furniture for R862,000.00 etc.

Many staff have been lied to and cheated out of salaries and proper
retrenchments that they should have received.  At present there are many
CCMA and labour court actions against the company and at least 5 past
members of staff will testify against Mr. Wolhuter in court in terms of his
dishonesty.  Not surprising since one retrenchment that was paid immediately
was for his sister-in law, who had only worked on a temporary contract in
the fist place.

During a recent meeting Mr.Wolhuter held with members of my Sales and
Marketing staff, Mr Wolhuter informed them that I was a habitual criminal
who jumped from country to country, defrauding property developers.  He went
onto to say that I had two different passports, and was shortly flying to
South America, therefore due to the fact that he was an attorney of 12 years
standing the staff should trust only him.  Two of my staff Denise Halyard
and Wesley Buchanan took minutes of the meeting and have signed affidavits
already. (SLANDER / LIBEL)

During the last 3 months there has been a "Woodmead Project" investigation
into Holland Moorehouse Ltd.  As previously stated the company has committed
tax fraud, and has never paid company tax.  I visited Mr. Nick Griesel (083
284 2371) of the SARS about two to three months ago to apprise him of as
much information as I could.  A Mr. Farnie Coetzee informed me that Mr.
Wolhuter et al were busy shredding paperwork.  Furthermore, to my own
knowledge financial accounts on our software packages were being deleted, I
was also deprived of accessing the balances of each of the company accounts
due to a personally signed order sent to the company's bankers by Mr.
Wolhuter and his secretary. (I am C.E.O. of the group).  In any case Mr.
Wolhuter has virtually run the entire group through his attorney's trust
account.  Most staff salaries have been paid through the account.  I have
asked why Mr. Wolhuter needs to keep using his attorney's trust account as
opposed to the normal company accounts, I have never received a reply,
although I am obviously fully aware that the constant, in and outflows will
make the average balance of his trust account look higher than the actual
with Mr. Nick Griesel I offered to copy the financial records of the network
server onto my Laptop computer.  One evening myself, Farnie Coetzee and
Elbie Luck (two remaining managers) went to the company's head office and
copied most of the financial information from the server to my Laptop, upon
finishing the task, I immediately called Mr. Griesel to inform him that I
would come to SARS offices in Bellville where they could download the
information needed.  Mr. Wolhuter obviously found out that we were planning
to turn everything over to SARS, as a day or two later he lured me to a
restaurant on the pretence of a meeting.  During the meeting his father
entered my offices in the Waterfront and stole my Laptop computer with all
the financial information on, which they have to date refused to return,
even after many verbal and written requests from my attorney to do so, as
their actions were unlawful. Mr. Wolhuter is quite rightly very afraid of
the consequences of the information on my Laptop coming to light.  I would
imagine that Mr. Griesel would bear out my statements above as much as he is
able. (THEFT)

I am sure you can imagine my surprise when the liquidation is not considered
urgent, and dismissed with costs.  Our company is a pyramid scheme; it
cannot survive unless new sales are achieved to fulfil old contract
obligations.  I am in possession of two affidavits from Elbie Luck and
Farnie Coetzee that state that, Mr. Wolhuter's secretary, Kathy Martufi
admitted to them that she was well aware that she was lying to both the High
Court and the company auditors as to the state of the company and the assets
within, specifically by stating that the group's debtor's book was R115m in
the replying papers to my liquidation application, when she and Mr. Wolhuter
had previously agreed to a figure less than a third of that amount.  In fact
Mr.Wolhuter actually signed for the value of the debtor's book personally on
the company budget, the collectable figure being R36m.  Therefore Mr.
Wolhuter and his secretary have knowingly committed perjury to the High
Court.  (PERJURY)

Without doubt 8,800 members of Holland Moorehouse have been severely
prejudiced due to the dismissal, but I have bought an application that is
due to be heard on the 5th February 2002.

Yesterday, Mr. Wolhuter entered our V&A waterfront offices and informed
staff that he had just personally arranged a finance arrangement with Mr.
Stuart Lamont to pay all of the unpaid sales and marketing staff, so would
they please go back to work.  I telephoned Mr. Lamont personally who said
that this was a blatant lie, and would I please ensure that affidavits are
collected from staff members in the meeting so as to record Mr. Wolhuter's
misrepresentations of Mr. Lamont's company.

As an officer of the court, Mr. Wolhuter has committed fraud in front of my
own eyes, he has, through his secretary blatantly lied to the court to the
tune of over R60m.  He has stolen shares from unsuspecting Directors who
trusted him as their attorney.  He has stolen money from me, and no doubt
others, and kept fraudulent details from SARS.  He has personally stated to
many people that Holland Moorehouse is insolvent and must be liquidated, but
he is the one that wants to do it.  (Affidavits available). In fact there is
a plethora of affidavits and testimony available.

I am not sure if you are a self-regulating body, but surely someone must do
something about this man.  I have met countless people in my business
circles that have either congratulated me on trying to do something about
him, or refused to do business with me because I am associated with him.  I
must admit to being ignorant of proper legal process, but I would imagine
that all of my allegations above warrant, at the very least an
investigation, into one of your members.

There is my story; I will leave the rest to you.

I have signed this as an affidavit at Kirstenhof police station, and will
obviously be copying in the following people as they have a direct interest
in the proceedings.

The Cape Law Society.*
Larry Rodgers Hauman Rodgers Auditors.
Geoff Austin. * (He is prepared to sign affidavit in terms of the
abovementioned facts)
Robert Dalton.* (Unable to contact at present, but will definitely sign to
the same effect)
Piaras Moriarty.* (He is prepared to sign affidavit concerning the
abovementioned facts)
Colin Byrne. * (He is prepared to sign Affidavit concerning the
abovementioned facts)
Elbie Luck* (He is prepared to sign affidavit concerning the abovementioned
Farnie Coetzee*(He is prepared to sign affidavit concerning the
abovementioned facts)
Wesley Buchanan*(Has already signed affidavits concerning the abovementioned
Denise Halyard* (Has already signed affidavits concerning the abovementioned
K.P.M.G. forensic and investigative auditors.
Nick Greisel, SARS "Woodmead Project"*
Adv. R. Tainton.*
Kathy Martufi.
Charles Wolhuter.
Mr. Stuart Lamont CLG.*
Mr. Denis Lundin CLG*
Mr. Alex Bosch CLG*
Schalk Marais Attorneys. (Has already signed affidavits in terms of the
abovementioned facts),
Davout Wolhuter and Associates.*

Signed in Cape Town on 6th January 2002.

I have written the abovementioned affidavit as a true reflection of past
events, and consider it to be binding on my conscience so help me god.

Commissioner of Oaths.